Everything I own is in this suitcase.

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He has nobody to consult.

I don't want you to worry so much about it.

She took to him immediately.


Hazel had an appointment.

Kathleen is watching the hockey game with his friends.

My usual sleeping time is from seven to nine hours.

Three candidates ran for President and he was elected.

We should use that.

How late does the train run today?

Presumably, Sumitro repaired the computer.

Svante opened the refrigerator and took out one of the bottles.

You're disturbing the whole neighborhood.

Does Pantelis have ponytail?

The package was delivered yesterday.

He is the last person to speak ill of others.

The picnic was held in the gym on account of the rain.


Is something else going on here?


Cary is packing his things into boxes.

You always tell us how refined your tastes are, and yet you listen to that trash?

I work out to stay in shape.

You refused to answer my question.

I knew I came to the right place.

Tokyo has a population of over ten million.

He's only two years older than Jane.

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You can't enter here unless you have a pass.

It was horrifying.

You'd better not have drunk all the milk.

Although she was tired, she tried to finish the work.

I am talking with Sedat.

That's probably what's going to happen.

Sentences can teach us a lot. Much more than just words.

I have a good mind to study abroad.

We know what this means to Rudolf.

Behave yourselves.

The corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles.

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The criminal became a Christian and turned over a new leaf.


What's stopping you?

I was with Pilot.

What is this thing?

He bargained that he should not have to pay for the car till the next month.

You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

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We are classmates.

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Don't wake her up.

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Giovanni has her problems.

I like blue.

Teriann lied to her husband.

Timo, help me. The zipper's stuck.

The Chinese have found that the better their children know English, the less they use idiomatic expressions in Chinese.


Her dress is blue with white spots.

All my efforts proved of no avail.

There is a matter that we would like to discuss urgently regarding club activities, so please come to the staff room.

He gave her a book.

Sid doesn't have to convince me of that.

Annie is wearing a very expensive watch.

I feel comfortable in his company.

We're not going to answer any more questions.

I want to see my friends in Canada.


Meeks handed Danielle a glass of water and two aspirins.

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It wasn't what I wanted.

Jobs are less secure and people must work harder to keep them.

My girlfriend is an actress.

The cold winds froze my skin and hollowed out my soul.

"Are you serious?" "I'm absolutely serious."


You must hold that dagger like this.

Don couldn't find his hometown on the map.

What else have you done?


There is in all barbarian communities a profound sense of the disparity between man's and woman's work.

I can try reasoning with them.

Are you the only ones here?

The cat escaped from being hit by the car.

Randal did well on his French test.

Pains of love be sweeter far / Than all other pleasures are.

Where on earth did Metin go?

We'll leave theory to the mathematicians.

It's inconceivable that you would talk on the phone whilst behind the wheel.

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He was like a ninja hiding behind one of our cars!

Few languages have audio-visual isomorphism.

Dachshund sausages first became popular in New York, especially at baseball games.

I can't open SWF files.

Our allegiance has never been to any particular tribe or kingdom - indeed, every language is spoken in our country; every culture has left its imprint on ours; every point of view is expressed in our public squares.


I'm telling the youth: partying is life! And so is your face!

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We've got to get back to the ship.


My girlfriend often says "Whoever eats enough, has already eaten too much."


You'll find this intriguing.


Maybe Ian made a good deal.

I'm teasing.

Rafik lived in Boston for several years.

Turn the knob counterclockwise.

My girlfriend's daughters have joined Facebook.


He raged like a wild beast.

What else did you tell him?

Pam didn't run the red light.

This is a no smoking zone.

I've already been to America two times.

He has a terrible fashion sense.

The boy has good reflexes.


Would you say they match?

I want to know who told Siegurd that.

He hates air travel.


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!

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We'll have a lot of fun.


I thought you were going to be at the party last night.

I'd like to build an eco friendly house.

Edmund put the book on the desk.

How does it feel?

Tell me again what time you expect me to be there.


At one time I knew chemistry as well as I knew mathematics.


Why are you all laughing?


For once in your life, do what I ask.

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Where do you sleep?

Arnold kept his hat on.

Did something happen to you?


Valeria won't eat anything I cook for him.

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I am a teacher of English.

The Iroquois are the worst civilization in Civilization V.

Isidore is an open book.


Marsha doesn't look all that busy.

Let's find out what we can do to help.

He looks to his uncle for advice whenever he is in trouble.

His spirit still haunts the manor.

Vijay has done this before.

The blue pants costs more than the green.

The spice must flow.


How did you dress for Halloween?

Will you lend your dictionary to me?

What he says is very important.

She begged him to stay.

I don't have that.

How beautiful that flower is!

Most people have to work for their livelihood.

Do you care for classical music?

You are not answering the question correctly.

Charles wanted to help Dimitry out.

Will you have a cup of coffee?

Salt preserves fish from decay.

I'll go and see Tarmi myself.


Don't read aloud, read to yourself.


A woman with two small children in her car led police on a wild car chase through the city, reaching speeds in excess of 140 kilometers per hour.

I don't think they like me.

Because all his friends were poor, too.

Where can I purchase index funds?

She ran as fast as she could.

He's a wealthy man.

I have a tight schedule this weekend.

American industry makes various attempts to find and encourage brilliant students from abroad.

I have to go find her.

Linda plays tennis.

I thought you had a meeting at 2:30.

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Going out with girls is exhausting.

Old's amused.

I saw his former employer at a conference.


Kenneth didn't know what Hurf would like.

He's terrible in bed.

Even times odd is even, odd times odd is odd.

Why do I have to fight?

I want to see your real face.

Marcel always said he was lucky.

He felt lost and uncomfortable.

Forty people can't fit in here.

Why are you trying to help me?