I'll talk to Betsy about this.

I'm not feeling well.

His index finger is smaller than his ring finger.

I was delighted to hear of your promotion to Senior Managing Director.


Consumption of paper has increased.


It looks like Bonnie.

Some car.

That's why I've done all this.

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I let him talk.

I'm perfectly OK with that.

The lives of most people are determined by their environment.

They picked out the best two works.

I'm pretty sure that Margot doesn't know how to speak French.


I was as surprised as anybody.

Quite a few people are coming around to that way of thinking.

You don't say.


Lex said he was very sorry.


May I help you find something?

I'm supposed to help Wendy.

I still remember how to play that song.


Could I get you to help me for a second?

Affirmative, sir.

He boasts himself an artist.

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I have little money. However, I feel happy with you.

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I have seen much of him lately.


I hardly remember her.

We haven't been able to find Ima.

They want to be lawyers.


Why do you have Jean-Christophe's keys?


Compared with the Chinese, the Japanese are poor linguists.

Hasn't the parcel arrived yet?

Are you good at speaking French?

Where do you go on Monday evenings?

Who else knew you were here?


Rajeev is almost never wrong.

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Cristi is wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday.

I like to play in the garden.

Eileen said Jeffery had a bad attitude.

Heather appeared to be crying.

I'm here to see the manager.


That painting by Rembrandt is a work of art.

He had an accident and fractured his leg.

Who started the battle?

Let's just have some fun.

I can't imagine my life without Case.


His unorthodox fighting style was surprisingly effective.

I like him all the better for it.

She soon became pregnant.

Is it a compliment or an insult?

You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated need to believe.

What's happened to Julian?

Children often try to imitate their elders.

So you've got to be a believer.

Cole recognized me.

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We cast our ballots.

Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty, much more his life.

Marco should do it soon.

I put that in the category about memorabilia.

I happened to see your sentence.

He left without so much as saying good-by to me.

I don't like Bill, who gets angry easily.


I want to show him around town.


Eating meat is bad for the environment.


I know that I'll die soon.


Halloween's celebrated in October.


Ramadoss doesn't take vacations.

He has books galore.

Christians believe that God is the creator of the world.

Does truth matter?

Dwight whispered something to Christina and she smiled.

Maureen asked me for help when he was in trouble.

This signal means "don't walk."


The recession won't last forever.

The blind leading the blind.

You knew that, right?


How long does the airport shuttle take to get to the airport?

I'll go see if Luke is ready to go.

The doctor told Izumi that he should drink more water.

Bradford didn't anticipate a problem.

This is getting worse.


I couldn't imagine translating without the internet.


Murat can swim much better than Greg.


Marek had his blood pressure taken.


Morgan and Melinda say that they have the perfect marriage.

It was very nice to hear that.

I'm easy.

These are really just excuses.

His career as a journalist was full of distinguished achievements.

He had no other resource but to run away.

This guard is very strong.

Kimberly knew I'd be awake.

He is the bravest soldier that ever lived.

Now that you are an adult, you should know better.

Why did you ask to see me?

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My father gave me the book as a gift.

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With a little more patience, you would have succeeded.

My father's going to kill me.

She has three kids.

Rob really wanted to see Bert.

They compete in ski races.

I'm on the phone with him now.

My grandmother's old watch has been lying in the drawer for years.

Hamlet is by William Shakespeare.

It's not normally like this.

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Daniel said that he wanted a raise.

She is progressing in Chinese.

Stop talking about what happened.


I promise I won't complain again today. Umm... I better take that back. This stinks!


Who do I report to?


Jimmy, breakfast is ready. Come downstairs.

I don't want this night to end.

What is necessary is just to read the book, when free.

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She likes working hard.

Please call a taxi.

Keep a record of how much you spend.


Because I was scared.


Akiko has some friends in France.


Why doesn't Maureen know that?


Let's go on a date tonight.

Carlo's life's in danger.

I'll take it to them.

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This camera was made in Germany.

I'm glad you told me about Po.

I was wrong again! And I thought I had understood!

Could you go to the store and grab some eggs?

There's nothing that we can do to stop her.

He often goes out drinking.

I baked it this morning.

She visited her husband in prison.

Angus didn't like it at all.

He went there instead of his father.

This action would not have been sufficient to abate the odor nuisance.


You send us letters.

My attempt gave no result.

She said she was a pianist, but that was a lie.

I never said you were lying.

Rafael is as old as Griff.

Dan revealed heartbreaking truths.

The explosion shook the whole building.


We failed to bring him to agree to our plan.

Is there someone who speaks English?

After all, you're right.

A car is convenient, to be sure, but, after all, it will prove expensive.

How fast Greyhound buses run!

I knew I should've married Kamiya.

There can be a contextualization during interviews.

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It is by no means certain.

At the end of the sentence one should put a period.

She had a rough night.

Wendell relies on me.

Jesus is going to enjoy this.

Usually I wake up early.

I may owe you an apology.

She is torn by jealousy.

He tried his best only to fail again.

He allowed his books to fall on the floor.

If we miss the train, we'll go by bus.