Sometimes my dog barks in the middle of the night.

Jean sought the help of experts to make a final decision.


The original qipao was wide and loose.

Soohong was silly.

Don't let the children monopolize the television.

I liked them.

A violin is a stringed instrument.

I want this television.

Florian has been telling everyone what to do.

I am not afraid.

Jorge had barely enough money to pay his bills last month.

I have some questions for Stefan.

You're not alone anymore, Todd.

The blue dress suits her.

I need some time with them.

One Tuesday I stayed home because I had an appointment with the dentist later in the morning.

Mahesh didn't do it for money.


Shall I cut it in half?

Today the church around the world is celebrating Easter.

Franklin Roosevelt was born to a rich and important New York family.

My aunt goes to Germany every year.

I'm on my way home from work.

Nothing unexpected happened.

Barbra and Vladimir are still waiting.

I wrote it for her.

Several years went by.

I didn't send for him.

I don't really know what that means.

Raphael slammed the door in Sherman's face.

Swamy said he had half a mind to throw in his job and hitchhike around Australia.

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Could you go there and get it?


I wish I'd bought this bag.

Please disregard this notice if your shipment has already been made.

Curt stayed up all night.

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You sure gab a lot don't you? You're a natural born talker.

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I realize I don't actually really need a sailboat.


Everybody is alive.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You're up early.


An apple is round in shape.

He is as generous as wealthy.

Can you give this to him?

You saw something you were not supposed to see.

Emily is leaving Paris this morning.

I forgot to hit send.

She absolutely doesn't need to know why I did it.

He thoughtfully gave me a helping hand.

We'll meet up with you later.


He fell ill from overeating.

It is absurd to try to persuade them.

I'll never forget you.

He has some income in addition to his salary.

The lawyer seems to think it'll be an open and shut case.

The writer is working on his new book.

Japan's exports to the entire world topped $314 billion in 1998.

They said he would not pay people the money he owed them.

Do you really want me to spy on Bart?

Do you know what I want?

He snuck up on him in the middle of the night.

Tell him to get in here.

I will not come tomorrow.

It's ironic that one of the most colonialist countries of all times accuses Buenos Aires of colonialism!

The orchestra is drowning out the singer's voice.


He asked me who had painted the picture.


Can we have a drink later?


I am a polite and very responsible person.


We don't want to pressure you.


Did anybody tell you anything about it?

I can explain that.

Omar often jogs before breakfast.

Am I fired?

What're you going to do on Friday?

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Scott is deeply grateful for all Arne's help.

His words made me feel uneasy about my future.

I'm almost finished.

Oh, please call me Angela.

Maybe you'd better have a talk with Micheal.

Why didn't you attend the class meeting?

There's an empty bedroom in the house.

I haven't thought about it.

I never leave on vacation without first cleaning my apartment.

It is his photo.

We saw him.

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Stacy is a promising student.


I don't want to go to sleep.

The music next door is very loud. I wish they would turn it down.

I met him for the first time.

Where does he want to go?

She needs him more than he needs her.


The attack killed several hundred people.


The doors are opened.

My car is a piece of junk.

He is a member of the parish committee.

Syd has started dating a new girl, but he hasn't told Tanaka about it.

Is this your homework?

The room is richly ornamented.

Frank searched the room.


It began in the backyards of Des Moines and the living rooms of Concord and the front porches of Charleston.

I said it wasn't possible.

Let's not do this just once a year.

The number of minority seats in the Lower House is rapidly eroding.

I can't take much more of this.

The best math students are there too, and the competition is strong.

Is it right that you and I should fight?


Tuan put a finger to his lips.

Muppets will be muppets.

The discussions are still in progress.

Is that what you did to him?

I don't have a knife.

So, Tollefsen, do you want to go see a movie?

Help me to make her grow!

They went to the station by car.

Come and join us.

No one thinks that way anymore.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

I couldn't make it happen.

They admitted that they were wrong.

I need to go to the drugstore to buy some medicine for Elisabeth.

We'd sure like to help them.


I thought a game of tennis might be fun.

I'm thinking of launching a new website.

I'm not sure whether Debi can speak French or not.

It's important, don't you think?

Do you have your guitar with you?


You've underestimated them.

Judge would never tell me what to do.

It was thrilling.

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I can't see a freaking thing!

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

I don't care what Celia does.

Now's the time to apply.

Karl is parking the car. He'll be right in.


We have time on our side.


He let his dog run free in the field.

Just follow me.

I still couldn't believe it.

Hang on a bit until I'm ready.

I went to talk to them.

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Are you a Taoist?

His behavior did not correspond with his words.

Mr Hunt is principal of our school.


I am the one who knocks.

I'm always ready for what come after

Our condom broke.

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However the disciples awoke to that danger.

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On some aircraft, such as the Harrier, the thrust direction can be varied to help the airplane take off in a very short distance.

You guys are old enough to know better.

"Hey, Willie," the farmer shouted out.


The criminal was placed in chains.

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Matthias is a Muslim.

Sean searched every nook and cranny of the house looking for his wallet.

I got good grades when I was in college.

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Those two will always be together.

Somebody came.

Swearing relieves the pain.

He is one of my best friends.

It's real.

I know why she quit her job.

Hilda promised not to tell anyone how much we paid to have our house painted.


He had the good fortune to marry a pretty girl.

Amir just wanted to see what it was like.

He was absolved of his sin.


His discovery gave rise to a revolution in transport.

I don't work for anyone.

He took advantage of her.