5 Things You Should Know About Marketing to Baby Boomers

715-997-4874 of most marketers the past few years. While this is a large and potentially 5 Things You Should Know About Marketing to Baby Boomerslucrative demographic, the most powerful group, at least when it comes to spending, is still the baby boomers.

Marketers understand that about 70 million people from this generation would be entering retirement over the next ten years. However, there are things that make baby boomers unique. For one, they are an affluent group and retirement would give them so much time on their hands to shop and flex their spending powers. According to Forbes, boomers will inherit about $13 trillion over the next 20 years.

Companies should then be adjusting their marketing tactics to reach this large group of consumers. Here are five things you should about marketing to baby boomers:

1. Baby Boomers Don’t Like to Be Called ‘Old’

Just because baby boomers are mostly retired doesn’t mean they want to sit home and watch TV all day. Many people of this generation have the financial means and the desire to pursue the activities they didn’t get the chance to do when they were raising kids or part of the workforce. These retirees plan to travel to exotic locations, go on safaris, and skydive. While the marketing tactics you’ll need to use to get their attention may be different from other demographics, don’t assume that certain products and services won’t appeal to them just because of their age.

2. Baby Boomers Enjoy Reading Good Copy

Marketers should remember that baby boomers enjoy reading, so using trendy acronyms or Internet shorthand on 5 Things You Should Know About Marketing to Baby Boomersad copy will not be appreciated. Boomers want to see information clearly printed out, so don’t be afraid of old-school, text-heavy advertising methods.

A (803) 488-8754 is copy that’s straightforward, instead of today’s creative bells and whistles. Ad copy for boomers should address every possible question they might have. All the relevant answers and details should be included in direct mail ads, brochures, and on websites.

3. Baby Boomers Don’t Like to be Rushed

Aside from being more receptive to traditional marketing styles, baby boomers are also very careful when making purchases. Unlike the more flighty millennials, boomers consider each purchase an investment and will take time to study every product before making a decision. Their static budgets also mean this group is more careful about spending outside their limits.

Boomers need to trust the brand. They need to fully understand the product, identify with other users and develop a rapport with the salesperson before making a purchase. While salespeople might be able to close a deal with a younger demographic with just one or two calls, they would probably take a long time handling senior consumers.

4. Baby Boomers Prefer a Personal Touch

Retirees have more free time on their hand which gives them more time for lengthier social interactions with family, friends, neighbors and even salespeople. This opens a singular opportunity for a sales team to create sincere relationships with these potential clients.

Sales teams should be prepared to invest time with a boomer. After all, the person at the other end has the luxury of time and willingness to listen and absorb your product’s features and value. They are also more inclined to share stories about their experiences and lives.

5. Baby Boomers are Tech Savvy

Marketers should remember that baby boomers grew up with technology. This generation has made use of a plethora of different technologies since the introduction of the first black-and-white television set and is mostly unintimidated by more recent technology like the internet or social media. In fact, the baby boomer generation spends as much time online as they do watching television. Studies show that 96% of baby boomers use search engines, 95% use email, and 92% shop for products and services online instead of shopping in stores and shopping malls.

Statistics also show that baby boomers are the fastest growing age demographic on Facebook, with an 80% rise in users between 2010 and 2014. By marketing your business to this generation through the web or social media platforms, you increase your chances to interact and do business with them.

Microsoft Rolls Out New AI Feature for Bing

Microsoft rolled out a number of intelligent search features for Bing at a press event recently held in San Francisco. Since it will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the search updates are expected to lead to enhanced utilization of object recognition, provide more detailed answers and allow for more general or conversational search queries.

The improved features will have Bing substantiating its answers by sourcing numerous websites, instead of just one. And in situations where there’s more than one credible perspective, Bing will compile the answers and show both sides at the top of the search page. The search engine will also supply a conveyor of answers if there are several ways of answering a search query.

.514-338-4050: #Microsoft looks to make 601-534-0178 results smarter with new #AI-powered features and 787-665-5019 partnership /t.co/ufWHxWgpav pic.twitter.com/FtQnpLAqHj

— Bing Ads (@BingAds) (314) 283-0394

Microsoft’s team has also incorporated pertinent comparisons or analogies to search answers so that it will be easier to understand the supplied information. For instance, when searching for Syria’s land area, Bing would not only give how many square miles the country is, it would also show that the area is estimated to be as big as Florida.

Jake Hofman, a senior researcher at Microsoft, explained that the team wanted to provide some context or perspective when it comes to reading numerical data. Most of the time, people who read numbers don’t really understand them. By adding an analogy, the numbers are placed on familiar ground that’s often connected to people’s daily experience. What’s more, Microsoft has also expanded Bing’s comparison replies, which used to be limited to product comparisons.

Another new feature incorporated in Bing is its clarifying questions. These clarifiers are expected to help people searching for answers to conversational questions or broad topics by narrowing down and refining their search. Microsoft also rolled out advanced image search proficiency, which will allow users to search for objects or images within images. For example, the user can track down a specific accessory they are interested in buying that a model or celebrity is wearing.

