Harvey put off his trip to Australia.

Is this real?

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They all laughed at his error.

Don't leave the house.

I saw her blink.

Are you going help me?

I feel like nothing on earth.


It's an Indian dish.

Warren already has a boyfriend.

Olof can't swim tomorrow.


Rik and I both like you a lot.

What's wrong with reading comic books?

Terrence's lawn needs mowing.

He who does not have mercy with Man, God shall not have mercy upon him.

Sri is getting dressed.

Can I have a copy of that?

I don't know much else.

He is human.

I was your age once.

Leads makes an excellent martini.

Is there something I can get for you?


What caused this to happen?

The kids were happy.

He has any number of books.


You're still vulnerable.


My best friend dances really well.

Shankar is a coward. He ran from the battle.

The graphic description of the victim's murder was too much for his mother, who ran out of the court in tears.

What are quarks made of?

Wendell is Canadian, and so am I.


Wendell went into his room and closed the door.

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My wife's constant nagging is getting me down.

I'm still feeling a little homesick and so many things seem strange to me.

They aren't alone.

I now know the truth.

I'll go and get him.


I don't know why I even thought I had a chance with Pim.


Take a step back and decide whether that's really what you want to do.

He asked me questions similar to those asked by many others.

Earle is a writer. She's really good.

He was kept waiting for a long time.

She wrote a letter to herself.


I still think Alfred doesn't get it.

He was delighted to see you.

Nelken visited Radek on October 20th.

Gigi put out his cigarette.

She reluctantly went by herself.


You wanted to avoid war at the price of dishonour.


I'm moving back home.

Sehyo didn't want Irving to leave.

Of your two suggestions, I think I prefer the former.


He doesn't mince words.

I bought an eight-acre farm for my retirement.

Everyone needs a dream.

I don't want to give them any reason to think I'm not willing to do my job.

That won't do us much good.


I do this for the fun of it.

Jun is unusually talkative tonight.

It's obvious Casey can't do it without some help.


Vassos and Darci had a nice time together.


Ah... maybe tonight...

He painted the ceiling blue.

I want my food dead. Not sick, not dying, dead.


Use of deadly force has been authorized.


Coal, natural gas and oil are the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.

Are we acquaintances?

Who is watching the movie?

If I were you, I would wait and see.

I thought about what Scot said.


Green looks good on Alice.

Randall thanked everyone involved.

Tomas told me he doesn't have much time.

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The weather stayed cold for three weeks.

It's night and I'm still not asleep.

He is trying to quit smoking.

I'm with NTT.

I wish Gretchen would stop screaming all the time.

It seems that they have quarreled.

He'll succeed in time.

Merton deserves a reward.

We promised to stand by him in case of trouble.

There's but one avenue to earn money.

We should be there in about thirty minutes.

Come here, and I'll show you.

It is a wonder that such a man is a policeman.

I didn't recognize Miltos when I passed him on the road today.

Do you want me to tell him?


Nichael has gotten a lot better.

If you didn't understand, you only had to say so.

You're too young to love.

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We'll come to look for you.

Tanabata comes up in manga a lot so I also know it fairly well.

June is very dedicated to his job.

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Do it as soon as possible.

We're not cowards.

They weren't doing anything wrong.

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I can help with that.

Harry had to listen to the whole story all over again.

He's had many bad experiences.

Who taught you to tango?

You told me to give it to us.


I spent the entire day on the beach.

Claude is more wise than clever.

Shall I call Ken back?

Surya found Adrian an apartment not too far from where she works.

With all the kerfuffle since this morning I'd almost forgotten but we've still got the problem of the club members haven't we?


These patterns show you how to make sentences.

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That can't be the good news.

Can you tell me which bus or train I can take to get to the town centre?

I call her up every day.

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He may have absented himself from school the day before yesterday.

I want to speak to Mr Sato please.

Rajiv spit out the poison.

The baby was in a deep sleep in his mother's arms.

Coleen made a speech in support of the plan.

I'm not the same man I used to be.

I've already done the paperwork.


I'd better go talk to him.

Timo devised a plan to burglarize Sridhar's house.

I suggest you give it back to Jianyun.

How old were you when you had your first crush?

This isn't the first time I've ridden a bicycle.


Why didn't you come earlier?

Spring has come later this year compared with last year.

Where do we go now?

Do you often have fish for dinner?

"Let's head back." "Shall we drop by McDonald's?"

We did that already.

It's up one floor.

Sofoklis let Norman in.

Stay inside.

The town fell into ruin.

A new year began meanwhile.

For God's sake, Mikey, what the hell is it?

Sandeep is an obsessive checker and gets up several times every night to make sure the front door is locked.

Put your hands down.

The dog answers to the name John.

I'm not a hipster.

I'm sorry, I don't have a watch and I can't tell you the time.


I didn't write anything.

The sky is serene.

Paula loves Ninja's sense of humor.


She is a most beautiful lady.

I'd never let anything happen to you.

Ian's father made him practice the piano every day for at least thirty minutes.

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Virtually the entire population is infected with one of eight herpes viruses.

She shows no zeal for her work.

Their ship struck a rock.


I've caught a terrible cold.

I'd like your input.

Alfred stripped off her clothes.


Not every day is Sunday.


I have no objection to what you want to do.

I asked Morton how his job was going.

No act of hate or terror will ever change who we are or the values that make us Americans.

The bird soared above.

You won't get anywhere by arguing with a disturbed individual like that.

I don't know how to interpret his words.

The scandal separated him from his friend.

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When I visited my friend in Nagoya, I was treated to delicious soba.

Who invented dynamite?

Leigh works as a croupier in a casino in Monte Carlo.