I've decided not to sell my motorcycle.

Black people in America once said, "Give us freedom".

You'd better be careful not to catch cold.

This kind of blanket needs good airing.

I don't remember anything about it.


The soldiers were guarding the bridge.

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Can I get my ears pierced?

It happened that he was ill.

It actually looks like a lot of fun.


You mustn't require what is impossible.

The charm of Kyoto consists of the beauty of its old temples.

Are you at the library?

Prepare your men. We're heading out at dawn.

I saw Seenu and Takeuchi carrying their fishing poles and tackle boxes.


Mick is very good at doing things with his hands.


Did the rain stop?

They were looking for a fight.

What else are they hiding?

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This is one of the best Christmases I've ever had.

These warm socks are made from alpaca fiber.

I ran away.

Many people feel that gold is the most secure investment.

This may be your last chance.

She was fond of talking about herself.

She spoke up for him.

There is a madam here.

I usually go home at four.

Things have really changed.

We must stay perfectly calm.


I don't want anything to happen.

Leslie decided it was time to try calling Jong again.

Ken and his brother are very much alike.


If you carelessly ask, "got a boyfriend?" she'll be put on her guard and say, "why do you ask?"

It's better to use plastic chopsticks and wash them than to use disposable chopsticks.

An automobile ran over him.


They have some beautiful pictures for sale.

My mother tasted the soup and added a little more salt.

Few people live to be a hundred.

It is rare in this sense.

The cat is in the bag.


A fool with a tool is still a fool.

There were no real problems.

I've sent Irving home.


I told her I needed some air.

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Originally, Abraham Lincoln wanted all slaves to be deported to Africa or the Caribbean.

Ji and I are both Canadians.

We have to work hard.

I feel a lot better today.

Let's take the subway.


Could Leads possibly be telling the truth?


In India, cows are sacred animals.

It doesn't look like anything to me.

Company policy precludes fraternization between co-workers.

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Romain put the thermometer under his arm.


You won't die.

Why don't you put your best foot forward?

A man of common sense would never do such a thing.

I'm surprised you didn't bring Stacey along.

Give him plenty of work to do.

Please tell me what you want.

The river furnishes electric power to the town.


I'm quite sure Orville wants that.

I'd like to give you the key, but I can't.

You've figured it out, I think.

Jack exchanged the cow for the seeds.

A doctor is necessary.

I don't want Rodger to take over.

This man is your friend.

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It's time to put the children to bed.

Joe and Caroline are looking after our dog.

Australia is one of the countries I want to visit before I die.

I would rather go today than tomorrow.

Where have you been the past couple of days?


Toufic returned to Boston.


My father couldn't read me the story. It was in English.

Sabrina looks rather depressed.

He's a misfit.

My mother's bad mood is transient.

Her clothes were made of very cheap material.

He has something of the artist in him.

The jury's still out regarding the health effects posed by cell phone use.

He went hunting in the woods.

You were concentrating.

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The game was drawing to an end.

I won first place.

I want to know who that is.

Prospective buyers couldn't make heads or tails out of the contract.

I was keen on classical music in my school days.


He could not settle down to sleep.

I put three teaspoons of sugar in your tea.

Have you forgotten the difference between dreams and reality?

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We're stuck here for now.

I ain't got no kids yet.

I have no idea where he has gone.

I wonder why Wendi isn't here yet.

They took to the field with all the panoply of modern warfare.


I can't drive, I forgot how to.


As far as I know, she has nothing to do with that scandal.


Did you see him in the park?

The dictionary that I bought still wasn't delivered to me.

We have to come up with a new plan.

Miltos asked Sandeep if she wanted to go to a movie.

Several thousand people became victims of this disease.

Joubert said he wanted to get some sleep.

No one knew what the alarm signaled when it sounded that afternoon, but, with the exception of those few unlucky enough to have been so engrossed in their work as to not notice it, everyone made it out of the building alive.


We need to buy a gift for them.

I'll let you talk to her.

Go get a beer.

I can't just ignore her.

Naresh doesn't live in Boston.


It is worth it to read the novel.

Have you completed your homework?

Do you mind eating in the kitchen?

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It seems that he was very much amused by the story.

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I am reading the book mainly for the language. I'm only taking in the contents along the way.

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How long have you been practising Chinese medicine in the UK?

We won't hear from her.

What should I call you?


I'm stuck in a traffic jam.

You should know better than to ask a lady her age.

A politician should serve the people.

I'm giving you all I can.

The plant ranges from the north of Europe to the south.

Night watchmen drink a lot of coffee.

Sanand never mentioned you.

I can't bear to look at them.

I'm speaking from experience.

Siegurd stopped me from doing what I wanted to do.

I don't have enough money to go to Boston with you.

She's very afraid of snakes.

We are playing a game with our visitors.

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What he says has nothing to do with this problem.

"Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence."

This product has been designed with the highest concern for safety.


The match was cancelled due to rain.


I think I know what's wrong.

I have no thought of seeing her now.

She is a highly influential manga artist, and many people credit her work with boosting the international popularity of Japanese comics.

Please keep the fire burning.

Did I tell you we had rats?

Before the law, many Americans with pre-existing conditions were locked or priced out of the health insurance market. More than 50,000 Americans with pre-existing conditions have gained coverage through the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan.

Devon hates the sound of his own voice.


This car is not mine.

Erick has been very rude to me.

If by any chance you run into Celia, give her my regards.


I can't say that I blame you.


I may be homeless, but I'm not stupid.

I'm surprised that she did such a thing.

We've lived in Boston three years.

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Are you waiting for her?

I think you should talk to her.

Can you talk louder? I didn't hear you.

I don't like to be alone.

It was a lovely sight to see.


Claude really wanted us to be there.


I live on this planet.


I think you should tell Keith that you love him.