Educational Technology Solutions

At Scholr Tech, we leverage the best open source software to provide custom educational technology solutions for higher education. We believe that the right technology is essential to empowering instructors to teach and facilitating student learning. We create technology solutions that enhance learning and look great on any device without adding extra work for instructors.

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Custom Solutions

We develop custom solutions that specifically meet your needs and align with your institution’s goals. Our software is developed using best practices and is backed by our outstanding support.

Responsive Design

We create technology to meet students where they are, which is why we use responsive design and the leading UI frameworks to ensure your software looks and works great on any device.

Open Source

Developing safe, reliable, and feature-rich technologies at an affordable price is only possible when starting with a solid foundation. Tailoring open source software to your needs provides you with flexibility, security, and accountability that commercial software can't.

Sakai Development

Whether you want to improve the style of a page or build a new tool from scratch, Scholr Tech can help you from start to finish. We offer comprehensive Sakai development for features and improvements of any size.

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Standards-based Integrations

Standards-based Integrations

We develop tools and content that can integrate with almost any Learning Management System via IMS Global standards. Do you have an existing system or content that you want to integrate into your LMS? We can help with that!

Learning Objects

Not every project has to be huge, and not every tool is for all users. Scholr Tech can work with individual instructors or programs to develop small learning objects intended to accomplish specific goals.

Learning Objects
Website Development

Website Development

We build custom, mobile-friendly websites for your course, department or small business. We use the best front-end frameworks to develop modern websites that work and look great on any device.

Always Learning

At Scholr Tech, we believe in the power of education. We are always striving to learn about new technologies and share that knowledge with others. Read our blog for news and tips about the latest educational and web technology.

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