I occasionally like to stop thinking about my past and relax.

A travel agent arranged everything for our trip.

I love you, sweet heart.

You could be right, I suppose.

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The holiday did me the world of good.

Please send in your summary by Tuesday.

I'm sure you two would like some time alone.

We have already forgiven you.

Vernon beat me at darts.

I don't hate my brother.

I remember when I used to go there.

That's a brilliant idea.

Have you ever loved a man?


I just hope it makes it in time.


Kriton waited a while.


I got bored.


As the budget ran out, the robot guards could not chase the runner beyond the city limits.

I don't want to buy anything.

Neville didn't expect this.

Why did you go to Tokyo?

All hope is gone.

Sid visited her grandmother.

Is it true that Terri can't speak French?

I'm not concerned with politics.

Sanjib said you were in Boston.

It's a nice day, isn't it?

Al doesn't know when Dieter left.

These shirts need to be washed.

These shoes are not suitable for running.


When I was little, grandpa and grandma would come to baby-sit. At night in bed grandma would read to me. Or grandpa would tell a story.

Tammy doesn't need to work on Sundays.

Fear hath a hundred eyes.

An old belief is sometimes still widely current.

I can't work with her.

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He must be crazy to behave like that.

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Wendi added sugar to his coffee.


What do we have?


Nora and Shamim talked all afternoon.


You have an assistant, right?

We are in a fierce competition with that company.

The police were on the scene of the accident.

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The United States bleeds credit.

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Francisco is too short to reach the top shelf.

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He's no more qualified than her for the job.

It is strange that they should get so angry.

That massage felt so good.

I don't have all the symptoms.

That was a horrible thing to say to Erick.


I think Lex is amusing.

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Are there French speakers in Canada?

I must buy some new clothes.

It'll take us at least three hours to finish this.

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Scrooge was the Ogre of the family. The mention of his name cast a dark shadow on the party, which was not dispelled for full five minutes.


This country has few natural resources.


I hope my car doesn't break down and I get to you on time.


The province is rich in mineral resources.

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Wouldn't that be something?

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If you should have any trouble, don't hesitate to come to me.


We had a test.

I used to work in a bank.

We have no hot water because the pipes broke.

The boy had the dish empty in a moment.

Are you listening to him?

Werner stopped taking his pills.

You're starting to get on my tits.

What's your favorite fish?

Where's your drink?

"How often do the buses run in an hour?" "Every thirty minutes."

The result is opposite to what we expected.

He used to be well off and generous, but now he lives from hand to mouth.

She emerged from the kitchen.


He who seeketh horse or wife without flaws, may forsake his work and bear in mind that bed and stable forever empty he will keep.

The problem is that we don't know if we can trust Tim or not.

Where are our friends?

What were you thinking?

Our baby is not yet articulate.

I am reading the book mainly for the language. I'm only taking in the contents along the way.

Who was that who answered your phone?

After the operation he stays under observation.

Cathryn changed his tactics.


You know what needs to be done, don't you?

The best way to learn vocabulary is by using creative jingles.

I have a question to ask you.


She is Mr. Uda's secretary.

In fall they go back to school.

I thought you said the police would never find us here.

Why would I remember?

The last I heard, Kayvan was in prison.

There was a half-eaten apple near the kitchen sink.

Rodent has made remarkable progress in French.

Take a good look, it's really fresh!

I'd like to see her win.

We caught the thief.

Why should I worry about him?


The woman keeps wearing out-of-fashion blouses.


I'm employing my self-control so as to not lose my mind.

That's good to hear!

Since that time we have not seen him.

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The yen is weaker than the dollar.


Scrooge knew he was dead? Of course he did. How could it be otherwise?

I told her to do it.

I wanted to give Ssi an extra day to finish the report.

I dropped the pitcher and it broke.

I was driving at 120 kilometers per hour when the police stopped me.


I went to a concert with her.

Can you squeeze me into your busy schedule?

It looked like that game was in the bag. I totally didn't expect them to lose.

Did you get a souvenir for your girlfriend?

I don't know why Donna is so nervous.

Jordan asked for Jiri by name.

Something made Socorrito angry.

Per realized that Hotta was lying.

I'll take Tanya.

A 10% tax will be withheld from the payment to you.

Marco has been sick since last month.

I got up and Piet did the same.

I'm sure Jef doesn't hate you.

Who is she and what's her name?

The victim is thought to have taken a large quantity of poison by mistake.

The candle flickered a few times and then went out.

She's a demoness.

We're going to make this work.

I think I will buy the red car.


Andrew is going to Boston on business next week.

They accompany the children to school.

Evelyn told me how the movie ended.

The man loves the house.

Have you been totally honest with me?

I wonder why Syun left.

He is a man who loves ceremonies.

"Please think about it carefully." "Think about what?"

I don't like the way this fruit smells.

Just look at Bernie.

Maybe I shouldn't sell my canoe.

Some religious people can be very judgy.

You weren't very nice.

Maybe we should pray.

What do we have?


It was just something I read in a newspaper.

I like the new house more than the old one.

I didn't even recognize Slartibartfast.

She loves chasing mice, and it's a far more natural way to die.

The geometry, for instance, they taught you at school is founded on a misconception.


I hate Mondays.

Eric will be thirty next October.

They are going off by plane tomorrow.

Kate's granddaughter needed to study among the trees.

It doesn't seem serious.

Did I interrupt anything?

I've never actually seen a real cow.

Every political good carried to the extreme must be productive of evil.

You should look over the contract before you sign it.


You and I'll never agree.


I'm full of joy.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to steal something like that.

One should adopt only sentences in their own native language.

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In the old days people valued selflessness. But this generation seems to make a virtue out of selfishness.


He's a bread baking fanatic.

There's not much anyone can do.

Farmed fish are cheaper than wild ones and the taste is only "so-so".

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What time shall I come?