In the 1960s, folk music was very popular.

Bernie doesn't use salt in her cooking.


Don't say anything, OK?

My math is a little rusty.

I'm tickled pink about winning 10,000 yen at the horse races.

Jussi has decided not to move to Boston.

Try a 50 minute mock examination, and know just how good you really are.


I read the story in a book.

I'm not familiar with French poets.

That's easy to say, but it's not easy to do.

Kuldip told me how the movie ended.

Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty, and all the more, his life.

There's something important I need to tell you.

Vick didn't complete his homework.

You should study harder.

Today I am going to be productive.

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I am going to be an engineer.

There's something I've got to say.

Do you remember faces easily?


The cymbals clashed.

I'm tired of disinformation on Tatoeba.

I'm sure it could be arranged.


People use computers for both games and work.

She didn't need to go to the meeting.

I am drinking coffee.

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What do you think is in this box?


There is pressure on the cornea from the inside of the eye.

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The horses are on the farm.

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Try it. You'll like it.

Stephe only managed to save a little money.

He has never spoken with your supervisor since the day that he was hired.

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Please freeze the fish and meat.


Those people ruin their government, but they don't know how to build it again.

Love sucks.

In Thailand, tension is high ahead of tomorrow's general election.


A very elderly couple is having an elegant dinner to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.

The temperature is currently ten degrees below zero.

I wasn't permitted to see her.

That's something worth considering.

I got here at 2:30.

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You bit the hand that fed you.

It was Toby who told me what happened.

We have to take that chance.

Please come to see us at our new place.

You can't park in a handicapped parking space unless you have a special permit.

There is now a subway in Rio.

I've lived a long life.

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There's another reason, isn't there? Well, how did I do? I bet I hit the mark.


As a rule, I get up late, but this morning was different.


Micky tried to keep Tobias from leaving.


Murat was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.

He gave me what little money he had.

This word is also French in origin.

It happened that he was ill.

Owen told you I was coming, didn't he?


I'm not involved with any church.

Juliet has visited Australia three times.

There is no place for chauvinism in an equal society.

Joanne said he was going to try out for his school soccer team.

He laughed loudly, which behavior seemed inappropriate.

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No one is talking.


Duane has never celebrated Christmas.

The forest was covered with snow and the evenings were quiet as animals slept through the cold winter nights.

Donn got beaten up.

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I'll take a beer.


Stop micromanaging everything!


Your top does not provide enough midriff coverage, young lady.

That is knowledge which liberates.

The sport of Muggle Quidditch is becoming increasingly popular around the world, particularly on university campuses.

Didn't that strike you as odd?

There's more where this came from.

Everyone is staring at her.

Is Leila big?


How did I oversleep even though I went to bed early?!

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The train approached the town.

I'm sorry to have disturbed you.

Lighting the Hanukkah candles is a good deed.

Do you like going to school?

Present your idea clearly.

I met her at the church.

Hienz has been a friend of mine for years.


Ill gained, ill spent.

Ti is trying hard to get the report written before 2:30.

Are you sure you did everything you could?

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She's not here.


I was taken aback by a thunderclap.


He got married when he was twenty-two years old.

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There was enough food at the party for everyone to have some.

You open the door.

Denis has no sense of direction.

Reflect on what you have done.

Craps is a piece of cake if you only roll elevens.

A part of our own military has become involved with the enemy.

Les's house has one stained glass window.


I'd like you to mail this letter.

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Maglev trains require expensive infrastructure.

The hotel lobby is very busy.

You may want to get some rest.


Right now, that's the least of our problems.


Dan pulled the pick-up truck out of the mud with his huge tow truck.

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Kristin hasn't got used to the reality yet.

We have to learn the right things.

it's utter nonsense what you offer!

The cargo ship arrived four hours early.

Don't you think this has gone far enough?

You should take things more seriously.

I'm always writing weird and hoopy stuff so I'm sure it's difficult to comment on.

The reason I never told you is that Johnathan asked me not to.

Where on earth have you been all this time?

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I really do appreciate all your hard work.

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Debbie has to buy some food.

Who ate all the cookies?

To life!

Alf passed out on the floor.

Cecilia never was nice.

And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in the United States. The heartache and the hope, the struggle and the progress. The times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that US creed: Yes, we can.

They bought a house on Park Street.

Wouldn't they be happy?

It is fun to speak in English.


Can I catch a taxi here?

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I wish I were a prince.

We will finish serving our sentence next month.

I've been out running around all day.

Everyone who worked on that project became a millionaire.

What are you doing in a place like this?


He and I stayed at the hotel.


You didn't eat all that chocolate I bought, did you?

I've got really good news.

The child drew a picture.

I hate not being able to understand things when people are speaking French.

I would like to make a request.

They made me captain.

On May 30, we will know the results of the election.

The Kiso River is often called the Rhine of Japan.

Did you take your medicine this morning?


I'll need to check my schedule.


Excuse me. Do you speak English?

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How did you know he wasn't me?

I don't get what you mean.

This is the first time I've ever learnt Chinese.

Are you going to the show?

I don't care who you are, I care about what you do.

When is it OK to tell lies?

Do I look desperate to you?


Many new properties are being built in the suburbs.


It's dirty work.

He readily agreed to my proposal.

"Aren't you glad about the news?" "I am, but I'm not surprised at all."

She is a shy, insecure, overly sensitive girl.

Roderick told the dog to stay.

Hillary didn't want to tell us how he and Jeannie had met.

Visit us please!


You really should buy something for Calvin.