Suzanne and I aren't engaged.

Chocolate acts to prevent LDL oxidisation.

I believe that there's a mistake.

The majority of the Americans are descended from immigrants.

I'd like to stick around a little longer to see what happens.

The meal was great, wasn't it?

I'm sending you this sentence when you least expect it.

The princess was of so thoughtful and moody a turn of mind that no one could make her laugh; and the king had made known to all the world, that whoever could make her laugh should have her for his wife.

She deleted a file.

I put this question to him.

Tommy wishes that he knew how to play mahjong.

It feels good to help.


Where do you keep your medication?

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I won't back down.

Is Page one of the finalists?

If Esperanto were an easy language I wouldn't need a proofreader.

No, that still doesn't satisfy me.

You look awfully familiar.

I bought new clothes after my diet.

March 3rd is a Girls' Day, the traditional Japanese festival held to wish girls both health and growth.

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Let's find out who stabbed her.


Sandip is wicked.

Lindsay looked out the window at the snow while he was sitting in the hot bath.

I still think of her.

Neil has a six-figure salary.

At my sister's.

Different flowers represent different meanings.

Aren't they Englishmen?

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The rights you requested do not belong to us.

Memories came flooding back when Bill found some photos from his childhood in an old box in the attic.

I've been studying French for three years now.


Defeated, the ex-champion fell into the abyss of despair

After, cook it on a low flame for 30 minutes and you're done.

Has Gail quit drinking?


The moon is exceptionally pretty tonight.


It was the hungry bears that the villagers were afraid of.

"Hey, everyone! I'm back!" "My boy, you're late. I hope you have an explanation." "Yeah, traffic was bad up from here to Koridai."

These plums are ripe.

Vince has hiccups.

That's a great suggestion.

This is where Suzanne stays when he's in Boston.

Brisance measures how quickly an exploding material reaches its maximum pressure.

I'm going to take some pictures around my neighborhood.

I should've asked Duncan for advice.

Put your toys back into the box and then put the box on the shelf.

Sign on this line.

He told me not to look behind.

You worry too much about what other people will think of you.

I don't like it, but I will do it anyway.

Lou was riding on his father's shoulders.

They urged him to punish the rebels.

I'm rarely invited to parties.

They didn't have to speak about our school.

This copy is full of mistakes.

Don't you think we should tell Pam about this?

The movie we watched was in French with English subtitles.


Eliot has made remarkable progress in French.

We were comfortable.

The moon is pretty in the fall.

We can't get along without them.

It's a perfect place for us to start.

Can you believe this is actually happening?

In a crowded bus the young should offer their seats to the old.

Biologists assert the losses are severe.

Roxanne doesn't know whether Matthias is telling the truth or not.


Lori often forgets to lock the front door.

Over and out.

The good son always returns home.

I thought Martha was good.

I like to sleep on a soft bed.

Kayvan demoted you.

Give me your word you won't leave without saying goodbye to Jerome.

This stuff's awful.

We hired a crane to lift the new air conditioner and place it on the roof.


I will have finished the work by next week.

I didn't mean to wake him up.

We're still underage.


Susanne thinks of everything.

Kristin is about a head taller than me.

Emmett didn't like Guy at first.

I want you to understand what I'm trying to say.

The doctor forbade me to take part in the marathon.

My parents want me to study medicine.

You looked dangerous.


The best was yet to come.

They like to look out the window.

Martyn strode into the office.

He goes on duty at 9 a.m. and come off duty at 6 p.m.

Wolf had a change of heart.

The plane took off at exactly ten o'clock.

I'll show you the car I've just bought.

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I was encouraged by his words.

Isn't it great?

You are welcome to do anything you like.


Jin loves coming here since he thinks this place serves the only fast food worth eating.

She is at her wit's end with her son. He sometimes does not come home until 3 or 4 a.m.

I heard you whistling. You must be happy.


It's supposed to rain tomorrow night, so let's leave our umbrellas until then.

I had the feeling you were going to ask me that.

Sergiu said hello.

This theory is too difficult for me to comprehend.

For that reason it's always held in a fresh atmosphere, and this time too it was a fulfilling day.

It's not important, things happen.

Tait wrote his name on all his notebooks.

I can't go on pretending like nothing happened.

Will there be a cake?

No one knew that.

I can barely see you.


Earle said he was looking forward to coming to visit us.

I found ten mistakes in as many pages.

I was quite hungry.

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You've saved my bacon for me.

Germany has two capital cities.

No matter what may happen, you mustn't forget your smile.

Martin says it's probably not going to rain until after midnight.

I don't want them to get sick.


How are your parents doing?

Do you think Santa exists?

It's up to you whether you study or not.


They are crazy about jazz.

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I've never played soccer before.

The method hasn't been perfected yet.

I can't find Debbie anywhere.

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My wife is cooking right now.

That's my line.

I would like to kiss you.


One of Charlie's fingers was broken.

That happened decades ago.

We can buy the gifts in the department stores.

They bounced up and down.

Is this book worth reading?

My watch is very accurate.

Does anyone here know where Hubert went?

I want you to sing a song.

Dude, you're so dumb when it comes to women...

This sentence has no authors.

Linder has been executed.

I love you more than I love her.

This dictionary has 12 volumes.

She was pleased to see the results.

Urban culture appears to be attractive to the younger generation.

This is no way to treat a lady.

Everything's ready.

The Democratic Party needs major reform.

I will inherit his estate.


You must get up at six.


Walking is good.

Can you help me find my daughter?

She provided me with some food.

He went to Yokohama in his beloved car.

Looking up, I saw him come in.


Thank you for caring.

I wish people were nicer to each other.

It's so different.

That branch is the one that is falling.

Our school starts at eight thirty.

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I'm the owner of this land.

Do you think she would accept my invitation?

I don't have enough money to travel.

I'll be waiting for Mott until 6 o'clock.

The eyes are as eloquent as the tongue.


Hearing about what other people are learning reinforces my own learning.

I put the money into the safe.

The general title (of Balzac's novels) is The Human Comedy.

I know what you must be going through.

When was the last time you cooked a meal?


Starbuck bought a large house on Park Street.

Would you please slide the van door open?

I'm sick of being called a liar.

I doubt that's what really happened.

You shouldn't get married.