Hot air expands and spreads out and it becomes lighter than cool air. When a balloon is full of hot air it rises up because the hot air expands inside the balloon.

Can you eat raw oysters?


It was a sticky situation indeed.

I'd like to see you at 2:30.

Kamiya discovered that Scot had committed suicide.

I know how overwhelming it can all get.

I've already told Deborah all I know.

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You have made the same mistake.

I made an executive decision.

Isidore doesn't like to leave anything unfinished.

That doctor may cure him of his cancer.

There are a lot of dogs here, aren't there?

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Ai sat down beside me.

My hands are numb from the cold.

I'm not making him an omelette.


I'm going to the lab.

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This guy can do amazing things.


Einstein was far in advance of his time.

He ran a hand through her hair.

Harry's truck is back there.

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Maybe I just need some time alone.

Valuable time has been lost.

Edmond looks really sad.

I think that this meeting will be a big step forward.

I have a pretty shrewd idea that this room contains the answer to the whole mystery.

I'm sending you this sentence when you least expect it.

Joe is physically stronger than Shane.

Miriam has been embezzling money from the company.

My idol is idle.

Voice of America broadcasts from Washington.

It's hard to find someone who writes Chinese as beautifully as he.


No one lives in this building.

The tattered covers of Kanthan's copy of The Flowers of Evil showed that the book had been read and reread several times.

Microsoft has a completely new operating system in the works.

The plan has worked well as yet.

I don't care about the presents. To me, it's no different if you wouldn't have brought this.

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Where did you buy that? I also want one.


I should've paid closer attention.

Nowadays, if a boy doesn't lose his virginity by the age of 18, he'll most likely be traumatised.

Look! The airplane is taking off.


We were held up for half an hour in the traffic and so we arrived late.

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Isn't that the problem?

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Syd confessed that he had killed Rudolph.


Alex does most of the work by himself.

We need to talk with you about something.

That was exactly what she intended.

He talks to me a lot.

I'm the oldest.

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I'll find Amigo for you.

Sriram switched off the overhead light.

I know how important Dan is to you.

White lies could help us to be diplomatic and avoid hard feelings and arguments which can ruin a day - or a friendship.

You had better leave the students to find out for themselves.

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The socialist agriculture achieved great success.

I knew I could count on you.

Have you hidden anything?

I really miss you a lot!

Chill out!

Luis seems to be in love.

He hugged her tightly.


I don't want to rock the boat.

When his business failed, he was left penniless.

Justice will take its course.


Let's go wake Bryan up.

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

We need time to mourn.

The gallbladder produces bile.

I'm waiting at the door.

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Suresh seems to be an honest man.

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Why don't we share a room?


He is on the heavy side.

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Does Herman love me?

I can see Steve, but he can't see me.

She felt in her handbag for her ring.

Give me the book back once you've finished reading it.

It is said that Japanese people are kind to people they know, but rather cold to those they don't.

Hey, don't worry.

He bought his daughter a new computer for her birthday.

We may never have the chance.

They trust you.

I've always wanted to live in this neighborhood.

Klaus and Kenn are talking to John.

I know how Vivek feels.

Could you add me?


Moran isn't to blame.

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Tell them I won't be there.

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Hang on a second.

The condition of the patient turned for the better.

I want my children to go to college.

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I don't think that's very funny.

This one's hard to read.

Have you got the money?

That party was off the hook, dude!

He is gone on that girl.

Archie says he can swim across the river.

Reducing deforestation is one way to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

This song is very touching.

I wish I didn't have to tell you this.

The music evokes memories of an earlier time.

He bears a strong likeness to my son.


Kathryn can't afford to buy a yacht.

Rees heard the dog barking.

Welcome to the Wild West.

The telephone is ringing.

Don't fail in your daily duties.

Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama was slightly injured when a 19.84 kilogram meteorite crashed through the roof of her home.

Thierry smelled something.

Earl and Huey are both coaching John.

I'd better warn Grace.

The issue fell between the cracks.

Anything could happen.

We will play a tennis match.

What are some foods you can eat to lower your cholesterol?

Steve looks quite happy.

This car is better as compared with that one.

Words cannot describe how happy and blessed I am to have you.

Trey gets mad very easily.

What was it that you wanted?

This room is just about big enough.


She's a lovable person.

Are you going to wait?

Jarmo is the maid of honor.


I've seen worse.


If you had only listened to me, none of this would have happened.


I got it, so no bullshit, okay?

I can't eat raw eggs; they must be cooked.

The Romans call Zeus Jupiter.

In spring, the dawn.

I was asked to identify the body.

We saw them.

What Jack told me about you is a pack of lies. I don't believe him.


Unfortunately, the information is accurate.

We have a house here.

This car came to a stop in front of the bank.

Vern lives in a backwater area.

That's an unusual thing, undoubtedly.

We're going out again.

We'll live like kings.


Jerrie didn't know what Dieter was trying to do.

Marc says you're cute.

I'll come in for a nice profit if land values continue to rise.

It couldn't have been easy.

Kimberly looks a lot like his father.

Could you come up here, please?

He wants something cold to drink.

He's rotten to the core.

I believe he is competent.

Spyros took a picture of the picture.

How far away is the sea?


Sally said Sehyo was a good pilot.

Do you think a male Gemini would get on well with a female Pisces?

I skied for the first time.

He fainted with hunger and fatigue, but came to after a while.

I'll have to talk about it eventually.

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Mr Long and Mr Smith spoke to each other.


What does it take to get a little help?

I had to take a taxi because the heavy rain caused all the trains to stop.

With the exception of Jim, everybody came.


Reading will bear you richer fruit.

If you want to, call me this afternoon.

Why have you turned it off?


Jitendra will probably never recover.