IDEC Quick Facts

International Diamond Exchange Center

IDEC combines the convenience of digital currencies with the security of natural diamonds.

With a focus on the trade of certified diamonds we successfully established the baseline to tokenize the professional diamond trading market.

We are a global diamond exchange and we enable our members to liquidate and invest in diamonds in a transparent and secure way.

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All diamonds at IDEC, regardless of characteristics or supplier, have an accompanying certification by Gemological Institute of America
(GIA Diamond Report)


Diamonds have been a valuable asset for thousands of years, from their early history as
important religious artifacts to their significance in the jewelry and investment market today.

At IDEC, we’re combining the stability of the diamond market with the liquidity of the
cryptocurrency market. Our DiaE Token is linked to our reserves using our IDEC Pricing
System thus combining the entire IDEC ecosystem into a stable, physical backed digital asset.

This provides the Crypto World a with new dimension of stability in times of high uncertainty,
which is backed by the diamond industry. We are adding the dimension of governance to the
market by creating a Diamond Trust Center. This will efficiently increase the control and
mitigate the risks involved with crypto trading.


Project Start

Development of Strategies

Technology Development Plan Part 1

Technology Development Plan Part 2

General Project Team Conference Bangkok Thailand

Code Development Started

Code Testing on Testnet

Token Code V2

Diamond Registration on Blockchain

Diamond Exchange Platform Opening


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