Doing exercises to strengthen one's peripheral vision is recommended for those interested in learning how to speed read.

We offer free shipping.

The value of the yen has soared.

Let's have one of those boxed lunches they sell at train stations.


I thought we could help them.

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I haven't read any of his letters.


Do you need a ride to school?

Let's go get a cup of coffee and talk.

Would you get Dorothy for me, please?


As I said before.

I think she is showing off her new dress to us.

Becky seems very uncomfortable about something.

Coleen invited the gardener in for a cup of coffee.

They asked me with which countries I would like to correspond.

Coleen wasn't interested.

Luckily, we found an escape route.

Major and Heidi are fast runners.

Only the best is good enough.


I have no idea what we're supposed to be doing.

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I think it would be a mistake not to attend today's meeting.

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How many eggs did Mother buy?

Juha wouldn't have wanted it that way.

Shane said he wanted to make amends.

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I promise I won't tell anyone where you are.


I'm not a fan of socialism.

Bradford doesn't know how to cook very well.

What in the world do you think you're doing?

People gathered with tomatoes and eggs to condemn the mayor's actions.

Try to see things as they really are.

My mother made me practice the piano every day when I was a kid.

Please take him with you.

It is difficult for a theory to survive such a test.

"I know," said Al-Sayib, getting a new bottle of Fanta. "This is serious business. So why'd you call?"

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I'd like you to join us.

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I've just seen the results.

His story sounds true.

We're not available.

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You might not want to do that.

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These words aren't used in spoken language.

I should congratulate you.

Are you sure you turned off the stove?

We'll talk again in the morning.

If a cut is bleeding, put pressure on it.

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I said we'll take care of it.


I think everything happens for a reason.


Keep me updated.

Tell them I didn't read it.

This is very amusing.

Is somebody down there?

Let's go back to Australia.

I don't like people like Herb.

He was seen going out of the house.

I didn't read the message.

I assume there's somebody somewhere who can do what needs to be done.

For the first time in more than 6 years, the unemployment rate is below 6%.

Elsa is on the roof.

There are too many bridges in this city.

I want to ask Mario to meet us at the bank today.

Did you come here to argue?

More and more people have computers in their home.

He could have done it, but he didn't.

My house is more comfortable than yours.


I don't like shellfish.

Did he sleep well?

Dani didn't want to eat the worms even though they were high in protein.

She was in the hospital for six weeks because she was sick.

She was formerly a bank clerk.

Greg didn't take his hat off.

I'm really up a tree.

Put the scalpel down.

It's your choice.

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Were you naughty?

In the past I used to vote for the Democratic ticket, but from now on I'll climb on the Republican bandwagon.

The workers pushed for a raise in salary.


Raja switched off his computer.

I read two books last week. I loved them both.

It took a long time to bring him around to our point of view.

You should always listen to the other side, too.

Susumu is pleasant to be around.

The court judged that the witness committed perjury.

In which case, I was also requested to invite all of you so if you would please accompany me...

One by one, the Senators voted.

One day in 1906, a newspaper cartoonist named Tad Dorgan went to a baseball game.

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Brazil lost a great artist.

Bucky rubbed his sore feet.

What's happened has happened; there's no use in whining and complaining.

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They are such cheaters!

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Stanislaw doesn't think there is any advantage of doing it the way you suggest we do it.

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From the rotten seed comes to us the nutritious fruit.


Francois doesn't dress like everybody else.

I don't mind sharing my table.

I deeply appreciate your advice and kindness.


We're talking about a completely different type of crime here.

"What happens to man," asked himself the wise man, "when touched by the angel of death?"

I've got a friend at the IRS.


It's not normally like this.

We must consider every aspect of the problem.

Well, I guess you were right.

I'll teach you how to play chess.

Is your brother still in Germany?


Come what may, I am prepared for it.

Go to bed!

I don't have any brothers or sisters.

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Vaughn took a sandwich out of the bag and started eating it.

I need your help more and more.

Catherine always laughs at his own jokes, just in case no one else does.


The commander refused to negotiate.


Have you ever seen an axolotl?

My dress doesn't fit anymore!

Your voice is sweeter to me than even the song of young birds.

I told them that I wasn't tired.

It is impossible to finish the report in a week.

Let it be a sweet sound in your ears.

Way to go.

Presley never even knew his father.

I would want to eat breakfast.

When I'm in traffic, I change lanes all the time.

It's not cool.

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He's photogenic.

It's the best we have.

He considered it.

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What places are you planning to visit in your travels? And how? And why?

Is that what you did to her?

Did you actually talk to her?

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The professor I was arguing with finally conceded and said I was right.


Where's your boss?


I wanted to go there with her, but I was too busy.

Several animals escaped from the zoo.

Are you going with me?


Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Do you happen to know when Laurie is coming back?

Sorry for the delay.

The other day her mother passed away in the hospital.

Ernst was already here.

Your conduct doesn't become a gentleman.

My family is more important to me than my job.

The shoes match this white skirt.

You must remain calm.

Sugih clenched his fist.

Sylvan visited Australia in 2013.

Give me a few minutes.

It was fun while it lasted.

Animals are not toys!

Who did you think we were?

He is a good man for the job.

Alright, let's try to do this.

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We should observe the speed limit.

We expected that to happen.

Bob didn't let his children go out at night.

Can you give me a lift to the station?

That's why elderly people love you.

I know all about her.

Don't fail to return the book tomorrow.

He is an independent thinker.

If you really have free time, read a book. Borrow one from the ward library.


I'm asking myself a lot of the same questions.

Noemi isn't friendly.

Don't come after me.

Jokes apart!

Most of the consonants are pronounced like those in English.

The food was not fit for man or beast.

My son is subject to ill health.