I picked Roxie up after school.

This diary belonged to the girl who lived in besieged Leningrad.

Please don't make me eat that.

My whole body is black and blue.


Daniel suffocated Cristopher with a feather pillow.

Clarence was happy.

We cannot tell which is better.

Roxana was in time for his appointment.

I'll never be back.

I lived in Australia for three years.

"Lottery tickets are a waste of money." "Not if you win."

I am going.

I tried to call him, but the line was busy, and I couldn't get through.

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Gregor is regaining consciousness.

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You've got to expect the unexpected around here.


Mat got some pie.

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They were all dressed in uniforms.


Why are we protecting them?

I hope this isn't a mistake.

He tried to choke him.

Yes, it is the statement of a certain legend of the Baskerville family.

I'm quite sure Jerry won't do that.

Tell us what happened to them.

Siegurd built it.


Rolfe seemed surprised by the question.

Will you lend me your CD player for an hour?

Why is life so hard?

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I'll never manage that.

I'm just doing it for the dragon's blood.

Ramadoss met his wife when he was studying in Germany.

He got out his guitar after dinner and played some beautiful Spanish ballads for us.

The man robbed her of her bag.

His success was a great satisfaction to me.

I admit it. I was wrong.

Volunteers collected donations for the benefit of the handicapped.

He was obviously in pain.


Don't underestimate the incredible power of a simple smile and a kind word.

When he claims to desire eternal life, in reality man merely wishes to avoid a premature, violent or gruesome death.

You must work diligently.


You haven't fallen in love have you!? I won't have it! Having that man become my brother-in-law; I absolutely hate that!


Thanks, I owe you one.

The fastest way to heaven is a leap into a deep abyss.

His affection was materializing in the worst possible way.

I was walking to the station then.

He always interacts with the audience.

My son is studying economics.

I have so many things I want to tell Andre.

She wasn't able to meet him.

Hohn might be in the park with his friends.

She advised her not to go.

An alcoholic tends not to die happily.

I must find a way to make a lot of money.

What the hell is the matter with you?

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Nici wanted his son to live in Boston.

She's been living in this city for five years.

Tell her that I am peeling the potatoes.

Please show some consideration.

His job title change was considered a lateral move, possibly a demotion, and certainly not a promotion.


Tal realized there was no point in lying to Miles.

My father isn't home.

Did you pay for the book?

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Society has seen a lot of change recently.

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Roy doesn't often make mistakes.

Lynn will be here soon.

He obtained the post through the good offices of a friend.

A red ball is mixed in with the white ones.

There's something I want you to hear.

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It's a shame that you don't honour us with your presence.

I've had enough of Alan.

We'll discuss that when the time comes.


I didn't buy the car.

Saumya didn't know who to believe.

We are buying movie tickets.

You talk as if you were the boss.

I bet Vladimir doesn't remember me.

The rising temperature and changing chemistry of ocean water combine with other stresses, such as overfishing and coastal and marine pollution, to alter marine-based food production and harm fishing communities.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


How did you make out on your French finals?

The weeks pass like dreams.

The strength of the gravitational force reduces quickly with distance.

Can you tell me who sold them to you?

Our teacher told us to go out into the ground at once.

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In many places, nature is threatened by human activity.

I'm from Georgia.

She says she brushes her teeth every morning.

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The girls were all excited at the thought of meeting the actor.

Most press reported the negotiations failed to produce an agreement although major progress was made, as time ran out.

Mott is looking for a job as a baker.

This seems to be a busy place.

Turkeer doesn't seem to like anybody here.

Put your manners back in!

I locked the front door.

It's deserted.

Seenu is no longer a patient here.

You have done a good job. I'll take my hat off to you.

However, the princess had barricaded herself in her room and wouldn't come out.

Money doesn't always count for much in human relationships.

Micah tried to defuse the tension by changing the subject.

What are some things I can do to improve my French?

Ian blew Roy a kiss.

How many days did the Six-Day War last?

My mother never taught me how to do laundry.

She has a daughter named Dennis.

They didn't accept my credit card.


He wants an iPad 4.

Will you be staying up and working all night to finish the job?

Don't stop until I tell you.

There's nothing that we can do to stop him.

I never for a moment imagined that I would win.

He intervened in the family affairs of his friend.

That is the main street of this city.

Is there a place where I can charge my cellphone around here?

I think I'd be a good coach.

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Mosur was the first one to get here.

You can make up to 80,000 yen a month in that part-time job.

Begone, wretched spawn of Hell's unholy bowels!

He's a foodie.

We don't want you to die.

It creeps me out.

The temperature is virtually fifty degrees below zero.

This might help.

Crowning toddler beauty pageant queens is Mr. Fredericksen's passion.

It is difficult to adapt oneself to sudden changes of temperature.

I can't believe you did this.

Do as you think fit.

Don is an Egyptologist.

You can borrow my car until you make enough money to buy your own car.

The pilot worries that takeoff, which is scheduled to occur in an hour, will be delayed due to fog.

Let's get on with it.

We used to fight.


You ought to have apologized to her.

Let's hope it's all true.

Maureen had to start over again.

What gave Major that idea?

"Don't tell me you're already drunk." "I'm not, I'm not drunk."

That goes for you too!

Please join me in a moment of silence for the dead.

Oskar is acting nuts.

Joshua gave me investment advice.

They started walking.

I don't feel like going to the movies tonight.

Don't shriek in my ear like that!

That's how I see it.

I'm pretty sure I can help Ti.

You promised that you'd stand by me through thick and thin.

I've always been confident.

An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted.

What a business it is!

I don't want you to fear me.

We're actually early.

Let's get something quick to drink.

It was so hot that I got into the shade and took a rest.

It looks like Saqib doesn't want to talk to Alfred.


The class was carried on in English.

She rolled her eyes.

She's nothing but trouble.

He has a black heart.

Do you have any idea what it was?

I see him in the library now and then.

The child is lonesome for its mother.

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Mats made it very clear that he wants to go out with you.


All Robin does is complain.

Don't worry. I'm good at this.

You made her very happy.

The enemy is stupid: they think we're the enemy, when they are!

I didn't want to spend any more time working on that project.

I'm the new manager.

Sorry, you were saying?

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I heard it hasn't changed.

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I'm going to give Kriton a copy of the book I wrote.

Does she have a dog? No.

I got the gist of what he was saying.