Welcome to Pool Sloth! Pool fees start at 1% for new users but are subject to adjustment in the future.

Please report any issues to the pool operator using the built in chat, @senicar on the VRM slack, or rafael@ortizmail.cc

PoolSloth is located in the AWS East Virginia data center.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.3 VRM for manual or automatic payouts. Since the transaction fee is 0.2 VRM I don't recommend setting it that low, but the option is there if you want it.

You will be notified of unscheduled downtime via email. All other announcements and updates for this and other projects will be delivered on the official blog.

Low diff port:

Address: stratum+tcp:/stratum.poolsloth.com:3333

Difficulty: 0.001-0.05 (~1000 H/m)

High diff port:

Address: stratum+tcp:/stratum.poolsloth.com:3334

Difficulty: 0.5-1.0 (~100 kH/m)

Fixed diff port:

Address: stratum+tcp:/stratum.poolsloth.com:3335

Difficulty: 0.5 fixed

Mining software: (412) 228-4390

Fee: 1%

Minimum Withdrawal 0.3 VRM (with 0.2 VRM transaction fee)

Command: ./cpuminer -o stratum+tcp:/stratum.poolsloth.com:3333 -O Username.workername:workerpassword -t number of threads

See the Getting Started page for more detailed instructions.