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I hope this isn't a huge mistake.


I'll tell them where I went.


Let's have another drink.

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He is not such a man as to flinch from danger.


A lot of my hair has fallen out.

I don't understand why she doesn't love me anymore.

We know something happened there.


There were no resignations.


We couldn't convince him.

Where you are is not just your physical environment.

Those cowards ran away soon.

According to this magazine, my favorite actress will marry a jazz musician next spring.

I want a chess set.

He left cost out of account.

Are you a tax evader?

Beckie used a crowbar to pry open the door.

I'm too drunk to do that.


What kind of books do you read?


Nancy is having a chat with her friends.

I have no particular talent.

Now it's her turn.

Why did you lie to her?

I don't want you to come.


That's a book of incredible prophetic power.

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Leora likes to hang out with the bad boys.

Isabelle didn't have any friends here.

Not only she but also her parents were invited to the party.

You need to work on your security.

He put the spider in a terrarium.

I had a conversation with him.

You have to take a shower.

It's another kettle of fish.

You need to change your air filter.

There is little chance of my meeting him again.

My grandfather was a justice of the peace.

One man has been arrested and charged with the voluntary manslaughter of 25-year-old Ernie Tomson.

What can Winnie do?

Sorrel and Tor work well together.

Deborah is watching the news on TV.

Jun seems to be unwilling to go to the supermarket for his mother.

Can we talk this over?

The school is equipped with four computers.

She looked tired, but happy.

The article is nowhere to be had.

I often watch night games on TV.

You should put on some clothes.

Take her to the hospital.

Since the light in his room is on, he must have come home.

Tap water is sometimes cleaner than bottled water.


The jury is still out.

Soohong finally told me the truth three years later.

I've written his address on the back of the envelope.

I've heard of it.

We just found them.

I have to go to the bank today.

We have been enjoying peace for more than 40 years.

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I've never seen Nigel so happy.

Karen will do almost anything for money.

Mitch is in better shape than I thought.


It was a wild goose chase.

Hello, I'm Robert. What's your name?

It does not necessarily get better, but it can if we make it.

They will have been in the United States for ten years next year.

I did it in haste.

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Her speech was excellent.


You don't like me anymore!

How much is that?

Drop by sometime.


Keep out of the way, please.


Just please be careful.

Vicki would never say what you think he said.

I look so fat in this dress.

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Could you lean forward a bit?

Where does John live?

Can you write that in hiragana please?

Lying to Heather was a big mistake.

I don't see why we have to do this.

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This telescope must be used carefully.

I think there's more to you than meets the eye, Kari.

You're decisive.


Kiss Hwa for me.

The workers are expanding the road.

Relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself.


You knew it from the start.

He who makes no mistakes makes nothing.

Can we talk with her?

There were 20 failures among 50 applicants.

The building is incapable of repair.

I hate the sun.

Do you bake cakes in this oven?

I wasn't mad.

Did you call a tow truck?


Whose drawing did you like?

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I think you ought to listen.


Alex hasn't done any work.

Leif and Sue say that they have the perfect marriage.

His face turned white.


In order to fully understand how a word is used, it needs to be used in many different contexts.

I look like a reindeer.

Hilda tried to intimidate Norm.

Did you buy them?

We need transportation.

Is it for me?

How I hate him!


The New Year was drawing near.

The club has over fifty members.

You fan yourself.

Raul is really conservative, isn't he?

Christ was born in 4BC.


Stop by anytime.


We need to find a new babysitter.


I have a hard time seeing the logic of this latest decision of his. He just isn't as sharp as he used to be.

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A drop of sweat ran down her brow.

Do you see that cloud that almost looks like a camel?

Cynthia is unwilling to accept the fact that he needs help when translating.


I bought a box of chocolates on the way to work as a gift for my colleagues.

He'll call me around six.

It rained cats and dogs.

He does not know English, not to mention German or French.

I am much younger than Philippe.

They have an infectious disease.

It will take him two hours to finish the work.


Could you tell me how to use the telephone?

Send her my regards.

I know the man you came with.


The results did not fulfil his hopes.

You have beautiful legs.

The house that Dorian built is really nice.

I have a feeling you're going to get your wish.

Laurianne seems to be hiding something.


You promised that you'd stand by me through thick and thin.

They haven't finished the work, have they?

Your comments were always very helpful to me.


Her body was already in the water from the waist down.


She tells her tale of misery to everyone she meets.


Lee was able to extend his visa.

What are you smiling at?

Because of Rusty, this dream will not happen.

That's a bodge job.

Kazuhiro has never done that.


Those photos are hers.

She is busy preparing for the examination.

Where are Elliott's folks?

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I've been trying my best to be sociable.

We haven't finished doing that.

Little did I dream that I would never see her again.

Hans always shouts when he is angry.

Tommy doesn't understand what Ning is trying to say.


They're moving fast.


I won't cry anymore.

Seventeen people were killed in the mass shooting rampage.

This book is within the capacity of young readers.

I just want to live a normal life.

Nothing stays the same.


What time does your plane depart?


These flowers have a unique smell.