Our gardener Len and the charwoman Mehrdad will get married in May.

Let me have the novel when you have done with it.

I graduated from an American school in France.

Stick to jackets that aren't too gaudy.

Julius held Cynthia tight against his chest and whispered "I love you" into her hair.

He put on a hat.

They live in a house close to ours.

I like to receive letters from friends.

Hotta put the bowl into the microwave.

I still keep in touch with Suwandi.

Translating helps us to know our mother tongue better.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.

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You should confer with your attorney on this matter.


The ship set sail for Bombay.

Gigi taught Serdar's children French.

The army had the revolt well in hand.


It still hurts.


Let me give you a hug.


Donovan said you cut your arm.

Just don't tell anyone else.

They're fat.

Elliott would probably have a heart attack.

They stood talking for a long time.

Don't believe everything you read.

I told Tommy to swim a little every day for exercise.

Don't speak so fast.

I want to go discuss something important with you.

Archie is calling from his office.

We ate curry rice last night.

Language, as we know it, is a human invention.

Would this be acceptable?

The sun is about 1,000,000 times as large as the earth.

I told him to leave the room.

Hilda and Helen couldn't defend themselves.

Did you ever get in touch with Jeffie?


That won't make any difference.


Rajiv loves Liyuan more than his own life.

They look exactly like Karl.

Could you take a picture of me?

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Many problems resolve themselves.

I can hardly wait until summer.

I feel like going to the movies.


It seemed like the only way to do it.


I bought him a tie.

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I waited for her for a long time.

Having chosen two points on a line, we can then choose any point on a parallel line to form a triangle; and all such triangles will have the same area.

He needs a hand.

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It takes fifteen minutes to walk from here to the campus.


His character evened out.


You need to wear a tuxedo.

Are you crazy? I'm not able to swim across the river!

Don't point the laser at my face!


He was appointed Minister of Finance.


His novels also appear in French.


I've told you what you must do.


We just had a bad day.


Despite their efforts, they didn't succeed.


We had our differences.

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Every time it rains, the roof leaks.

You don't speak English, do you?

It may rain tomorrow, but we are going in any case.

In front of the train station there's a bank.

Oscar drove to school.


Irwin told me that he enjoyed the drive.

Done! Now I just have to set it to simmer so it doesn't boil before everybody comes.

He's the only man who could live with her for so long.

The river carries a huge volume of water.

What's important now is that you listen to what Chris says.

You shouldn't go into somebody's home uninvited.

Myron slept like a child.


Don't eat while reading.

When I see in a dictionary or grammar that some word or expression is to be avoided, I feel totally justified in using it.

I'm not going to go with you.

It's great! You'll laugh for sure.

I forgot about that.


Kick the door in.


I can be courteous.

My closet is full of things that I never wear.

I certainly don't subscribe to the view that women are necessarily more moral than men.

That was what Maurice told Matti.

I'll see you on Monday in Boston.


It's been ages since we saw each other!

I'm used to cooking for myself.

It's not Byron's problem. It's mine.

I suggest you stay as close to us as possible.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

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Stagger said we should rehearse more.

He brought me a coffee even though I had asked for a tea.

Would you have Bradford come to my office, please?

Dong Energy will build the world's largest offshore wind farm off the coast of Britain.

She will have to cook for everyone.


It'll have to be done forcibly.


When the Earth was formed about 4.6 billion years ago, days were about 6 hours long.


An accident just happened.

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I love you the best of all.

It seems to rain every time Nicolette visits us.

He was knocked unconscious.

Celeste is being modest.

The explanation below was achieved by comparing and contrasting a variety of different theories.

How many classes do you have on Mondays?

Rolfe joined the army when he was eighteen.

Sound knowledge of computer systems and programming languages is integral to Hamilton's job.

He was so used to that kind of back-room wheeling and dealing that he didn't feel guilty.

It's quite a ways from here.

Eli is very unscrupulous.

Dan left a good job in London to live with Linda in Glasgow.

He pays Bjorne well.

Something's strange.

I should have gone to bed earlier last night.

The stake that sticks out gets hammered down.

I think three would be enough.

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Why do you hate Boston so much?


One of the guards is dead.

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I have taken care of this child ever since his parents died.


Is there anything you want to say?

He came, he saw, and he lost.

Louis was shot dead in front of his house.

I bought myself a nice watch.

We've lost our funding.


I don't mind doing this at all.


Be punctual for appointments, otherwise you'll lose face.


Upbringing is what remains when one has forgotten everything one has learned.

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One of the reasons that we love nature is that, unlike ourselves, nature is not envious or deceitful.

Speak up, Pitawas.

What surprised you the most?

He has read "The Manifest".

The boy who lives next door often comes home late.

I still have nothing to talk about.

We were told Antonella is in danger.

What cold drinks do you have?

Some implicit elements can be made explicit.

She missed the last train.

The traveler reached his destination at last.


That chick is fucking hot!


The three of us get on very well.

I have to get something of mine.

Why is this only in a foreign language?

Don't say that you're bad. Ever!

How can you see into my eyes?

They appointed him chairman.

What's your final destination?

Bad habits are easy to get into.

The state faces a financial crisis.

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What's that your wearing?

I kissed Kolkka and she kissed me back.

The work was carried on steadily.

We were deeply in love.

Why was she laughing?


Miriamne went to Boston on Monday.


They canned the fruits to preserve them.


Barney knew that Srivatsan was a stripper.

She knows exactly what she wants.

I need Price on my team.


Is it true that you gamble?