Microsoft has also decided to have Bing and Reddit join forces. This means that information contained in Reddit’s threads will now find its way to Bing’s search page. Users will now be able to search Bing for particular Reddit topics or subreddits, like “Reddit Aww” and the search engine will provide a snippet of the conversation. General searches that could be answered via Reddit conversations will also be shown in Bing search results. Users who also want to view specific Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) or read the popular ones will find that Bing will also pull those up to the top of the results page. Upcoming AMAs will be featured as well.

.@reddit comments are coming to 8176522517 search results. Learn more about the new product integrations announced: /t.co/VsbZUKQoEP pic.twitter.com/hvqM2YUeYi

— Bing Ads (@BingAds) 252-614-0629

The partnership of Bing and Reddit is already in effect, along with Bing’s improved image search. Meanwhile, the search engine’s conversational search and intelligent answers features will slowly be rolled out by next month.

Microsoft also introduced new AI-enhanced features for both Cortana and Office 365 at the press event. Specifically, intelligent search will be incorporated into Office 365 products, including SharePoint and OneDrive. This will allow users to search for text within presentation and image slides. The new Office features will rollout before the month ends.


The issue of net neutrality has permeated the news, talk shows, and discussion boards for a while now. Different sectors have already voiced their concerns about how repealing net neutrality will affect consumers and businesses. Meanwhile, many people are still confused about the magnitude of the issue.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality, or the Open Internet as it’s also called, works around the premise that all internet service providers (ISPs) should treat and deliver web traffic, content, and applications equally. There were concerns that some providers might slow down broadband connections to rivals or boost speed to content providers that are connected to subsidiaries.

Regulations passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) during Barack Obama’s presidential term sought to protect net neutrality by classifying the Internet as a “Title II” carrier. Under the Communications Act, ISPs had to disclose data caps and hidden fees and were prevented from interfering with the speed of their competitor’s sites and apps.

However, the current chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, indicated earlier this year that he planned to undo the existing regulations against ISPs. Pai has long been against the Title II regulations, as he believes it hinders innovation. He also claimed that even before the 2015 regulations were enforced, ISPs did not engage in the practices that the Act prohibits.

Pai’s campaign to repeal the Net Neutrality law successfully pushed through on Dec. 14, when the organization voted in favor of the repeal.

What Happens Now?

The FCC’s decision to rollback the previous administration’s policies on Net Neutrality could lead to several things. Open Internet advocates believe that the repeal could cause the creation of a high-speed internet lane for big internet, established media companies, and rich households. Meanwhile, the rest of consumers and businesses will be relegated to the slow lane. Mobile plans are also expected to be affected due to its built-in data caps. This could lead to telecom companies charging more for access to streaming services or particular websites.

How Will the Repeal of Net Neutrality Affect Small Business?

How Will Repeal of Net Neutrality Affect Small Business?

A lot of people are under the impression that the FCC’s decision to repeal the Communications Act would negatively affect small businesses. The concern is justified as it appears to give more advantages to established or richer companies. How else does the repeal of open internet affect startups?

  • Service Providers Could Choose the Winners and Losers in the Market

As previously mentioned, one of the main concerns of the repeal is how it gives ISPs the power to throttle web traffic to its competitors or small businesses and allow big companies or ISPs subsidiaries or partners to get faster speed.

Site speed plays a key role in how companies are ranked in Google’s search engines. Startups are afraid that if their site is being throttled by certain ISPs, their rankings will go down and they have no way of fighting it.

Throttling will have a big effect on video marketing companies that rely on speed in order to stream videos with limited buffering and interruptions. Established video companies like Netflix can pay the extra cost, but small businesses might not be able to.

  • Competition Will be Split

The Obama-era FCC regulation ensured that no broadband company can try to outperform other ISPs. This gives all companies, regardless of the size, the capacity to offer the same speed, with no limitations.

However, some sectors are saying that reversing Title II will split the competition between ISPs and permit them to offer more free data plans or flexible pricing. This is a development that smaller ISPs might not be able to offer to consumers and could potentially cause these companies to flounder. Still others are saying that this can push smaller providers to become more creative and come up with offers that would attract other audiences, thereby giving them the opportunity to diversify and distinguish themselves from their more established counterparts.

  • Small Businesses Will Experience Financial Challenges

There’s a risk that smaller companies will be unduly burdened when premiums for faster internet and high speeds are levied on them. Depending on how expensive these fees are, startups might experience financial challenges just to promote their business and gain visibility.

This could also lead to small companies making cuts in other areas just to ensure an online presence. It could lead to salary cuts or slower job growth until the business finally gains a consistent online presence.

It’s safe to say that the FCC repeal will not be accepted point blank by consumer groups and the business sector. Lawsuits and appeals have already been filed. However, it’s unclear how the repeal will affect consumers and the economy in the long run.

