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alphaTALK The Reliable Telecom Provider For 20 Years

alphaTALK has more than 20 years experience in supporting businesses by selling 0800 numbers, Virtual Numbers, VoIP (voice over IP) and many other features. This includes cloud PBX and telephone needs.  When you order a business phone system from alphaTALK you can be assured that we will be there to support you, and can bring our expertise and experience to bear in helping you find the perfect solution for your business.  Our Hosted PBX service will revolutionise your business communications – you won’t believe how easy it is to manage your telephone service.

Our Hosted PBX Packages



Outbound Minutes: Mobile

Outbound Minutes: Landline

Call Recording 

Online Portal 

Advanced Features (see below)

Hosted PBX Pack Bundle

£9.99 /month






Hosted PBX Pack Non Bundle

£ 4.99/MONTH

3 p/m

1 p/m




 Virtual Office Service

A virtual office can be an ideal solution for those that work from home but wish to give a more professional appearance rather than providing their home address to clients and customers.

Our Hosted PBX System

A Hosted PBX, also known as a ‘Virtual PBX’ or ‘Cloud PBX’ is delivered as a hosted service. The system makes both internal and external telephone functions available.

Virtual Numbers

We offer a range of different types of phone numbers for companies. This can range from Local City and International numbers.

Free Phone Number

We offer 0800 & 0808 free phone numbers for growing business and increase incoming call traffic in great numbers

Features Available

  • Own easy to use PBX portal

  • You are able to view real-time call statistics

  • Enables you to manage dial plans

  • Manage Ring groups/SVR/queue

  • Online CRM management for users

  • Call recording is available for you to use

City numbers 

Numbers from

• Leeds

• Bristol

• Liverpool

• Glasgow

• Manchester

National numbers 

• Great for businesses

• Creates revenue

• Charge callers dial

Local numbers 

• Most Popular

• Widely recognised

• Easy to communicate


0800 phone numbers

  • Encourages customer to call you
  • Beats Competitor
  • Easily recognized by people
  • Solely for telephone queries

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0808 phone numbers

  • Free to call from phone
  • Caller pays nothing for queries
  • Popular amongst businesses
  • Used in promotional campaigns


0203 numbers 

• Great alternative

• Widely distributed

• Immediate connection

0207 numbers 

• Main london number

• Widely known

• Capital city number

0208 numbers 

• Widely known

• Capital city number

• Immediate connection 

For more information call us on: 0207 177 5000


The alphaTALK’s partner program provides you with a reliable and flexible service. Our program allows you to offer our own VoIP services to your new or existing customers. VoIP is already a well-established product within the telecommunication industry. So becoming a VoIP re-seller is now easier than ever! With full support also provided by us, we can help supply you and your business an opportunity to grow and achieve its potential goals.

Call us on 0207 177 5000 

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