It took me several hours to write it.

We were grateful.


I don't care which choice you make.

According to the Bavarian Purity Law, only barley, hops, water and yeast may be used to brew beer.

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.

Dude, you're so dumb when it comes to women...

I don't doubt that one bit.

I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right.

Let me cut your hair!

He wasn't tall enough to get at the ceiling.

Are you going to do it over again?

He is familiar with Japanese culture.

Kazuhiro knew him.

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Oscar knocked tentatively on the door.

Bob died in Australia in 2013.

Andreas feels hatred towards Angela.


Whatever he asks you, you mustn't answer.

My car broke down, so I had to take a bus.

Marshall couldn't help feeling sorry for Terrance.


I know the exact time when that happened.

They're about to start.

I promised I wouldn't say anything.

I don't have a prejudice against foreign workers.

Harris told me he wasn't sick anymore.

Space is having a nap.

Where did you shake hands with them?

If I were in her place, I wouldn't give up yet.

Don't monkey around with my papers.


I disagree with you, Patty.

It wasn't a pleasant experience.

You like me, don't you?

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My plane had already taken off.

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Hello, new timer here hailing from Canada!

Milk used to be sold in glass bottles.

He is the minister responsible for the environment.

I didn't want them to worry.

You can't estimate this state.

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This is more than exceptional.


The road continues for many miles.


Where would you like me to park the car?

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I just want to be free.


I have no mind to go for a walk.

Deirdre wants a new bicycle.

Barbara had some really painful memories.

And those were her last words.

I want some coffee badly.

We do almost everything together.

Come and see us by all means.

Did you get anything from Antonella?

Hans's not always like that. You just caught her on a bad day.

You don't look like a dope.

Renu was paid three hundred dollars.

Bring the water to the boil.

That was the tiniest cockroach I've ever seen in my life.

That pretty bird did nothing but sing day after day.

It's cold out here.

Gideon isn't good at reading maps.

Have you heard? Our neighbor won the lottery, and she's gone to the Bahamas on a luxury cruise.


It won't change a thing.


You're lucky that you have a job.


They say it's important.

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He dropped to his knees.


I'm drenched.

I spent some good summer vacations!

Pilots communicate with the airport by radio.


He activated nothing.

For many years I thought that it was beauty alone that gave significance to life and that the only purpose that could be assigned to the generations that succeed one another on the face of this crowded earth was to produce an artist now and then.

If I had to choose, I'd say Bayern Munich.

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Laziness is my weak point.

How did Alf accomplish that?

This is a serious and big storm.

If there's a cheap kanji dictionary in Japan, I will buy it.

Max is about to leave.

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He did everything he could for his child.

A promise is a debt.

I hear that the "rocks" on Titan are actually made of ice, not rock.


I can't believe I used to watch this show.


They used to buy Nike shoes.

I hate those things.

Life begins when we realize who we really are.

Sherri is wide awake.

Steven doesn't like to talk about this kind of thing.


I'm going to put this in the car.

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I need you to do a couple of things for me.


She sang the song softly.


We lived in Boston for three years.


Shall I carry your bag for you?

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Nothing hurts worse than stepping on a Lego while barefoot.

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This is a serious mistake.

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The incident was etched in his memory.


Werner likes jazz.

No, but I like going to baseball.

I can always improve.

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Space drives a Datsun.

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We should still wait.

The old man was run over and immediately taken to hospital.

I want to kill Skeeter.

What is the population of New York?

You caught me off guard.

The girls had a catfight.

Don't get mad at me.

Each page is an adventure.

I don't want to hurt her.

I have a very tight schedule.

What kind of films do you prefer?

Jingbai looks like a girl.

When you catch me off guard, it really puts me on the spot.

We awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the trees outside our room.

I looked in as many dictionaries as I could.


I taught my wife how to drive.

He has gotten fat.

Raghu tried to kill us.


Is this typewriter yours?

All his ideas had a strong dreamlike component.

I want to talk to them now.

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What has become of my old house where I used to live?

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I want to apologize to everyone here.


You shouldn't judge a person based on his or her name.

You should've studied harder.

Gene is going to miss me.

I'll get you.

A vodka martini, please.

No wonder you could not open the door.

Every time I use my microwave oven, my Wi-Fi stops working, it's extremely irritating.

I'm 1.83 meters tall.

I didn't mean to offend them.

I went to bed a little earlier than usual.

Is Joni going to buy this?

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There needs to be a period at the end of a sentence.


I grew up doing this.


Show us what you've got.


I have to write a letter. Do you have some paper?

He likes swimming in the summer.

Edwin had no time to waste.

My uncle would build everything.

I'll do the same.


He is prepared to help me.

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The cola made my tongue tingle.

I'm looking for a native speaker who could help me correct this essay.

We'll meet you later.


I can prove who the murderer is.

So what are you up to today, Nancy?

When I reached the classroom, she was no longer there.


Her sons have gone to Tokyo.

My name's Spike.

Although we may want to be international, we all have our limits.

I've been trying to speak with you, what happened?

Leif saw something behind Maureen.

Marco managed to get home before dark.

Every situation requires individual analysis.


It's secret.

Shall we wait for you here?

Why did you do that to him?