Me & U2 is my life story as a U2 fans for 25 years. Their music, my life.

"To all my U2 friends - if you haven't bought and read it already then you really need to! (My husband) and I bought 2 copies to stop us fighting over it and both us of had finished it before we left Zurich! Tis an incredible read and one that a lot of us can relate to!" Christina


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I've been a U2 fan since 1985, when I was a twelve year old boy growing up in Derry in Northern Ireland, and like millions of people I fell under Bono's spell whilst watching Live Aid on TV. And they've been with me down all the days ever since, providing the musical accompaniment to many big, small, important and irrelevant moments in my life. This is the story of the many places where, the many times when, and the many ways how, U2 have inspired, entertained, influenced and enraged me: with their music, their lyrics, their concerts and their concepts.

"U2 fans will really love this book. "

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