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Mediation Institute trains and supports dispute resolution professionals in Australia and through our partnership with Suluhu Mediation, in Africa.

If you have a desire to help others to resolve disputes and prevent the negative effects of entrenched conflict we’d like to help and support you.

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Member Services

We offer Membership Services for:

  • NMAS Accredited Mediators who are accredited through Mediation Institute
  • NMAS Accredited Mediators who are accredited through an employer or other RMAB
  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
  • Family Group Conference Facilitators and Corporate Membership for their employers
  • Students completing a dispute resolution course

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Training and Membership Options

October 2018

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Mediation Institute offers vocational training in partnership with the RTO Inspiritive Pty Ltd. We have designed an innovative and flexible course to train and assess the CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution qualification as well as other related courses.

NMAS Mediator Training

Mediation Institute is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB). We train and assess people seeking to be Nationally Accredited Mediators in Australia and through our partnership in Africa.


Mediation Institute provides Membership Services to Mediators, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Family Group Conference Facilitators and their employers.

Other Training

We provide communication and interpersonal skills training in self-paced online learning and tailored in-house workshops. We also provide training and eLearning support for Interact Support.

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Escalation of Tension

This video explains about the escalation of tension between peace and war and how dispute resolution interventions can help. There are six levels of escalation of tension between peace and war that provide opportunities to intervene and de-escalate. The longer you wait and the more tension that is allowed to accumulate the more difficult it is to de-escalate and re-establish peaceful relationships.

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When we talk about Mediation Accreditation you need to be aware that there are two very different systems that accreditation relates to. The first is entry level to the professional dispute resolution industry and is called NMAS Accreditation. The other is...

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