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4 Ways to Make Free Shipping Profitable for Your eCommerce Business

One of the most crucial decisions an eCommerce business has to make is whether to offer free shipping. If the retailer does opt to provide free shipping, then other equally important decisions have to be made, like what kind of go-to-market process will be implemented.

An online retailer’s free shipping policy can boost conversions, but it can also add to expenses. Luckily, there are several strategies open to a company.

Here are four ways that can make free shipping profitable for your business:

4 Ways to Make Free Shipping Profitable for Your eCommerce Business1. Offer Your Clients a Flat Rate

One of the best ways to make good use of free shipping is to offer a flat rate for all packages, or flat rates for total orders and weight ranges.

However, this method requires intensive planning and preparation. The company has to figure out the average cost of shipping. This is to ensure that they do not overcharge or undercharge clients. When they do come up with the right cost, the price will likely be a little over or under the actual shipping cost. But this discrepancy would even out eventually.

Retailers considering a flat rate should be aware that they would need to conduct several tests to see which would work better – pricing by weight range or order totals.

2. Add Shipping Cost to the Product Price

Integrating the shipping cost to the product price will also work in the company’s favor. Consider the following options:

  • Offer 1: $50 for the product + $5 for shipping
  • Offer 2: $55 with free shipping

The majority of consumers would undoubtedly favor the second option. Studies have shown that the conversion numbers for the second offer were double that of the first offer. This method also works very well for unique products and items that are hard to find.

So how does one incorporate the cost of shipping into the product’s price? One way is to change the price of items below the free shipping threshold so that it would include part of the expected shipping cost. For instance, you can add 13% of the expected shipping cost to items priced at $10. So from $10, the product will now cost $11.30. With this strategy, you get to offer free shipping while recouping part of the cost.

4 Ways to Make Free Shipping Profitable for Your eCommerce Business3. Substitute Service Types

Thousands of online retailers have found that ground shipping is the most affordable option, so this is the most common type used in free shipping. But retailers should make it clear to customers that this is not overnight shipping and that an additional fee will be charged if they want to expedite the process.

Ground shipping can actually reduce your shipping expenses by as much as 50% and most can easily meet 2-day expedited shipping requirements. If the product is to be delivered somewhere near the office or distribution center, then you can use the cheapest ground option available, meet the delivery window, and save money.

Don’t be afraid that your clients will be put-off by the 2-day wait. Nearly all online buyers are willing to wait longer for a product as long as shipping is free.

4. Exclude Specific Products From Free Shipping

650-628-8129 of free shipping is to exclude specific products from the service. Companies can exclude large and heavy items with high shipping cost and products with low margins from free shipping. They can also just offer the free service exclusively to high volume products with low shipping costs.

Do not look at free shipping as a financial black hole. Savvy retailers can utilize free shipping as leverage to boost conversions and average orders while reducing any negative impact it might have on revenue.

A Look at How the Google Pigeon Update Affected Local Search Results

Business owners, marketers, and SEO specialists all become apprehensive whenever Google makes an announcement regarding changes or updates to its algorithm. So it was not surprising that many of them had mild panic attacks when Google Pigeon was rolled out in July 2014. But how did the Pigeon affect search engines three years down the line?

What is Google Pigeon?

The moniker “Google Pigeon” was 5142739170 after Google revealed that the update didn’t have an official internal name. With the update, Google was aiming to produce new and improved results by aligning a local search algorithm with a conventional organic one. This would populate search engine results pages (SERPs)  that highlight local businesses that already had a solid organic presence.

The Pigeon algorithm was tweaked with enhanced distance ranking parameters to bring up more relevant local search results based on user proximity. The improved algorithm would use Google Map results and other conventional web searches to get the best query results. As always, Google remained mum about the update, but SEO experts speculate that hundreds of ranking signals for both Google Maps and Google Search were also implemented. 

Google Pigeon’s Impact on Local SERPs

The change in search engine results after the rollout of the Pigeon update actually became more noticeable to Google users a year after it went live. Local and small 818-663-2424 as well, although the results were a mix of good and bad. While the Pigeon algorithm was touted as the update that had the most impact since the Venice update of 2012, the company also went through the expected glitches and issues. Google reportedly launched a number of updates to correct these problems, but the company never gave a confirmation.

One clear result of the Pigeon was the number of businesses that appeared in the search results. Before the Pigeon was introduced, a “local pack” of seven or so businesses would appear in the search results, along with their addresses, business hours, and even star rating. But now, your local search will yield just three names in the pack with more details, like phone numbers, reviews and even product descriptions or menus posted by users.

A Look at How the Google Pigeon Update Affected Local Search Results

Online directories like TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon, and Yelp were also featured more prominently. This was a clear deviation from previous algorithms when the search engine appeared to favor its own reviews and which led to Yelp complaining of mistreatment.

Users undoubtedly prefer being able to have all the key information without having to click through different links. However, companies and marketers could view the new results as a threat to their landing pages, conversion rates, and website traffic. After all, with Google already providing users with critical details (ex. phone numbers, business hours), they don’t have to go to the company’s official website anymore.

