The new knowledge advantage

DebtXplained analyses and tracks complex leverage finance covenants and structures.

We provide a special competitive-edge to those making and structuring investments.

We are the trusted choice of market leaders.

New Look Intercreditor Amendment

Accelerated risk analysis: Grasp all documentary dangers pre-investment

We publish bond and loan snapshots 24-36 hrs after the release of documentation permitting understanding of danger areas before credit committee and commitment decisions.

The snapshot is a huge help. The Q & A format makes it all user friendly. Competing products don’t offer such quality of analysis. DebtXplained get to the heart of it quickly.

Senior Analyst, Leading Asset Manager
Algeco Scotsman Covenant Change

Align pricing and risk: Challenge structures and improve terms

“Senior Secured” but 2nd Ranking? “Senior” but Subordinated? We combine in-depth analysis of capital structure, security, guarantees and intercreditor provisions to give precise knowledge of position and protection.

You guys should use this as a case-study on how you help the market push back on covenants. It was a very good analysis. Well done!

Portfolio Manager, Leading Hedge Fund
Ardagh Offering Circular Analysis

Generate superior returns: Trade actionable covenant events

An issuer is bound by its covenants, our detailed analysis of restrictions and permissions allows you to compare the covenants to the business plan, see actual capacity figures and plan against loopholes and downside risk on trades.

I look at it every time I deal. I can see the detailed numbers: the maximum amount of debt, liens and dividends. This was not available before.

Senior Analyst, International Pension Fund
Ziggo Capital Structure Analysis

A balanced Portfolio: Assess relative value and capital structure arbitrage

All outstanding deals of a company can be compared side-by-side, at a click, over 500+ fields (credit support, debt, dividends, asset sales, redemption, enforcement etc.) to immediately understand key differences, arbitrage opportunities and relative value positioning.

The most useful thing is the benchmarking and comparing. Someone has done the legal review for you.

Portfolio Manager, Leading European Pension Fund
EP Energy Restricted Payments Covenant Addition

Invest with confidence: Get direct access to a deep-bench of leading lawyers

A sounding board, second opinion or source of legal knowledge is a valuable resource. We are on-call on a confidential basis, even outside conventional hours, to test ideas before execution or learn more about provisions and their implications.

Syndicate has agreed to insert an additional covenant restricting dividends. I am attaching the language. Thanks for all your work. It was very helpful. Much appreciated!

Portfolio Manager, Leading Asset Manager
Tracking Mandatory Prepayments

Richer knowledge = More mandates = Competitive-edge and commercial success

Our system puts your pitching process on steroids: we email you the best possible terms the market has accepted; you find those terms with unprecedented ease and then compile them into comparison tables downloadable into excel at a click.

We use DXP for every competitive pitch. It’s gold dust. It gives the knowledge of the leading players on every deal.

Partner, Leading US Law Firm
Tracking EBITDA Add-Backs

Better tools mean better deals: Precedent search the market at a click

Finding precedents used to be a nightmare. Incomplete document sets searched on an individual basis. How about 500+ simple searchable fields analysed and categorised by leading finance lawyers? From a complete data set of all deals flowing through the market? And comparisons downloadable directly to excel? That’s called being in-flow...

Thank you! We put together in minutes what would normally have taken us three days! Now all our juniors and VP's use Market Maker... It’s a vital tool to have.

Head of High Yield, Leading Investment Bank
Tracking New Innovations

Know where the market is going: Track innovative terms for trend analysis

Calibrate and save tables of terms and have them automatically update as new deals come to market. Track innovations, differences and erosions by simply using the scroll bar. Link back to documentation for a closer look.

I found it... I love your database

Managing Director, Leading Investment Bank
Tracking Aggressive Terms

Lead don’t follow: Weekly updates on critical structural evolutions

We track over 1000 individual bond and loan terms comprising the key elements of negotiations on any deal. When we see developments, we let you know. Simple.

The topical stuff is very helpful: gives me the heads up. I’m always crunching against time. I can advise on the best terms available which makes my clients love me!

Senior Associate, Magic Circle Law Firm
Tracking Insolvency Risk

Local law matters! Keep abreast of over 19 insolvency regimes

We work with local law firms across the world to manage a quick-digest database of key insolvency differences between different regimes. Another key element of market knowledge on structures and risk analysis covered.

The insolvency function is incredibly useful. It gives me quick reference to the jurisdictional risk in deals which can be complicated and costly elsewhere.

Senior Analyst, Leading European Pension Fund