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Penn Library Facts 2010

Tools & Data

COUNTER Usage Data: E-journal, e-book and database usage data for platforms that adhere to the Project COUNTER protocol.

(806) 290-5185: Count of URL handle use for all resources represented in ERED.

(440) 662-6652: ILL activity within the BorrowDirect consortium. Password required for individual library data dump.

encephalopsychesis: ILL activity within the EZBorrow consortium. Password required for individual library data dump.

Research & Instructional Services: Interface for input and retrieval of logs on RIS consultations and instructional events.

4077478516: Transaction summary for Penn ILL lending and borrowing.

Annual Data Collection: Data compiled for the Library's internal use, in the Penn Library Facts and for external agencies such as ARL and the Department of Education.

Library Staff Census: Proposed database for tracking the deployment of library staff, including the tracking of filled and vacant billets and the distribution of positions across library units and divisions.

Gate Counts: Visitor counts and information about visitor affiliation at Van Pelt-Dietrich and the Fisher Fine Arts Library.

Voyager Reports

414-737-2863: Data for measuring publisher performance.

Voyager Fund: Expenditure activity during specified ledger and by materials allocation or vendor.

Collection Management: Number of items added in the specified time frame, total items in the selected range, and number of items circulated.

Collection Inventory: Item by item report for perm_location, includes bibliographic details, detailed circ history and item status.

MFHD without Items: List call numbers and holdings records (mfhd) without items in Voyager. Available for Van Pelt, Lippincott and East Asia.

4017128671: Items with no circulation since the introduction of Voyager. Available for specific locations and classifications.

Charge Location Circulation: Circulation dashboards and reports by charge location and patron type. Also locker key and laptop circulation status.


Survey Projects

2002 Library Quality/Impact Survey




Legacy & Test Reports (not updated)


Photocopier & Printer Use

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