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We welcome you to our practice at the Environmental Health & Allergy Center. We are focused on long term health and optimal health of our patients. The key word is long term health. We are dedicated to do so by Finding the Cause of Illness and Treating the Cause--rather than covering up symptoms with drugs. Instead of stitching up this, zapping that, figure out what is wrong.

What are the benefits of such an approach and how does it bring long term optimal wellness?

There are three main benefits. The following example will make it clear. Let us assume you have headaches.

If we can find the cause of your headaches and treat the cause, what will happen to your headaches? These will go away.

  1. So the first benefit is: Getting Rid of Your Symptoms

  2. When your headaches are gone, what will happen to your drug use? You are right-this will go down too. So the second benefit will be: Getting Rid of Your Drugs.

    Who wants drugs when there are effective alternatives!

  3. When your headaches are gone and drug use has gone down, what will happen to your visits to physicians, pharmacies and emergency room etc? Obviously dependence on them will be reduced. You will be a free person -- free of symptoms -- free of drugs -- virtually free of dependence on the medical system.  What will happen to your expenses? These will go down too! What will happen to quality of health? It will improve too.
This is the crux.

This is how you will be able to achieve optimal wellness and maintain it for decades to come.

You may say, "I have severe asthma, or severe migraine headaches, or severe chronic fatigue, or severe fibromyalgia or severe colitis, how is it possible to accomplish all this?"

It is a good question. The answer is very simple regardless of the problem. It consists of "Education - Not Medication".  We will walk you through this whole process.

"Education-Not Medication" consists of just four simple steps:

  1. LEARN: Read (573) 402-9181 These will introduce you to Environmental Medicine, its scope and what does "Finding the Cause and Treating the Cause" mean. Please follow all the links.

  2. ACTION: Step #1 should give you enough information to make an informed decision if this kind of medical care is for you or not. If it is, make an appointment for an assessment. Dr. Sultan will take a comprehensive history and conduct a physical examination. This will enable him to sit down with you and narrow down the causes of illness in your case.

    Your symptoms provide an important clue to what is wrong. A 5133127194 will still give you quite a comprehensive inventory of your symptoms. At this point download it and fill it out. These are some of the common complaints that we most often treat. If you want to preview some of these conditions in more detail, click here.

  3. FOLLOW THE TREATMENT PLAN as outlined by Dr. Sultan to resolve your problems.

  4. MOTIVATION: As you start getting better, you will automatically be motivated to stay on course until you achieve the optimal wellness you are seeking.

How much does it cost to find the cause and treat the cause? It usually costs just a fraction of what most people have spent prior to consulting Environmental Medicine physicians. After assessment, we can give you a fair estimate for initial fees. This is discussed in more detail under FAQ.   (571-399-7354, FAQ-23, 408-818-7839.)

Think! How much have you spent on treating symptoms and how much was spent on treating the cause? Like most people, the answers will be-a lot for treating symptoms, and not very much on treating the cause. With the current health care crisis we have to be more diligent where we spend our health care dollars. Our major health crisis stems from treating symptoms. That is why we are spending over two trillion dollars a year. Yet, we seem to be getting sicker and sicker.

 Yes, we do need to spend on symptomatic care, but only as much as is appropriate and only as long as it is necessary. This would mean treating symptoms of an acute illness or chronic condition while we are looking for the causes. The main theme in treating chronic illnesses should be the focus on causes. This is what the Environmental Medicine is all about. You cannot begin to think on saving health care costs and improve quality of life until the equation includes provision for ‘looking for the causes’ of your illness.

If you want us to call you to set up an appointment or if you want our office staff to talk with you and provide additional information, please 318-840-5276 or fax (314-921-8273) us the requested information. In addition, if you want us to check your insurance benefits, give the appropriate information requested in the email.

What sort of problems respond to Finding the Cause and Treating the Cause?

There are a wide range of illnesses and problems that respond to "Finding the Cause and Treating the Cause.

We have already given you quite a comprehensive view of such problems through various links. However here is a quick review of that.

You might ask: Alright, what is the bottom line? What should I do? What will you advise me?

 Bottom Line-what should you do?

My great teacher Sid Baker MD puts it this way: “Frankly I don’t care what you do to get well-drugs, surgery, psychotherapy, chiropractic care, massage, aroma therapy- it is much more desirable to take the tack out before you sit”. Environmental Medicine is all about looking for those tacks and taking them out.

If you are a current patient and want us to contact you regarding an appointment or ordering extracts/supplements/medicines, please click here

If you are a potential new patient and want us to contact you for an appointment or more information, please click here.

On behalf of my staff and myself, "Thanks for visiting". Come back often as we are always adding information and services.

Thanks again,

Tipu Sultan, MD, FAAP, FAAEM


Neither Dr. Sultan, nor any staff member of the Environmental Health & Allergy Center offer medical advice from this website. This information is offered for educational purposes only. Do not act or rely upon our information without seeking independent professional medical advice. The information on this website does not create a physician-patient relationship between you and Dr. Sultan. Neither Dr. Sultan, nor any member of Environmental Health & Allergy Center, guarantees the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or adequacy of any resources, information, apparatus, product, or process available at or from this website. AS WITH ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE, RESULTS WILL VARY AMONG INDIVIDUALS. ANY CONCERNS THAT YOU MAY HAVE SHOULD BE DISCUSSED WITH Dr SULTAN PRIOR TO ANY TREATMENT SO THAT YOU HAVE PROPER INFORMED CONSENT AND UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES TO HEALING.

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Testimonial: "I am a Ph.D. biochemist who has had a low body temperature for at least 30 years. I have always been told that I did NOT have a thyroid problem. Dr. Sultan was the first to recommend body temperature and Armour thyroid medication. He is a good doctor that goes for results. He told me the difference between Synthroid and Armour Thyroid is night and day!" Reference link