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I can't shake him.


I appreciated her kindness, while I feel it burdensome.

Duane needs to stay close.

I still can't get the knack of English pronunciation.

Since many organizations are putting effort into recycling in order to restore the natural environment, why won't you contribute to reforestation?

Vadim always did his best to help Hal.

Can you come with us?

Don't expose it to the rain!


I wonder how List managed to park his car in such a small space.

I hope we're not making a huge mistake.

All right. Please order it.


We're running out of ammo.


This rule cannot be applied in every case.

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Tuan was really great.

This mountain is covered in snow all year round.

What was I looking for?

I love my city.

I'm dying of thirst.

There's no time.

Celeste didn't have to hide.


Death solves all problems.

Because of his maladministration, his company was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Water boils at 100 degrees.

That book is old.

I think he was speaking Latin.

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Patricio has written several books.

The train driver told police that he tried to apply the brakes, but they didn't work.

Let us try to compare his works with theirs.


But "experiment" is not the appropriate word.

Scot is only making believe that he doesn't know.

I've already filed my report.


What is the matter with your car?

That's interesting. Tell me more.

One day Barry just up and left.

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Any drugs or weapons?

That's the hope.

I didn't say you did that.

I was moved to tears by her speech.

I just had to see you guys before I left.

I don't think that would be wise.

Can you say that again?


He was about to apologize when the man punched him in the face.

This is quite beautiful.

When was the first time you did that?

I have a discharge from my nipple.

I think about what the leaving had.


I think we'll have to help Kylo.

Your tea will get cold if you don't drink it soon.

The last time I saw Ramiro was about a year ago.

You will do well to leave him.

I'm a man.

Could you explain that?

Tammy's leaving.


Where did you come across the rare stamps?

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I felt it was necessary, so I did it.

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There's someone behind them.


Does he have any brothers?

The other girls are jealous of Lily because she is extremely pretty.

I'll be quick.

I held up my hand to stop a taxi.

The job would be difficult.


And among them rose the hero son of Atreus, wide-ruling Agamemnon, lamenting: his blackened heart brimming over with rage, and his eyes like blazing fires.

Don't answer that phone.

The people in this town, generally speaking, are kind to visitors.

We danced about the fire.

Jinny understands.

This we can do.

Scott's job is to evaluate the assets of companies.

They will hold talks tomorrow.

President Lincoln wrote all five of these documents.

Shawn checked in at the Hilton Hotel.

How long has it been since you've seen your family?

Tolerant didn't get a chance to even try.

They have cast the movie.

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Don't even touch it.

Real lost his wife.

I was afraid I'd never see you again.


I'm sorry I yelled at you.

I fell asleep on the train.

Poetry is my passion.

Who's that boy standing at the door?

Give us peace!


I promise I won't tell anyone where it is.

Could you please do that for me?

Keith put her finger on my lips.

Jisheng wants to escape.

I want you back.

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I'd like to get home by five.


Her hope didn't come true.


I think Sorrel should be home with his children.

He despises people of a lower social class.

I used to prefer black tea to coffee, but recently I've been drinking a good amount of both.


They met in autumn, got engaged in spring, and had a beach wedding in early summer.

Bart shouldn't have to do that.

Somebody attacked him.

You've got to be on your toes.

She stood by her husband whenever he was in trouble.

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Sue was stabbed in the back.

I don't know anybody here.

I just want a little more variety in my life.

I told Jennie that I'd help Rabin.

Roughly half of America's fruits and vegetables come from California.

It's clear that Sherman doesn't want to talk about it.

Damone lives all by himself in a small cabin in the woods.

Krzysztof seems clever.

I'll have to check with her.

How was Boston?

I can't bear this hurt anymore.

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I bleed when I have bowel movements.

I don't understand a word.

Whales can remain submerged for a long time.

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Dan sent the machines to a site where they would be dismantled.


Thuan was ecstatic.

It looked like you didn't want to do what you were doing.

The runner stole third base.

I know when Kee is lying.

She graciously listened to my request.

Shutoku is still mad at Tran.

We have other things we need to discuss.


We'll reconvene after lunch.

You may use my car at any time.

Inventors and geniuses have almost always been looked on as no better than fools at the beginning of their career, and very frequently at the end of it also.

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Because Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village, the stepmother and her two daughters envied and hated her.

I'm all for that.

We've waited around here long enough.

Danny doesn't use steroids.

I want to marry Randolph.

Maybe they don't want to give away their positions.

I know about the job offer.

Don't be shy about speaking in front of people.

We won't hear from her.

I can't believe that she did it to me.

At last, he solved the question.

If you don't drink, you'll still feel thirsty.

You can see the whole city from this hill.

Do you want to eat lunch together?

I'm in the post office.

He took up golf this spring.

Geoffrey stared sadly out the window.

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You've got to see him.

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I think we need more time.


The upholstered chairs have not held up very well over time.

You don't help the poor.

If you are tired just let me know.

My mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

You're angry with me, aren't you?

The man that I met is a lawyer.

Sylvan was satisfied with the work Prakash had done.


The first good rain storm will wash it away.


This phenomenon is very easy to explain.

Is a recurrence likely?

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

Do you wash your dog every day?

Those who spend too much time traveling become strangers in their own country.

Not all people are evil devils.

Sal told me he wouldn't be late, but he still hasn't shown up.

The teacher particularly emphasized that point.

Your battery power is low.

The drawing is defective.

This is my mother's computer.


His mother speaks Italian.


I'll flip you for it.