The woman was sitting between two men.

He lives in the next town.


It is extremely hot and humid in Bali in December.

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I'll set you free.

My guess is that Duane isn't going to want to go with us.

It is going to be rather cold.


The backwardness of that country is well known.

Newly developed, IT-based, minimally invasive surgery techniques are currently gaining momentum, thereby revolutionizing healthcare in its entirety.

My immediate boss is tough to please.

The oil made the floor slippery and caused his sudden fall.

What are Teresa's chances?

We consider Meehan honest.

The text must be alive.


She supports her family.

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Do you know Tarmi, by any chance?

You will soon come to like this town.

There is no future in this job.

I told him not to throw stones.

I don't know why they charge so much.

I don't think it's right.

Darrell can't get along with his neighbors.

I understand what you mean.

Kenn was sent here to take over.

They are so tired that they can't study.

She's not in the mood.


The U.S. Secretary of State is trying to broker a ceasefire between the warring parties.

We all want her to be happy.

These flowers are the choice of her garden.

They used to get on well together but now they are always quarreling.

The living room in my new house is very large.

I wish to learn.

Are you ready to talk about it?

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Justin suffers from chronic back pain.

I agreed with that.

I saw Dieter swimming across the river.

A car is faster than a bicycle.

Carter is preparing to leave now.

Mick is making money hand over fist.

Your achievements cannot be compared with mine.

Excuse me, which way to the station is the shortest?

We'll have to reschedule.

You might want to get in on it.

Most of the damage to the car is on the passenger's side.

The bicycle is mine.

I'd like to make a call to Tokyo, Japan. The number is 3202-5625.

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I steal into the house.

Chip asked me the same questions Gary had asked me.

Combine potato flesh with butter and green onion; stir until butter is melted evenly into potato. Add salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and cheese; stir until cheese is melted. Pour cream and egg yolk into potato mixture; mix to combine. Season with salt to taste.

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Would it hurt to die?

I like to try new cars.

I just want to rest.


Barry watched Daniele go.


I like the slow rhythm of this song.

I said I'm not going to do that again.

There's something for you to do.


Ramesh is dejected.

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Martha dropped his coffee cup.


Come to my office at the end of this month.

Jennifer has been meeting secretly with Catherine.

It looks like you finally found your calling.


By the way, I think you're really nice.

Nicolo is accustomed to hard work.

We spent time together in Boston.

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Let's all stay in touch.


They collect our garbage every Monday.

Will you shut your mouth or not?

How are your grades?

He said he had seen her a month before.

Laurel plans to drive from Boston to Chicago.

Kyung said he would be here.

I'm a pretty good swimmer.


I need it immediately.

"Good morning. The snow is piled up outside." "Really!?"

My parents are quarreling.

I put bait on the hook.

Millions of people across the world are mourning the death of Nelson Mandela.

She has long braids.

When I get home I'm always like: Clothes? Take them off me! Take them off me!


They haven't called.


You'll think of something.

The change was nine pesos.

Maria prefers to withdraw with a book to someplace.


We think that the narrow road was responsible for the accident.

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She waited for him to come home.

He has changed his mind about going abroad.

Naomi got back home after dark.

I wanted to know what had happened.

This dress is cheaper than yours.

I've got some packing to do.

We had to let her go.

Almost everyone here speaks French.

I want you to be my wife.

What else does Theo have to do?

She is getting older.

I don't even know where to start.

The cat's ear swiveled in the direction of the noise.

Emil has danced since she was five.

My daughter caught a cold.


Jurevis used to be a private investigator in Boston.

English is my mother tongue.

How long does she wish to stay in Brittany?

No one knows what'll happen in the future.

She's far behind in her studies.


I wanted the best.

We watched the baby snuggling with her teddy bear.

I won't accept that kind of challenge.


I want to hear what everyone has to say.

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Is he a magician?


He made friends with Jarmo.

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I'm good at many things.

Let me be your plus one.

The girl's eyes were filled with tears.

Do you know how this machine operates?

Do we already have that text?

I didn't realize that the cost of living was so high in Australia.

There's a price on our heads.


Have your knees been giving you any problems?

Did you talk about your hobby?

Amir is on the third floor.

Beer is the answer, but I don't remember what was the question!

Let's follow him.


I don't want you to say anything.

A dog ran about in the garden.

We're eating apples.

No one knows his name.

She was furious.

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Two seats were vacant.


She didn't like city life.

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Seymour pushed Antonella off the pier.


She asked me if she could use the phone.

Do you want to win?

Ken is older than Seiko.


Malcolm is still hot.

I am sure I am in love with her.

I forgot to stick the stamp onto the letter to be sent.

The end is coming, whether you like it or not.

After three years of trying to change Kirsten, Pria realised that he was never going to change.

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I have a date tonight with an old girlfriend.

What does this look like?

He does everything well.

I can't go into detail.

I'll go home and get it.

I said I'd help.

Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel.


She will have the courage to disclose their secret.

Do you wish to stay?

People want more money to expand educational institutions.


I'll keep looking.

The city is at the foot of the mountain.

Give me a little time to think it over.


I heard you talking on the phone.

I worked on Mr. Wood's farm when I was young.

We were to be married in May but had to postpone the marriage until June.


On Po's birthday, Mohammad baked him a cake with 'I like stoats' written on it in Gothic script.

Sigurd certainly has some problems.

I want to be a goat.

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Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes!

It is worthwhile reading classical works of literature.