Helena is a secretary, right?

The view from the top of the hill was simply breathtaking.


Ethan speaks beautiful French, without any accent.

Is it true that you borrowed a million dollars from the bank?

I want that style.

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I have already cleaned my room.


I wish I knew.


We haven't had our dinner.

Jane looks very pale.

I think it's time for me to contact her.


Subra forgot the key in the lock.

When did you stop smoking?

Does anyone have any other questions?

If you get lost in the street, ask a policeman.

I thought you were sleeping.

Valerie looked as if he was sick.

This isn't about you, Annie.


You don't need to do that.

She didn't want to fight no more.

Duncan has beautiful blue eyes.

Who installed the new hard drive?

Near yonder narrow road stands an old knight's castle; thick ivy creeps over the old ruined walls, leaf over leaf, even to the balcony, in which stands a beautiful maiden. She bends over the balustrades, and looks up the road. No rose on its stem is fresher than she; no apple-blossom, wafted by the wind, floats more lightly than she moves. Her rich silk rustles as she bends over and exclaims, 'Will he not come?'

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Adopting a child is a tough decision with plenty of bureaucracy to wade through.

Harold and I work well together.

I enjoyed talking with her.

I'm Gary's daughter.

Please feed the cat.

I made several mistakes in the exam.

They have a kid.

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I wish I didn't have so many problems.

They dove in one after the other.

It must weigh about thirty kilograms.

Are you sure this is the right train?

I've been asking myself the same question.

He who doesn't avenge is a son of a donkey.

Who did you send the message about Erick to?

I'm washing my hands.

Smoking has a great deal to do with cancer.

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Is he coming home at six o'clock?

I had my wallet stolen while I was asleep.

I left my textbooks somewhere.

You are always digging at me about my clothes.

Tell everybody we'll be there soon.

Don't call me anymore.

Walt emigrated to Australia when he was thirty.


Geoffrey showed up late for class.

He built hospitals and helped the people of Africa improve their lives.

Leora helped Pilot do her homework.

It'll be a big occasion.

Is there life beyond the solar system?

Spike said he can't wait any longer.

Despite searching high and low, Annard couldn't find his wallet.

After the rain had let up a bit, we made a dash for the car.

I've never been asked for anything like this.

Youtube is a great place to find songs with the lyrics in the video.

We should probably ask Masanao.

He left the room as soon as I entered it.

Panacea hopes Wendi won't die.


We need a place to stay tonight.


She answered my letter soon.


Do you really think I want that?

It's time to decide.

How about a rain check?

I already saw him.

Brian left heading for New York.

What're you doing for the break?

Jun is pacing back and forth.

Why do I have to work with her?

Jacobson gave up on everything after that.

It makes me feel dirty.

Evening was closing in on the valley.


Dale told a very funny joke.


Anna thought Mick was hungry.


I hope you two are very happy together.

Miriam asked Nguyen what kind of movies she liked.

I wouldn't want you to leave too soon.

Come by my house if you want.

He absented himself from the meeting.

I put up a small hut in the backyard.

My grandfather built this house.

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There were no more than two books on the desk.

Can I help with anything?

Wendi was dying.

They will notify Lucifer.

We've been wasting a lot of time.

Todd yelled at me for no reason.

That's incorrect.

I'd like to replace it.

I hope things get better soon.

I did not study either of the languages.

What a beautiful story!

Jamie looks pretty in any outfit.

You two are quiet.


Providing the weather is clear, I'll go there.

I'm afraid you got off at the wrong place.

They are scheduled to leave for New York on Sunday.


All men are like that.

Tell her to come see me.

Piotr was much more upset than Sidney was.

I can't even blame Gerald.

I didn't go into details.

She reached out for my arm.

The hairstyle has caught on with the girl students.

This is one thing my father left to me.

I didn't write this.

I bet you tell everyone that.

"Is Ken busy?" "Yes, he is."

What did Benson think you should wear?

Do you have any plans right now?

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Carlo confessed he did that.


You've done good.

We have to try something else.

It will do you good to live in the country.


We just didn't get the job done.

I do not have anything I need to say to Dominick.

Try and look happy.

Nguyen is the one I want.

Where were you on the night Teresa was murdered?


I didn't realize you were serious.

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When Scrooge awoke, it was so dark, that looking out of bed, he could scarcely distinguish the transparent window from the opaque walls of his chamber.

How were they killed?

I can teach English.

He is twelve years old. He is tall for his age.

Andreas wiped the tears from Barbra's eyes.

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He told us such funny stories that we all laughed.


We're playing on the computer.


If you had stuck around, you would have had a lot of fun.

Shakil put his wallet on the table.

Rosa has been a secretary for many years.

They have scarcely gone out since the baby was born.

They fought for the sake of their country.

It's sort of personal.

Alexander had no say in the matter.

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His attempt to soften the blow didn't work.

Winter storms have increased in frequency and intensity since the 1950s, and their tracks have shifted northward over the United States.

For several entries, there are direct phone numbers.

Dave didn't tell anyone else, did he?

We saw you come in.

What would we do without him?

The spaceship is out of orbit around the moon.

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Even if they have a good wine menu, I will not want to dine here.

I saw that movie three years ago.

There was a fire near our neighborhood last night.

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Medicaid, a program originally created to provide medical care for poverty-level women and children, today spends almost a third of its budget on elderly people.

Are you open on Sunday?

It should be possible to get to Boston by 2:30.

I'm sorry, could you repeat that?

She cancelled an appointment.

Our company has been voted one of the top 50 best companies to work for.

I like both cats and dogs.

Amy and Gunter became very good friends.

We would've stayed longer if we had had more time.


This may come in handy.

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He hasn't told me when he will return.


I didn't have any problems.

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I have one last question.

Darryl certainly knows who Leila is.

I love orchids because they are pretty.

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I have a lot of money at my disposal.

I can't read French, let alone speak it.

Sanford laughed and walked out of the room.


I'm sure she's right.

How many of you agree?

I've always been fast.