Introduction to RARC/CARLab and Research Work

Upcoming Symposia

44th World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Symposium

March 21 & 22, 2019
Seville, Spain

18th Fraud Seminar

December 7, 2018
Newark, New Jersey

Audit Innovations at the CAR Lab

Continuity Equations
Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi

Process Mining (Slides)
Dr. Michael Alles

Clustering  (Slides)
Sutapat Thipsungri

3034419630 (Slides)
Vasundhara Chakraborty

Ryan Teeter

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Rutgers Accounting Web

Since 1994, Rutgers Accounting Web has been the center of accounting research. We have hosted the American Accounting Association, the Academy of Accounting Historians, the Ph.D. Project, the Government Accounting Standards Board, and more. 

Today we lead the field in research in the areas of Continuous Auditing, Enhanced Business Reporting, and are constantly seeking solutions to take advantage of the Real-Time Economy.

CAR Lab Advisory Board Chairman

Robert K. Elliott

(707) 596-9567

Remarks at the 2010 PA Alumni Reception

Car Lab Advisory Board Members