DOLIBOH - Pickup & Delivery Services

Why Doliboh

A complete app for your daily life. Doliboh will save your time from traffic jams, help you to do urgent task, also daily needs for your home and many things. You can request pickup and delivery jobs anywhere you are.

Local App

Doliboh is develop by local people of Sabah. If other country can do it, why we Sabahan can't? Nothing is impossile nowadays.

Focus in Developed Area

Doliboh is focusing in developed area which is in Keningau and Ranau. We believe, Doliboh can give the positive changes in the future. Developed's area is good when technology around.


Doliboh is develop with people trust. Local people always trust each other, we hope this app can be a good platform for people to trust each other.

App Features

DOLIBOH is a multi service app where you can request the runner or delivery boy to pick up and delivery anything to your door step.


You can ask a runner to pick up your urgent documents such as roadtax, insurance, or driving license for renewal or others documents to deliver to some place or someone.


You can request a runner to buy your something such as daily need for your house kitchen.


Ask the runner to pickup a gift for your love one then deliver to them faster and unexpected.


Got no time to pay your SESB, Astro, or any bills? Don't worry, you can request a runner to do that instantly!


You are fixing your car, motorcyle at home or your workshop far away from town? Need a spare part? Request runner!


You running out of time to school, work or some events? Don't have a car? Traffic jams? Request a runner!


Got something to send to Pos Laju or Post Office? Ask runner to pickup and delivery for you!


No time to go TAMU? Request runner to buy something you want!

Free Download Now

DOLIBOH is a technology that wanted to help people in saving times and also making money part time and full time. Download our apps now to saves your time and get paid!

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Join DOLIBOH rider part time or full time, get flexible working hours and income that you can set yourself.


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