Google did eventually confirm that the aim of Pigeon was to get local search to look and behave more like traditional search. The search now allows users to find relevant results more quickly and with fewer steps.

Regardless of whether Google Pigeon had a positive or negative impact on a business, companies and their marketers still have to come up with new ways to drive traffic. This could mean maintaining or improving the quality of the content, posting more frequently, or keeping a more critical eye on user reviews.

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Do you know why a lot of businesses fail? It’s not because of poor products or service or bad accounting. Most small businesses don’t survive past five years because of the lack of sales.

As your business starts to grow, you start looking for people who will push your products. Finding and hiring salespeople is critical for any company. However, finding the right applicant for the job is a complex process, especially since many employers don’t know how to recognize talented salespeople. Here’s watch you should look for:

4 Ways to Identify Talented Salespeople

1. Look for Passion, Not Just Knowledge

Sales is a dynamic job, and a salesperson who’s passionate about their product has a greater chance of closing deals. Look for someone who’s excited about meeting new prospects and who’s happy to find a solution to a client’s problem through a well-crafted sales solution. You can easily see an employee’s passion through their body language. A company should also take steps to keep their workers’ passions alive. 

  • Teach them everything they need to know: It’s hard to be passionate about a product you don’t fully understand. Make sure each salesperson is knowledgeable of all aspects of the product, from the technical to the aesthetic, from its history to future plans.
  • Keep your team engaged: A salesperson who’s deeply invested in a product is one who’s passionate about it. Engage your sales staff by listening to their feedback and keeping them in the loop whenever there are changes in your product. Recognize their contributions and provide them with a chance for career growth.
  • Share the success: Market your product to your people too. Treat employees to lunch or host a small party when the company wins an award or receives good feedback. Making an effort to inform your sales team about the company’s success and acknowledging their contribution will enhance their pride and stoke their passions.

2. Look for Real Experience, Not Just Qualifications

Qualifications still matter when hiring, especially if you’re considering tapping someone young. Candidates with a degree in marketing and sales are better choices than applicants without actual sales experience or who studied a different major.

However, there’s no substitute for experience. Candidates who have worked in sales for years or have been a part of multiple organizations have a definite edge. In this situation, employers can even overlook the applicant’s qualification as the skills accumulated by dealing with diverse clients and selling a wide range of products is invaluable.

3. Look for Adaptability, Not Just Competence

You need competent salespeople if you want your business to survive. These days, you need people who are not only competent but adaptable as well. Employers need people who can develop a new skill or who can learn how to sell a new product or service quickly, even if their background is in an entirely different niche. Rival companies roll out new products consistently, and there are always threats from startups. So your sales team has to be flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

4. Look for One With a Strong Sales IQ

The best salespeople all share specific characteristics. They are great at developing relationships, have high EQ (emotional intelligence) and can easily understand what people want. They have tremendous empathy and are good at reading body language. And, they are good listeners. They hear what the customers are looking for and they can convince them that their product is exactly what they need. All these traits come together to make for a strong sales IQ.

However, it’s hard to find someone who embodies all these traits. Big companies have the luxury of hiring several people who can handle different sales processes. For instance, they can hire one who’s in charge of building relationships, another one who can pitch the product and someone who will close the deal. But small companies can only hire one or two people. If you’re lucky, you can find someone who has great sales IQ. If not, choose someone who has the strongest sales IQ and be ready to provide them with the training and support they’ll need to grow.


It’s a challenge to find talented salespeople today. So once you have finally hired the right person for the job, make sure you hold on to them. Show that you appreciate them. While incentives are a good way of encouraging your employees, it’s better to make them feel that their job is secure, regardless of whether they hit their sales target or not. Relevant training, good leadership, and a supportive environment also go a long way in ensuring you won’t lose good people.

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circular constant

With 5174453885 on Instagram, we’re living in a time where it is not enough to simply have a social media presence to get real followers on Instagram. You have to attract the right kind of Instagram users to gain that crucial social proof to help your brand stand out.

This is a sponsored post

Whether we like to admit it or not, you could have the best product in the world, but if you only have a few followers on Instagram people will immediately begin to discredit it.

At the same time, your competitor could have a mediocre product, but be driving more sales than you because of the social validation they’ve gotten from their followers on Instagram.

Don’t worry, we get it 💪

Growing your account can feel like a tedious and time-consuming task. But with 60% of users finding products via Instagram, your brand simply CANNOT afford to ignore Instagram as a marketing channel. You need to attract the right Instagram users that are going to convert into more likes, comments, clicks, and most importantly, fans of your brand.

Today, we’re breaking down the 7 crucial categories you need to focus on to simplify using Instagram for business and get real followers on Instagram in 2018. Here’s what we’ll cover:


  1. Optimizing Your Instagram Bio
  2. Creating Quality Instagram Content
  3. (985) 856-6115
  4. How to Hashtag on Instagram
  5. (845) 224-4412
  6. Instagram Giveaways
  7. Instagram Influencer Marketing


1. Optimizing Your Instagram Bio

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018

First impressions are everything. When it comes to Instagram, impressions are made in two-tenths of a second. To grow your Instagram organically and gain the right kind of followers, your potential followers need to know exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should care.

