Love, before everything, is about surrendering oneself.

Where were they before?

I wrote down that telephone number.

Am I too early?

I'd like you back on the team.

How are you managing it?

Look up this word in the dictionary.

All three of us are students.

The fact is that people are good. Give people affection and security, and they will give affection and be secure in their feelings and their behavior.

What did you guys do this weekend?

We have to have a plan.

Shake my hand.


You can see the large exhibition at the department store anytime.

Do you think Shari is unreliable?

Let's talk about death.


Don't be so backboneless!

Don't enroll.

She has worn the same hat for a month.

I dreamed that I was eating my granddaughter's wedding cake.

I left my guitar in your office.

Can you teach me to play chess?

He was fired for being an incompetent worker.


From the look of the sky, the typhoon will probably be raging in all its fury about this time tomorrow.

I've started Android programming.

And just like that, Dima's childhood friend hung up, leaving Dima - as he was before - 99 kopeks short of his goal.

Miek is losing blood.

His hat isn't on straight.

John is a good husband to his wife.

Moe is very timid.

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I'm looking for a bag for my wife.

He is entirely in the wrong.

I just got a call from them.

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How do you get downtown from here?

I tore one.

Write your name in capitals.


Jane used to be one of my best friends at school but we've drifted apart over the past few years.


He never seems to feel the cold.

Nobody told me that it was going to cost this much.

Suddenly he noticed me.


Pat was never convinced that John and Earle were husband and wife.

Elsa is quite sympathetic.

I'm going to behead you. I promise you that.

Marvin has been disobedient.

I live in Japan.

Emotion counts above vocabulary in verbal communication.

I'm going to travel tomorrow.

Is there any chance that Konrad can win?

Something dreadful has happened to Miss Davidson.

Don't say anything to my girlfriend!

That's my dog Fido. I love him.


Where's the nearest tavern?


Linder doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do.

Are you the mayor?

It is sometimes hard to choose between dreams and reality.

They seem happy.

They loved you.

I assumed Antony was still at home.

This needs political action.

Huashi and Judith have been friends since kindergarten.

They all got into the car.

We'll be there tomorrow afternoon.

He sometimes comes home late.

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Laurianne is still living in Boston.

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I wish I were on the same team as Sedat.


I don't want to drive.

I found that restaurant by accident.

Please leave a urine sample in this cup.


I've finally got my divorce.


How long has George studied Portuguese?


Along with thousands of other soldiers, Grace's great grandfather died of botulism during the Spanish-American War because the US government fed improperly canned potted meat to its soldiers.

Jelske is being quite foolish, isn't he?

I didn't want to lose.


I'm not a stalker.

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He is a very decent fellow.

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It's all right, Ramesh. Everything's all right now.

Drinking lots of water is good for you, sure, but one can't drink that much water at once.

Avoid bad company.

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Dwayne tried to hide behind his father.

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Bring a couple more chairs.

I need some financial advice.

The crocodile trapped the gnu as it tried to cross the river.

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We were just leaving.

Let's suppose that she is here.

If you want to know, why don't you ask her?


George Bernard Shaw studied Hungarian for years.


The eagle spread its wings ready for flight.


All of a sudden, a fire broke out in the department store.


It's coming up to Christmas here and all the shops are like "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

You said you made a list.

I prefer not to take medicine, because I am afraid of drug side effect.

I can't count the number of times I've heard Petr say that.

Anne already knows a lot.

You have to study more.

Go outside and play now.

We must not be enemies.

Syed reached into his knapsack for a flashlight.


I appreciate you calling me.


It is an advantage to be able to use a computer.

I didn't expect such a nice present from you.

Some lion Bruce Willis is chasing is a formidable animal, but is not ferocious.

I have been taking ballet lessons since I was three and hope to be a ballerina.

Dawson quickly opened the letter.


Laurie is slim.

I want an orange juice or something.

Why does everybody have to reply to them when you can just ignore the cracked-sounding ones?


A certain problem may come about.

I know it's not healthy.

It was on a hot summer night.

All this may sound strange, but it is true.

How many lines are there in this paragraph?

Beautiful day, isn't it?

Neville knows many women.

The level of the lake dropped.

Wilmer has his own apartment.

He abused my confidence.

See with your ears.

Well done!

Ozan beat me.

What I'm about to tell you is strictly off the record.

They live in constant dread of floods.

Ernst's iPhone was stolen by pickpockets.

I owe you something.

I'm glad our paths crossed.

Matthew isn't what he used to be.

What are quarks made of?

Many people envy Elsa's success.


I believe it to be him.


My big sister wants to kill me.

The teenage actress has quite a few fans.

I knew I could trust him.


Roger chose to stay.

Because it had been raining for a couple of days, the pitch was muddy and difficult to play on.

He hit on a splendid idea.

The anchorman had an audience with the king.

It'll be ready.

Earnie converted his bedroom into an office.

He wants to work in China for two years.

Animals live in many places and in great numbers, too.

He played his trump card.

Do you believe them?

Why is Frank so popular?

The tiger cub looked like a large kitten.

Didn't I give you 10,000 yen a week ago?

I've made mistakes.

It was once very peaceful there, only now you'll sometimes here the sound of passing vehicles.

Do you know Piotr's secret?

I am not alluding to any person in particular.

Why am I so nice to everyone?

London air was not much to boast of at best.

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Miriam could stay at our house if he wants to.

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Leslie asked me for my number.

The teacher said that we must memorize these idioms.

Wait here till I come back.

That'll probably buy us a little bit of time.

We hired a bout by the hour.

I was definitely surprised.

Denis warned me you might tell Hughes that.

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You told Anna not to come, didn't you?

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Barrett put away his toys.

Murat has been sick for three weeks.

I've given you the information you asked for.


We'll learn the truth soon.