The students didn't want to tell anything to their parents.


Claudia has been offered a better job.


Where were you writing?

You can call me at whatever time you want.

I have something else I need to do.

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I don't know much else.

He knows me better than I know myself.

Whatever you want us to do, we'll do.


Kazuhiro told Andrea he was interested in her.

How did you end up on your own?

Do they live with you?


Are you planning to help Patricia?

I haven't seen you since college.

Oh, that. That explains it.


Rudy did what he could in the short amount of time he had.


Do you think you can wait?


The thing that impressed me the most in China was the Chinese.

I feel we speak two different languages.

I have to change the baby's nappy.

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Rajesh lost his driver's license.

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Just keep your mind on your work.

He has a kind heart.

I told Dalton that I was way too busy to talk to him.

The police detected the spy.

Which bus goes to the airport?

Are all these books yours?

A guard is outside.


I'm still waiting for my breakfast. Bring it to me now, please.

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He's a car nut. Ask him anything.


We think Skef may be in trouble.

He decided to go to France.

The train is supposed to leave in five minutes.


Suppose I had gone to America.

I couldn't make myself heard in the classroom.

To feel envy is a sin.


You did what you had to do.

I'll let you two get acquainted.

Few people live to be ninety years old.


It's too late for them.

Don't count on Sergei.

It left at two, reaching Rome at four.


You remind me of your mother whenever I meet you.

He sent you a book.

She doesn't have any enemies at all.

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I was shocked about John's death.

Many relatives came to the confirmation.

Please ensure the genitals are obscured by a mosaic effect.

Emily was my boss.

What's with all the flowers?

I regret to say that the product you have asked for is currently out of stock.

I don't trust Joyce at all.

Do you enjoy living like that?

What kind of sandwich is it?

I consider myself a clever man.

They're doing their work at a snail's pace!


I don't want Kolkka going to your office.

That's unnecessary.

How many times have I told you not to hang out with guys like Kee?

Which is the highest mountain in Japan?

"If you really loved me, you'd do it." "But I do love you." "Then why won't you do it?"

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I'm in Papua New Guinea.


Why were you kicked out of the meeting?

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I had scarcely walked a minute before I met him.


Our school trip was spoiled by an unusual snowfall.

Brendan didn't say any more.

Greg sat on a bench smoking a cigarette.

Seeing the eagle against the red of the setting sun, Lech took this as a good omen and decided to settle there.

Horst has never gotten over Stanly's death.

I served the children their meal.

You are the tallest one.

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First stop, the laboratory. Then we'll see.

His trouble was chiefly mental.

He shouted, "Get out!"

You told me to improvise.

I heard Sanjeev is a nice guy.

Could you lend me some money? I'm short of cash at the moment.

Did you know the phone's off the hook?

A wolf cannot be tamed.

I've told you all of this once already.


I didn't know which to take. I looked for a station attendant but didn't find one.


Suspicion is the poison of friendship.

Teaching is a profession of my own choosing.

Do you trust me or not?

No matter how much you try, you don't lose even a kilo. You might even gain a little weight. This is the diet plateau.

Stop! There's a deer on the road.

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The third generation Japanese communication methods are W-CDMA and CDMA2000.

Emet dislikes that woman.

She's in her early twenties.

Morgan stood beside Jeany.

Your house be my house.

He said the truth.

Po hoped that Space would forgive him.

I asked him to call you.

These butterflies are rare in our country.

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That's worth repeating.

I can do nothing about that.

"Let's dance together." "I thought you'd never ask."

Guido and Dylan took turns.

I felt refreshed after showering.

Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

Italy's beaches are crowded in the summer.

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He moved to Istanbul with his wife.

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International Business Machines Corporation, based in Armonk, New York, is the world's largest computer firm.

Out with you upon the wild waves, children of the king! Henceforth your cries shall be with the flocks of birds.

I had a good time playing golf.

Can I call you?

The lake can be reached in half an hour by bus.

We were outnumbered.

Owners of red sports cars pay higher insurance rates.

I used to weigh seventy kilos.

You may not be afraid of us, but remember we are not afraid of you, either!


It looks easy when you do it.


I sent you a letter.

I speak French every day at work.

I'm forgetful.

We didn't know what to do.

She taught me how to write a poem.

This toy is almost indestructible.

Let him stay there.


We have a 50-minute layover in Boston.

Danielle doesn't look like her mother.

He hates me. And I hate him!

Anatoly knows how to get things done.

It was fun yesterday.

He aimed at the cornered deer with his gun.

You know we don't need to go there today, right?

I want a life.

I intend to study the subject at a postgraduate level.

At the last office I went to I ran out of work after a couple of hours, which made the rest of the day rather boring.

She had had her appendix removed.

Jeffie and Sjouke usually speak French to each other.

I will give you anything you want.


We dated on and off through college.

In general, things are all right.

I'll clean it up.

I've got business with her.

Kimberly noticed a gunshot wound in Noam's right arm.


It's a pity most RPGs do not have any stoat characters.

You still haven't told me why you decided not to go.

He has a bath every morning.

The solution was quite simple.

Nothing is more delightful for me than to talk with him.

He cut the nose off.

I suddenly needed a car.

Could you tell me about your trip to Boston?

I really should have known that.

Hank was the one who suggested that.

You didn't look.


Now move over.


Luc is a loser.

Why don't you go see them?

The dog knew its master.

It belongs to my father.

This street is clear of traffic at night.

I was dancing in the field.

The deadline was yesterday.

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That would be creepy.

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Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Does Timo know what you've done?

He whittled the stick to a sharp point with his hunting knife.