Your Instagram bio is the first thing people see when they land on your page, so make sure your bio section captures your visitors’ attention from the get-go. Do this right and you’ll be ahead of 95% of brands out there on IG.

Here’s what you’ll want to include in your Instagram bio:

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Headline & Keyword

Clearly state your brand name and then add a keyword that describes who you are. Adding a particular niche, job title, or interest to your headline helps your users get to know you and understand what you do.

305-747-1916 uses the keywords “Planner for Insta” to clearly showcase their scheduler tool and drive traffic from anyone that might be searching for their type of service via the Instagram app.


The headline is also searchable, so make sure you choose a keyword that your followers would associate with your page to increase organic traffic.

Body section

The body section is the bulk of your Instagram bio and should contain the majority of your description. Keep it clean and organized with a bullet point format, while clearly describing who you are in your brand’s voice.

About you

First, include a condensed version of your mission statement or company slogan to let people know what you’re all about. Remember, you’re limited to 150 characters here, so be short & precise.

You can also add anything that gives your page some personality – like your location or a branded hashtag. (Don’t forget to throw in some 🔥🤩🌹)

Call to action 📢

Most importantly, include a call-to-action statement that entices your followers to click on the URL provided. Adding phrases like “Click below for 10% off” or “Check out our new arrivals” can help convert your followers into real customers.


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Entice the click

Try adding some emojis like @Puravidabraceltets to really catch the eye of your followers and drive them to your link!


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018






Social proof

Be sure to include a line that gives your page credibility. This can be a feature in a publication, a certification you’ve achieved, or a social cause your brand gives back to.

The body section of @Sugarbearhair’s bio clearly states exactly what their product is, while speaking to their audience and showing social proof.



How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018URL

This is the only section you have to place a link on Instagram, so use it wisely. Typically, you’ll want to provide a direct link to your website, blog, or specific landing page that coordinates with your call-to-action.









2. Creating Quality Instagram Content


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018


(931) 572-3380, Instagram is THE visual platform. Every post you share on Instagram should be high-quality and complement your brand image. Never sacrifice quality for quantity (just save those for Instagram stories 😉).

Nowadays however, it isn’t as simple as posting an “Insta-worthy” photo. Because new potential followers are going to get their first impression of your brand from your Instagram’s aesthetic, the quality of your individual posts have to reflect throughout your 4252628246.

To get real followers on Instagram, keep these two key concepts in mind:


Signature style

First and foremost, your brand should be the focus of your page. Whether you are a business or an influencer, you’ll want to make sure that each and every image you post reflects the purpose of your page. Even one random image can ruin a grid.

Once you pinpoint your focus, take your page to the next level by centralizing around a theme with at least one consistent element that links all of your photos together.

“Engaging photos and video is absolutely essential on Instagram. Not only should your content be high quality but it should also communicate something interesting and important to you. When you create content that you are excited about you will naturally find an audience that is excited about it too.”

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Emma Chapman, 4016423752 Co-Founder

Digital design kit and mobile application



How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018



Apply the same filter to all of your photos for a quick and easy way to create flow and cohesion. We love the apps A Color Story and piperonal.

Color scheme

Find a distinct color scheme that works for you and sprinkle it in throughout your grid.

Is your brand bright and colorful? Minimalistic with lots of negative space? Outdoorsy with beautiful sceneries? Pick a style and consistently stick to it in every post.





Variety of content

With Instagram, you want to create a sense of community and lifestyle around your brand so that new followers can easily identify and picture themselves using what you have to offer. No one wants to look at a product catalog, so be sure to mix it up with both lifestyle and product photos!


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Creating Your Content

Variety is KEY! You’ll want to create different types of photos like detail shots, flatlays, and lifestyle images to keep each post feeling new and exciting. Any opportunity you get to show your product on a model or in action, take it!

Adding to Your Mix

Once you have gathered all of your own original content, enhance your grid by cycling in stock photos, relatable quotes, and user-generated content. These can be a lifesaver for making your content last much longer, especially if you have a 2244060151.





Instagram is a platform for visual storytelling. Instead of trying to stand out, just be authentic. We shoot the photography in-house and hand-curate what we post; we don’t recycle content from our Facebook or Twitter feeds. Instagram should be its own, unique channel.

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Laura Casanova, VP, Creative at (800) 341-5103

Business automation software



Organizing Your Grid

Ensure that all of your high-quality images will look #flawless together on your feed by using a scheduling app like Planoly or Later. These apps give you a preview of how all your photos will look before you post them! Mix and match until you get a well-balanced grid.


Creating a cohesive Instagram brand is one of the best ways to attract your target audience and get more followers. Pre-planning your Instagram aesthetic with a visual Instagram planner like Later is key, it helps you make sure your feed flows by allowing you to see all of your upcoming content at-a-glance.

