I've learned to listen carefully.

My grandfather suffers from hypertension.

Wolf's paper lacks any citations.

How far is it from here to the museum?

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There's still no sign of Timothy.

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Bernard gave Richard everything.


We must sleep at least eight hours a day.

She played the piano accompaniment for a violin solo.

First impressions are the most lasting.

If you don't study, you won't pass the exam.

Ernst must know the truth.


Blend the mixture together until it is smooth.


Do you mind turning on the TV?

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Asians generally have black hair.

When you are in trouble, you can count on me.

The maid didn't see anything.

I thought Claudia would stay a little longer.

Fever flushed his cheeks.

Kikki said it was nothing to worry about.

I disputed with him about world peace for an hour.


The children were left to fend for themselves.

Miela started to cry when her teachers came.

This job requires a few essential tools.

Raymond's in Amarth's good books at the moment.

The English Channel was rough when we came across.

I'll never get over that.

There's hardly any coffee left in the pot.

This couldn't have happened here.

There's something here.

Unfortunately it will be impossible for us to accept your proposal.

I don't have friends to play with.


I'm trying to hold it!

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They're replacing the rotten piles under the bridge.


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.


Amarth was guilty.

She laughed to cover her fear.

Mayuko came running to meet us.

Nobody slept.

I am sorry, the line is busy. Shall I call again?

I want to see how good I can get.

The evidence is questionable.

Rolf dialed the wrong number.

To begin with, the funds are not sufficient for running a grocery.


I'll require a group of experts for this company.

I'll know the answer to that in three months.

He was not satisfied with the final bill.

I'll get there somehow.

Everyone believed him.

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Why isn't Calvin on this list?

I can't say I'm happy about retirement.

What if I get caught?

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He didn't answer my question.

Do you mind if I turn off the light?

Google's search results are usually more useful than those of Yahoo's.

Can I check in here?

Lui is doing a terrific job.

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I didn't think I was going to like you this much.

She is a runner.

This book is selling well these days.

Kemal is lying on his back.

The meat tastes bad.

Can you quote me a price for the house?

The topping on the cake is her favourite bit.

I don't like speaking French.

Brian was very disappointed.


Is that a squirrel?

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You're drunk!

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He is like a ninja.

Edward is riding a bicycle.

What kind of ship is that?


Two rival parties are essential to good democratic government.

Please do not send the item yet.

Dave bought a used Toyota.


Yes, this is a wine.

She's eating fruit and bread.

This is the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen.

How does Pradeep know what Janice asked John?

He left his hometown at the age of fifteen never to return.


There's no guard.

He knew a lot of songs, too.

You'll make a fortune by taking a chance.

After the storm, it was calm.

When I was asked by an old man where the church was, I pointed it out.

It is truly said that time is money.

He's a volunteer fireman.


Nicolo lived to be 93.


Jaime has some very important things he needs to do before 2:30.

Vladislav opened a can of soup and emptied it into a saucepan.

Tell me the object of your plan.

I understand your dilemma.

This could become a problem.

There was debris everywhere.

They both like the same girl.

It makes me feel too badly about you.

She was supposed to attend the party with him.

Ian, I've got to talk to you.

Ken mistook you for me.

Spyros is very young.

It seemed the quarrel would finally be talked out, when Mark added fuel to the fire by bringing up the question of who was guilty.


I'm still not sure what this is all about.

Chip hasn't seen the video yet.

Nils is a terrible salesman.

I want to know more about your country.

As compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.

She doesn't have any brothers or sisters.

The cockpit of the Spitfire was small and narrow.


I didn't think it was a problem.

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You won't be needing this anymore.


I have nothing particular to say now.


You are wasting time.

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Every ship needs an anchor.


His face is always expressionless.

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This tanker is bound for Kuwait.

I used to play guitar in a band with Gabriel.

Tatoeba: Did you think that microchipping members with their sentences is far-fetched?

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Ramon can't understand why Travis is mad at him.

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Poor though they were, they didn't worry about their future.

This farm yields enough vegetables to meet our needs.

An undercover video shows workers allegedly abusing animals at Hybrid Turkeys.


Nowadays, cryptography is often used to make online communications and transactions more secure.

I'll give you a painkilling injection.

I bought this as a gift for Brian.


Kees came back at 2:30.


In getting her present job, she made capital of her father's connections.

This is a normal workflow.

The bus was late.

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Shall I cut it in half?

He put the kids to bed.

He made a lot of efforts to become a famous actor.

Be just before you are generous.

I had my headphones on so I didn't hear Shean enter the room.

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We're stranded.

Sorry, I hit the send button by accident.

"Why is my sister stupid?" "I'm not stupid!"

Give us some time.

The heavy rain prevented me from going.


Go wash your hands.


The professor is in front of the board.

I hope we can still be friends.

The visit to the circus was a big thrill for the children.

When will we meet again?

Brodie and Shane live on the same street.

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Playing on the piano is his favorite thing to do.

Your dog bit my hand.

He always takes his time in everything that he does.

You are too sensitive to criticism.

What would be best for them?

She gained her end.

But the Evans were clean and they had enough to eat.

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The little girl has a doll in her hands.

Let's hope Lynn can do that.

Four hundred million people speak English as their first language.

How can you eat so much?

Who sent you the roses?


I'm a pro.

Leo has a face that people immediately trust.

One is not born a woman, one becomes one.