Kenneth can hear Hsi very well.

He worked day and night and overworked himself.

Everyone is talking about you.

The semicolon is the most feared punctuation on earth.

Did you see this man?

I'm so glad you liked it.

That's what I'd tell her.

Am I seeing things?

Tourists have increased in number.

He devoted the last years of his life to writing his autobiography.

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She is a so-called bookworm.

I want to build up my vocabulary.

That's a bad loss.


I want you to lie still for a while.

The front door was open.

She gave fifteen interviews to Brazilian media, and seven to foreign media.

The Japanese eat rice at least once a day.

No matter how much you try to convince people that chocolate is vanilla, it'll still be chocolate, even though you may manage to convince yourself and a few others that it's vanilla.

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A danger foreseen is a danger avoided.

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The sea gulls are flying low.

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He has a lot of books for the young.

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"Up to this point has been the official story, which Kirika also knows." "By which you mean there is also an unofficial?"


Who could forget?

He's within his rights.

You should have kept that secret.

I will lend you this CD on condition that you don't lend it to anyone else.

Courses in analysis begin with the fundamental notions of mathematical logic, important proof techniques, and the construction of real and complex numbers.

I think that I'll be in Boston by 2:30.

He will be back soon.


He played a key role in the movement.


You're such a bad liar.

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It is against the rule to cross the street while the red light is on.

Everything was covered with snow as far as the eye could see.

I hate her as much as you do.

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Elliptical galaxies contain older stars and very little gas and dust. They vary in their shape from round to flattened, elongated spheres.

Milo doesn't remember me.

Don't just read books. Go outside once in a while and get some exercise.

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This place is arguably the best restaurant in London.


Julianto wanted to keep John and Romain apart.

Pythagoras' theorem allows you to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

Block it!

Nate got a parking ticket yesterday afternoon.

I regret saying that you were wrong.


Ro is in the same room where he was the last time he stayed here.

Vice isn't always happy.

It's not a perfect system.


A bee sting can be very painful.


I think so too.


If you can talk to Jeannette, you can talk to anyone.


See what happens when you give people advice?

I need an answer.

I had a busy morning.


I love my mother.


I bear no malice toward you.

The meeting had to be rescheduled because a quorum was not reached.

I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. King.


In the tenth century, the city of Shiraz already held a library that reputedly featured a copy of every known book at the time.

They fought back.

I'm not biased.


That's what's going to happen.


I was speaking of you.

He was careful to mention it in the letter.

They were very kind to me when I was at their house.

Jin and the others are with Dean.

I'm afraid I have to refuse.

He doesn't give any help with housework.

There is a library in every city in the United States.


I'd rather be here than in Boston.

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What the fuck does that mean?

Shai has been teaching French for thirteen years.

Please advise Ted to tell the truth.

Please tell me you don't actually believe that.

You desserts are tempting, but we are full.

Her calm judgement ensured us from accidents.

He couldn't see very far because of the fog.

Ken found Juergen.

She's always very calm and relaxed.


I borrowed this comic book from his sister.

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That was last week.

Did you really have to do this?

Is it too far to walk?

A truck stopped crosswise in the middle of the road.

Last month our 25-year-old daughter gave birth to a girl.


How can I get there?


She assisted her brother with his homework.


I'd like to reserve a room in a hotel.

Suddenly the heavens opened.

I have trouble making new friends.

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The girl walking with Ken is May.

I want to give this to Pradeep.

Where do cedars grow?


Stop worrying about that and focus on your work.

Tell him thanks.

I can speak French.

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The boy's father entered the water and tried in vain to grab him from the alligator's jaws.

You are very rich.

Apparently, people will never know the answer to this question, no matter how much they may try to.

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I take back what I said.

He played tennis.

Piete's behavior was inexcusable.

Should we make the suggested changes?

Please ask him not to shout.

I have one green shirt.

The gate needs to be closed.

We call scriptures the sacred books of our holy religion, as distinguished from the false and profane writings on which all other faiths are based.

I had the fortune to win the first prize in the speech contest.


I'm looking for a navy blue raincoat, size 36.


We don't have to do this every day.

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I used to eat three eggs a day.

Eduardo wasn't surprised by the news.

I figured you'd enjoy this movie.

Let's start before the sun rises.

William explained to Antonella why he needed to buy a new car.


She's out shopping for shoes.

Many ways lead to Rome.

The police didn't get the right guy.


Please don't use English.

His French is improving little by little.

Do you want me to see what I can find out?

Mario gave me that idea.

Credit is the amount or sum placed at a person's disposal by a bank; a loan of money.

I've got a feeling Nicolas might be right.

You're special to me.

Thank you for decorating this glass for me.

I'm not flabby.

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Before it gets out in the media, I'd like to announce to all my fans that I'm pregnant.


She thinks of herself as an intelligent person.

She was wearing nothing but her underwear.

If I hadn't already eaten, I would love to have had lunch with you.


It was also a wet dream.


I just got a call from the hospital.

The eye is the mirror of the soul.

Manuel clicked his tongue.

She's a good woman.

Pradeep is muttering.


I'm going to go see him.

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Everyone in the room was arrested.

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We're not sure why Ian isn't here today.

The couple have seven children.

Nothing is easier than finding fault with others.

Would you like to freshen up?

Children don't like to take a bath.

They elected me to the student class council.

I'm here on official business.


I don't know when he's coming.

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There are no roses in the garden.

I didn't feel like calling you.

While they were on vacation, their neighbors cared for their dog.

Trying was afraid of being laughed at.

Is anyone here?


I get scared when it thunders.