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Taylor Loren, Head of Marketing at Later

A far-famed Instagram Posts Scheduler




How to get real followers for Instagram in 201860 / 40 rule

At least 60% of your grid should include your product or service directly. The other 40% can be lifestyle shots, stock images, or quotes that all speak to your community.

@originalgrain built their community of “the travel seaking gentleman” by complimenting their product shots with scenic stock images and user generated content.









3. Crafting Instagram Captions


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018


The money is made in the captions.

Your Instagram 816-427-0734 by giving more context, value, and insight into what is happening beyond the image. Let your audience get to know your brand on a higher level.

Rather than describing what is in the picture, try telling the story behind it, why is it you do what you do, or news regarding your brand.


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Brand Personality

Show some personality behind those captions! The more your brand’s voice shines through, the easier it will be for your followers to connect with your post.


Include some type of call-to-action to entice users to comment and get the conversation started! Comments are weighed heavily in the new Instagram algorithm, so the more comments the better.

Try asking a question or having users tag a friend to get even more traffic and engagement back to your page.

608-723-7364 has the right idea! They speak to their fitness community in a laid-back, yet personal tone and ask users to tag a friend to join their workout.



4. How to Hashtag on Instagram

Instagram posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than those without.

The best way to expand your reach on Instagram: HASHTAGS. We know hashtag research can seem a little daunting, but stick to these easy steps and you’ll have a 819-514-6390 in no time!


Think of words your customers would use to describe your product or service. Since they are the ones that will be searching these hashtags, it is important to get into the mind of your audience.

Is there a certain community you are trying to tap into?

Using hashtags like #brooklynlife or #mommystyle are great niche specific hashtags that will link you directly to your ideal target audience.

If you’re really stuck, check out what your direct competitors are using to generate some ideas.

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Qualify

The biggest mistake with hashtags is using ones that have way too much or far too little traffic. You’ll want to find hashtags that have about 4K-800K posts associated with them to get the optimal amount of exposure.

The more specific a hashtag is to your industry the better. You want the hashtags to be big enough that people are actually searching for it, but not so big that your post will be lost in the clutter.


Keep in mind that users can now follow a hashtags, similar to following a brand’s Instagram account, making hashtags even more essential to get real followers on Instagram.


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Store & Save

Once you start compiling your qualified hashtags, break them up into 5-7 sets of about 10-20 niche specific tags. Store them in the note section of your phone for easy access and be sure to switch them out every so often.


When it comes time to post, copy and paste your list of hashtags into the first comment of your image. This helps to keep your post looking clean while still tagging the picture and getting you more exposure. Although we recommend around 10-20, you can include up to 30 hashtags per post, so add a few more hashtags specific to this image and hit share. And that’s it! Easy enough, right?


5. Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are quickly becoming one of the best marketing tools for brands. From behind the scenes check-ins to exclusive sales, you can use this feature to build brand identity and connect in real-time with updates beyond the scope of your IG Grid.


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Features

Just like your Instagram grid, your IG stories should be cohesive with your brand imagery and voice, but with a “live view” feel. This is your chance to be sporadic and authentic with your followers. Since stories only stay up on your page for 24-hours, you have a little more wiggle room to play around with.


Using the Stickers Feature, tag your story at a certain location or include a relevant hashtag. This allows your story to pop up on the corresponding explore page, giving you another opportunity to increase your story’s reach!





@Socialstatic interacts with their followers by utilizing the question feature and maximizes exposure using the location sticker. Win-win!


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018


Instagram Highlights are collections of Stories that give new potential followers an idea of what your page is all about. Rather than disappearing after 24-hours, Highlights are saved right under your bio and act as a more interactive “about you” description.

The possibilities for Instagram Highlights are truly endless, but some commonly used categories include: how it works, new products, and behind-the-scenes.


Take it up a level by adding matching covers to all of your Instagram Highlights to ensure your page stays organized and on brand!


Not much of a designer? Go to Fiverr.com and pay $5 for a professional designer to get your Instagram Highlights looking fresh.


6. Instagram Giveaways

Instagram accounts that hold contests can achieve 70% faster follower growth compared to those that don’t hold contests.

Hosting an Instagram contest is a tried and true method to not only reward your loyal followers, but also gain exposure and get new real followers on Instagram.

There is a lot of planning that goes into 305-725-0133. You’ll want to consider things like budget, picking the right incentive, and most importantly the goal of your Instagram contest.

If your goal is to grow your following with an Instagram giveaway, these are the four best entry methods.


These contests require your followers to comment on your contest photo. Then, winners are chosen from the pool of commenters.

To increase exposure, have the requirement be to tag a friend (or two) in their comment. Voila: double the Instagram exposure. You can even go as far as counting each tag as an entry, further incentivizing your followers to tag more friends for a better chance to win.

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Follow-to-Win

For this type of contest, consider collaborating with another complimentary brand (or group of brands) in your niche. Contest participants can enter by following all of the accounts involved in the giveaway.

