Germany has two capital cities.

Let's put the past behind us.

Is this a date?

How do you know Saify didn't do it?

He suddenly took a liking to detective stories.

He's too trusting.

Gregg had a great interest in painting.

She tends to speak ill of others.


I find it very easy to see through a person's true nature.

Is that my hat?

What a scoundrel you are!

The teacher said that World War II broke out in 1939.

We'll have to finish this later.

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Bart noticed a dark blue car parked outside.

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I have often been asked that question.


Gregge has gone back home to Australia.


There's nothing easier than speaking.

I tried to write with my left hand.

Man always thinks about the past before he dies, as if he were frantically searching for proof that he truly lived.

Keep on smiling.

Portugal has decriminalized the personal possession of drugs.

They moved quicker than horses in gallop.

Do you mind if I sit next to you?

We should let Andries get back to work.

He will like it.

Did you sleep in your office again last night?

I found out that the opposing counsel is planning on deposing three expert witnesses.

It's tax season.

According to the fortune teller, I was supposedly a prince in another life.

We have lots of questions, too.

Juha isn't sure what Case means.


Murph needs some therapy.

The soul is immortal.

I don't usually agree with Tim about anything.

The secret of success in life is known only to those who have not succeeded.

You should make your ideas correspond with reality.

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The debate was very contentious and didn't result in any fruitful conclusions.

I didn't notice the imperfection.

My glasses started to slip down my nose.

He needs assistants.

Scarcely had we started out before the sky became overcast and down came the rain again.

The current of this river is rapid.

I'd like to put the past behind us.


You owe me one.

I thought Diana had already done that.

He isn't like his brother.


Rodent looked into her bag and realized that her computer had been stolen.


He set the alarm before going to bed.

You know I'm right.

My office door's always open.

Krzysztof certainly seems to enjoy reading Mark Twain.

The sun will shine again soon.


Who told you to say that to me?

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He exhausted his strength on the work.

I'm not at liberty to tell you about the incident.

The bus stop is across the street.


Could you elaborate on that?

The company continued to grow.

Bucky never fully recovered.

A conjunction is a word which joins words, phrases, clauses and sentences together.

Advantaging myself over the competition is the only way I can ensure my evaporated yogurt water stand will be here tomorrow.

How are you, buddy?

Briggs obtained the list of all the hotels in the area.

Whether you succeed or not depends on your own efforts.

Some snow-covered mountains were seen in the distance.

We are like brothers.

John likes chess.

Dory wanted a picture taken of the damage done to his car.

You aren't cut out for the military because of its rigid discipline.


I don't think anybody has ever done such a thing before.

He was face to face with his enemy at last.

Not a word he says is worthy to be heard.

Arrangements have already been made.

The scolded boy was sobbing.

We're trying to save money.

Is there any doubt?

Don't listen to him. He's lying to you.

I just got there as fast as I could.

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What did we do wrong?

Find mutual interests, and you will get along with each other.

Dirk listened for a minute.


Everyone was surprised when I went into the room.

We've been married for thirteen years.

Hon held the canteen of water to Kerry's lips.

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How many rooms are there in this hotel?

The tradesman promised to come the next day.

You should have come a little earlier.

The boy is able to memorize everything he reads.

He's learning English.


She tried not to shed a tear.


Anthony is careless, isn't he?

He organized the university's butterfly collection so meticulously that it is now fully machine-searchable.

Everyone started crying again.

A twink performed a blowjob on me.

Didn't you tell me you have a brother?

Meehan just went nuts.

I feel like I'm coming down with something.

That bad person has strange clothes.

Cool off!

Marty and his father are building a tree house.

I am grateful to you for inviting me to the party.

Surprisingly, I agree with Nancy.

Henry often borrows money from me.

God, this place is huge!

Merton steadied himself.

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I'm disturbing you.

Billie wasn't armed.

Where did I put my glasses?

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This exam is not so difficult.

Jianyun isn't wise.

Don't help a woman in public. You'll look suspicious.


The song "Dang Me" was written and recorded by Roger Miller in 1965.

What can I get for you?

She is more human in thinking than you.

This chicken is too chewy to have been cooked correctly.

Can you tell me why Johan isn't here?

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The table was covered with dust.

I got into another mess.

Nobody likes a sore loser.

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This plan has not yet been cleared by the committee.

She did it easily.

He was named Marsh after his father.

Jingbai didn't even bat an eye.

He was painfully skinny.

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When I return, we'll talk.

There was a cold wind blowing from the north.

You stole my idea.

She may well get angry.

He was able to get home before dark.

I'll see what I can do.

I wish you didn't hang out with Sidney.

May I come to see you at your office tomorrow morning?

I have been writing letters all morning.

Where were you writing?

You shouldn't go fishing today.

Why don't you?

I was talking about clothes.


Celia is only bluffing.

Why are you so sad?

I spent a year at a school in Russia.

It looks like Roberto will succeed.

I changed the lock on my door.

Kris let the dog out.

I think we ought to go back to Boston.

You're missing all the lovely snow.

They carried on working from morning till night.

Everyone screamed.

I know Mark is sick.

Bertrand is my half-brother.

This summer we'll go to the mountains and to the sea.


She shrieked whenever she saw a spider.

It is very cold outside. You'll catch a cold without a coat.

Floyd slept without a blanket.

Learning Finnish takes time.

I had bags of energy.

Please say you're kidding.

I can't protect her.

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Physically, a man is a man for a much longer time than a woman is a woman.

They were dancing a lot!

I will remain.


It was very dark in Susan's room.


May I see your license?


Relax when talking to me, boy. I'm not your sister.

Maybe you should open it now.

Do you feel like dancing?


I've been working since I was thirteen.

Japan's shame, the result of the Pacific War, has not yet faded.

What language is spoken in the USA?