As is often the case with him, he came late.

The English Channel is the divide between Britain and Europe.

What is all the fuss about?

She advised him to work harder.

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Leave your message after hearing the beep.

I'm not ashamed of what we did.

I really thought Mahesh was happy.

There are only 25 days left to the event!

Marguerite gave me these for my birthday.

Sigurd asked me to meet him at the airport.

Prices have reached a 13-year high.

We must concentrate our efforts on the desk.

I'd like to introduce you to my boss.

He keeps his age a secret.

I have some good news to report.


Kory never did that.

We have to keep a safe distance between our airplane and the French airliner.

You caught three birds.


I'm still trying to understand what's going on.


He loves you all.

A good friend will stand by you through thick and thin.

Anthony made coffee for all of us.

He gripped her tightly.

I've been around a lot longer.

'Biology' is a Greek word that means 'the study of living organisms'.

You're making progress.

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Do you approve of what he is doing?


Only through protest can a free and open society be maintained.

The German soccer team beat Brazil convincingly.

Carl is annoyed with Maria.

If I sit down, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to get up.

Did you make that all by yourself?

It was a torture for me to play the piano.

Varda wasn't gone very long.

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No first came to Boston three years ago.

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Sometimes he can be a strange guy.

These are all much the same.

I'm not talking about them.

I shared a room with him.

You've all underestimated her.

He ran a hand through his hair.

The incident was etched in his memory.


It's more complicated than I originally thought.

I never thought I would get married.

The milk boiled over.


I like this song. It has an infectious rhythm and it's good to dance to.

Often, that old man plays with puppets. It's creepy.

This is not for you.

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Please learn to spell your teachers' names.

Do you have any real coffee?

I got lonely.


Kris thinks there's a good chance that Ruth will say yes.

Stay calm, and do your best.

I'd like to call my parents.


Please turn off the light before leaving the room.

I'll be more careful from now on.

That's not what I meant to say.


He looked unfriendly at first.

I'll be there in a couple of hours.

The average life of a dog is ten years.

Is he all right?

She longs for her husband to arrive.

Ira didn't want Kristi to play with his kids.

I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

Good night, Dan.

Martyn is a doctor.

She attempted to persuade her father.

4. Heat the sesame oil in the wok and melt the butter.


She had an air conditioner installed in her house.

We won't allow it.

They both grinned.


Fear me, if you dare!

Patricio was thirteen when he died.

Sit tight. I'll be right back.

It takes so long for my baby to fall asleep.

I feel safe with him.

This tree bears a lot of good fruit.

We haven't done that as much as we should.

Politics is the drilling of very thick planks.

I couldn't be prouder of my kids.

Ronald didn't want to interrupt Anatole while she was studying.

It is difficult for him to buy a car.

It seems interesting.

Those who dig a grave for others will fall therein.

I'll take Ginny home.

I shouldn't have used Hartmann's knife without asking him first.

You never got to eat anything, did you?

It looks like Alvin has come back.

Did he work for the communists? I guess we'll never know.

Are you busy here?

I want to make you proud of me.

Izzy took everything too seriously.

I want the book.

Would you like to be left alone?

Sean watched Kees.

Sri is very thorough.

Nature does not make jumps.

You are to start as early as possible.

If I had not had a previous engagement, I could have come to the party.

He will be sorry for it some day.


Such a plan will give rise to many problems.


I think that Tim is a suitable candidate for this job.

Victor was glad to see Sandra and John getting along so well.

Last night I stayed home to be able to receive your call.

Where did you start learning to speak Dutch?

Tell him no.

It's impossible to study with so much noise!

Have they done it?

Morris didn't tell Sanjib the entire truth.

We painted the house green.


I know what's happened to him.

Seymour came downstairs, so we stopped kissing immediately.

Does Teriann usually write to you in French?

Charlie just lent me some books.

Censorship is a terrible practice.

I've been playing golf for a very long time.

He is a nice person, to be sure, but not very clever.

He was given the sack.

Who am I? How did I come to be?


Recollect my mother holding me tight.


I've cut loose all ties with my old friends.


That name struck a chord.


Stop repeating everything I say.


You're honorable.


I am convinced of the truth that he was in love with my sister.

I'm interested in helping her.

Sure. It's next to the Plaza Department Store.

The dog crawled through an opening in the fence.

I regret that some of our most intelligent colleagues obstinately cling to a purely technocratic view of language as if it were a machine built out of mechanical parts.

My father has five siblings.

Who's taking responsibility for this mess?

He has a long neck.

They won't play tennis this Saturday.

Glenn kissed June in front of everyone.

They elected Mr Tanaka captain of the team.


No matter how hard I try, I can't remember the exact words.

Flat ironing my hair takes forever.

A person never reading anything may be fooled with an extraordinary easiness.

I don't know what happens here.

I hear that you'll have a meeting today.

You really should do that yourself.

Carolyn is in no danger.


Spring is coming.

He advised him not to go there by himself.

Clyde told Greg that he didn't feel like going to work today.


This is going to be a long night.

Language has the power to shape the way we think.

What kind of woman could love a guy like Moses?

Can we get closer?

That doesn't matter.

The sentence seems fine to me.

I've been here the longest.

Ronald never got an answer from us.

You've wasted my time.


I'm going to be there from Monday to Thursday.

We start classes next Monday.

The people of London are very proud of this bridge.

Here comes our teacher, Robert Brown.

Is Christophe wounded?

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We are very busy and short-handed.

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Please don't ask him.

I can't decide what to eat for lunch today.

Peter can't cope very well with these kinds of situations.

Devon said he'd call at 2:30.

I think I'll wait here.


The man fought bravely but finally gave in.

They are going to get married in the town hall.

Everyone knows on one level or another what is right and what is wrong; some pretend they don't.