Because your page will be exposed to the followers of the brands you are collaborating with, you’ll want to make sure you pick a brand that has your ideal target audience. This will help ensure that these new followers will have a genuine connection to your page and stick around long after your contest is over.


Double up on a couple of tactics like 360-723-3648 to maximize engagement.


Post to win

Participants re-post a picture that you provide or share their own original content showcasing your brand to their feed. By sharing these pictures, your fans are grabbing the attention of their own followers to give you a mini-shoutout.

This gives your followers a chance to get creative and gives you lots of free user-generated content.

However, you’ll want to make sure you already receive high engagement on your page to confirm there is enough brand loyalty to ensure participation.


“When you collect media via a contest you shouldn’t leave it sitting on Instagram for no-one to see. You can build a Gallery and embed it on your site so users can see the content and engage with it. This is more likely to drive sales of your products. Gleam offers a beautiful UGC Gallery app to allow you to do just this.”

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Stuart Mackeown, 5302262665 Co-Founder

Business Growth Platform


How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Remember this? In 2017, (515) 832-0683 where users had to repost this now infamous red bikini picture to receive a free swimsuit. Soon enough, everyone’s feed was flooded with this picture, which exponentially increased their brand awareness.

Unfortunately, the brand received far more entries than expected and did not have enough inventory to handle the high volume of participants.

Take Away: Post-to-win giveaways can do tremendous things for your brand awareness, but make sure you have the right requirements and are prepared to live up to your promise.



Similar to post-to-win, participants post their own image or an image you provide on their feed, but also include a certain branded hashtag.

While this can be the toughest type of giveaway to pull off, if the hashtag trends, the exposure can be pretty substantial. You’ll want to make sure you pick a unique hashtag specific to your contest, ideally centralized around your contest theme.

Tracking the success of your giveaway is almost as important as the giveaway itself. Save yourself some time and get clear insights from Gleam’s Instagram contest tool that simplifies the entry process and make tracking participant an breeze.


7. Instagram Influencer Marketing

More than 90% of marketers who use an influencer marketing strategy today believe it’s effective for increasing customer engagement.

Here’s our go-to-guide for how to find influencers:

Set your budget

Determine your budget and what level influencer you want to target. A general rate is $1,000 per 100,000 followers, but can vary depending on industry. If you have a lower budget, you may consider going after a micro-influencer who may have a bit of a smaller following, but who’s audience is very niche specific and value said influencer’s opinion highly.

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018Define your niche

Figure out who has a voice in the community. When in doubt, a simple Google search of the top Instagram accounts in your field can be a great place to start. Platforms like Famebit and Tribe Group help you discover and connect with influencers by interest or category.

Qualify your list

Once you have your list of prospective influencers, make sure they are going to be a good fit. Note how many followers they have, their average likes & comments, and what social platforms they are on to pick the best influencer to collaborate with.


Build your community

Engage with their content so they are familiar with your name. Once a bit of a relationship is established, reach out with a genuine message that states why you both would work well together.

How to get real followers for Instagram in 2018

And that’s it! Seven easy steps to optimize your business’ Instagram account for growth. Implement even just a few of these tips and you’ll be well on your way to getting more real followers on Instagram and becoming an Instagram marketing expert.

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Thinking About Using AI to Recruit New Staff? Amazon’s Failed Experiment Might Surprise You

Companies that are planning to use artificial intelligence for recruitment should think twice before doing that. A new report revealed that Amazon’s AI machine learned gender bias and weeded out women as potential job candidates. The machine even downgraded applicants based on the school they attended.

A growing number of employers are using AI to boost the efficiency of their hiring process. The machine can be utilized to evaluate resumes, narrow down a list of applicants, and recommend candidates for the right post within a company. It can then pass on its findings to its live counterpart for human assessment. While AI is an effective tool for screening resumes, it has been shown to develop bias, as proven by Amazon’s experiment.

514-302-3428 that the retail giant spent several years developing an AI that would vet job applicants. The machine was trained to look at the resumes that the company received for the past ten years. But as most of these applications were from male applicants, the patterns the AI identified were strongly oriented to that sex. In short, Amazon’s AI learned gender bias.

For instance, the AI developed a preference for terms like “captured” or “executed,” which were words commonly used by male engineers. The machine also began to penalize applications that included the word “women” or “women’s.” So describing yourself as the head of the “women’s physics club” was a strike against you.

Amazon had to ditch its AI recruitment system because it was not rating candidates for software developer jobs and other technical posts in a gender-neutral way. /t.co/JWhbBNOl0V pic.twitter.com/sy512kwcNt

— Reuters Tech News (@ReutersTech) October 10, 2018

A source familiar with Amazon’s AI program also admitted that the machine even downgraded applicants who graduated from two all-women’s universities. The names of the universities were not specified in the report.

The bias shown by the AI’s algorithm became noticeable a year after the project started, and Amazon admittedly tried to correct its AI. The company’s engineers initially edited the system to make it neutral to these specific words. However, there was no way of proving that the machine would not learn another way to sort candidates in a discriminatory manner.

