Delhi's much hotter than London.

It's very direct.


Tell him I'll be back.

The printer in my office is broken.

He looked into historical documents to solve the mystery.


Should you really be doing that?

I'm really proud of him.

I can hardly stand it.


Sugih has always been nice to me.


Amarth is telling the truth.

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I'm the one who dreamed about Phill.

The end, so long good bye!

When you get on the highway, shift into fifth gear.

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I want to better myself.


She laughed at me.


My belief is that she has never told a lie.

After the operation I was happy, since I managed to eliminate the cancer.

I think he's angry.

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Ritalynne unplugged the toaster and put it in a box.


He was granted permission to go home early.

I get motion sickness.

I'm seriously considering it.


I didn't believe her.

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They're too big for me.


That's what I just said.


The story about the separation of the two leopard cubs seems pretty trite to me.

I just wanted to see him.

Shall we go to a little more upscale restaurant?

I'm not dead.

He never had enough food to give to someone else.

If it should rain tomorrow, the excursion will be canceled.

I'm sorry, but that's all we have right now.

I've always admired you a lot.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, which occurred on the night of December 2, 1984 at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, is the world's worst industrial catastrophe.

Have you heard such a story before?

I really like the concept of this website.

Help yourself to the cake, please.

Her opinion was not accepted.

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Brender sent Frank some money.


I will never go out of my way.

Del can't stop looking at Brenda.

It's not like I'm not trying.

Keith straightened his tie.

Life means nothing without friends.

I saw at a glance that he was an ordinary man.

She was devastated when he broke up with her.

Lila is John's brother.

Skip stared at Teriann for a moment.

Russell took his dog to the vet.

If you come back this afternoon, I'll have a couple of experts here for you.

The painting looks great, but you hung it a little crooked.

Marvin thinks he has the flu.


My blood is no redder than yours.


We haven't been around that long.

Very well, we'll make allowance in your case.

I'm sticking with him.

I should have stayed out of it.

Since I couldn't solve the problem, I returned, along with my people, and told them what had happened with our cook and her husband.

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I don't believe that ghosts exist.


There is no food.

The lamp is grey.

"Then I don't want it," I reply.

Damone's face paled.

Is it sweet or sour?


Buckle your seatbelt.

Look at the large building over there.

I'll stay here and help them.

This is the norm.

Let's leave tonight.

It's Friday! Time to get drunk.

She got up early in order to see the sunrise.


I had a hard time getting in.

Do my English homework or not do my English homework and contribute to Tatoeba, that is the question.

The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest particle accelerator.

Sheffield Wednesday is playing their usual long-ball game.

I know you lost your father last year.

The hunter shot a fox.

Moore had big money problems.


We don't add articles to our blog.

You can't speak English with 100 words.

Appetite comes with eating.

Dreams may be vivid and memorable.

Werner threw a snowball at Ravindranath.

Rice grows in warm countries.

I live in North Sweden.

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We don't know what went wrong.


The kid kept all of his money in a piggy bank.

It's our job to help you.

Here we are at Tokyo Station.

We just want to be left alone.

Let me go free, and I'll show myself grateful.

Sri didn't see how he could manage to do everything he'd been asked to do.

Measles can be quite dangerous.

I gave him an enema.

He can play the piano better than I.

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My aunt, who lives in Tokyo, sent me a beautiful blouse.

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I had a very good time tonight.

The traffic has built up here.

I have to go get Gregge.

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Open your mouth wide.

Mats told me that it's impossible.

The turned the dial on the radio.

I'll arrive at the station at about 1:35.

Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.


Seems like I'm just playing gooseberry here. I should go.


You have to take your time over your thesis.

We've been doing that for years.

Many shoes nowadays are made of plastics.


Do you remember how we got here?

In the matter of food and clothing, we are pretty well off.

Three people were stabbed on Park Street last night.


I'm beginning to understand.

I told her to wait for me.

He didn't eat anything yesterday.

We haven't found him.

I'm glad to see you're doing well.


You've got to start somewhere.

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That may mean nothing to you, but it means everything to me.

Brendan can't afford a lawyer.

I don't want to break up with you.


We can cut down on our use of energy.

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The revolution ushered in a new era.

Valentin didn't feel the earthquake.

The compromise which permits a smoker to smoke in the smoking corner was born after heated discussion.

I meet him on occasions at the club or at the golf links.

Marriage changes people.

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I know the real reason you don't want go.

Judy was killed with a tyre iron.

I'll keep it with me.


Are you going?

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Don't get in my way.


Daniele called her Pradeep even though that wasn't really her name.


Making model planes is his only hobby.

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I hate to complain.


Ralf kissed Nils gently.

We'll be leaving shortly.

You're disobeying orders.


The world is very complicated.

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You didn't have to come into the office today.

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We followed you.

Well, from time to time.

I'll fix you some coffee.

Qawwals sing qawwalis.

Has prison changed her?

I cried so much that I just couldn't cry anymore.

Sandeep spent all afternoon getting ready for Del's birthday party.


I live pretty close to her.

I've got to catch some Z's.

I guess it sounds a bit silly.

The European Union ordered Apple to pay 13 billion euros in taxes.

He tried to push me into the water.


When he got to the party, Sam made a bee line for the food.