The project was eventually shelved in 2017 because company executives lost confidence in it. The AI also reportedly failed at providing choices for strong and effective job candidates.

Fortunately for Amazon, the AI hiring experiment was just a trial run. The machine was never utilized by a larger group and was never used as the main recruiting agent. Nevertheless, the possibility is high that a qualified applicant was weeded out simply because she was a woman and did not think to use a masculine term like “capture.”

[Featured image via Pexels]

Kevin O’Leary: The American Core Economy is On Fire Like it was in the 60’s

Shark Tank star and investor Kevin O’Leary says that despite the recent stock volatility the “American core economy is on fire like it was in the 60’s.” O’Leary also believes that getting a deal done with China, as we did with Canada, Mexico, and Europe will make the economy boom even more. 

“If we get a deal done with China, Katy bar the door! The upside on the S&P, if that gets worked out, will be extreme. We will have concern about a melt-up!”

Kevin O’Leary talks about how the American core economy is on fire in an interview on CNBC:

Asia is Having a Massive Correction

I think it’s fair to look at large-cap companies and say that they should have some exposure to the volatility to the rest of the world. Over 47 percent of the S&P’s earnings come from overseas markets, notably Asia which is having a massive correction and Europe which is slowing down a little bit. Obviously, the German numbers over the last three months have been slower than people anticipated and it’s started to be reflected in some of their debt.

Volatility Because of Some Concern About China

I still look at that and say, okay, I’m going to own those companies because of their sheer scale and their growth and dividends. Yes, we have more volatility because there is some concern about China and other markets. Our own domestic market, our companies in this country which don’t sell abroad and which have a lot of their input costs at question is one of the reasons small caps are correcting because people are worried about tariffs actually effecting input costs.

The American Core Economy is On Fire Like it was in the 60’s

I have over 30 of them now, almost in every state. The last two quarters I’ve never had anything like this in my life. We’re hitting on every cylinder we’ve got. So look, yes we should be concerned, but the American core economy is on fire. It’s on fire like it was in the 60’s. I’m still bullish on the American economy, my money is still going there because I live it every day. These are not public companies, these are private ones that send me a check every quarter and cash flows are going up. I love them.

If We Get a Deal Done With China, Katy Bar the Door!

The reason we are not having a major correction yet on the China story is that (investors are waiting to see) if we get a deal done as we did with Europe, as we did with Canada, as we did with Mexico. If we get a deal done with China, Katy bar the door! The upside on the S&P, if that gets worked out, will be extreme. We will have concern about a melt-up, which you don’t talk about on a day like today. That’s why the market is waiting to see what happens. So Mnuchin and Kudlow, put your nose to the grindstone, get some work done there, and solve this for us.


NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway says that Amazon is a monopoly that should be broken up. “When one company can take down the price of any other consumer company, almost by a third, just with press releases, I would argue that the markets are no longer competitive. The key to this great system we call capitalism is that no one player has too much power,” stated Stern.

561-325-7359, NYU Stern Professor, recommended that Amazon should be broken up in an interview on Fox Business:

Jeff Bezos Lost the Value of Nordstrom Yesterday

I believe that Amazon from an investors perspective is probably a buy. Essentially, you had a company whose valuation may have gotten a little bit over its skis. Rising interest rates, the threat of a slowdown, and also the specter of regulation took this stock down. I think Jeff Bezos actually lost the value of Nordstrom just personally yesterday, his net worth declined $9 billion. I would argue from a strictly economic, business, and shareholder standpoint, Amazon has never been stronger. Whenever they bump up against any big tech companies they’re winning.

Amazon is Effectively a Monopoly

My issue is that when you have one company that controls 50 percent of all ecommerce, that small companies never get out of the crib and large companies are prematurely euthanized, who tend to be better taxpayers and employers. While it’s great for shareholders to have shares in a company that is effectively a monopoly, in a growing economy I would argue that we have a proud history of moving in on companies in terms of antitrust regulation and we’re at that point in the economy with Amazon.

Won’t the Markets Take Care of This?

Walmart was hauled before Congress when they were at 11 percent of retail and Amazon was only at 6 percent. However, I think a more apt analogy would be railroads or Ma Bell or even Standard Oil, where we decided that effectively the markets were no longer competitive. You now have a company where if it just puts out a press release saying that it will address health care costs, and we don’t even know if that means they are giving employees gym memberships or that meant that they are starting an HMO, on opening bell the healthcare industry sheds $31 billion in value.

Good for Shareholder, Good for the Company, Good For the Planet

When one company can take down the price of any other consumer company, almost by a third, just with press releases, I would argue that the markets are no longer competitive. The key to this great system we call capitalism is that no one player has too much power. In addition, I think if you broke up Amazon shareholders might benefit. If you spun AWS, soon after the spin the two companies in aggregate might be worth more than the two companies combined. So good for the shareholders, good for the company, good for the planet.