The new concert hall has state-of-the-art acoustics.

That's what I call a self-evident proposition, as the dog's-meat man said, when the housemaid told him he warn't a gentleman.

Anton remained skeptical.

A hypothetical explanation could be that they just forgot it.

How come you're late?


Lewis gets very emotional.

I was really ill and didn't eat anything.

Few historical debates have inflamed passions as much as the debate concerning Slavisation of Greece between the 7th and 9th centuries.


It's freezing in here.

We started a band because we were bored.

Louis Armstrong was an American musician.


What's the fare to Liverpool?

He works day and night to provide for his family.

There's nothing to worry about, OK?


Vice doesn't have to do it, but he should.

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Maybe that's what Joe would do, but I wouldn't do that.

I have to finish my book.

I opened the window to let in some fresh air.

Keeping up with Joneses.

The new E10 gas contains ten percent bioethanol.

He is happy about the progress he has recently made.

They were waiting for Stewart.

The situation seemed out of control.

She rubbed her eyes.

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Amedeo assured us he'd cooperate.

I took two bottles of milk.

The cause of death was cardiac arrest.

This mountain is snow-covered the entire year.

I think tomorrow is going to rain.

Only ask questions to which the reply can be either "yes" or "no".

This is Masanao.

Manjeri needs new shoes.

It is ten minutes to eleven.


Can he speak French?


I'd rather it didn't come to that.

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I can go anywhere I want.


A gross is a dozen, dozens.

They became more and more nervous.

It's amazing how much work still needs to be done.


We went to Boston by bus.


I'm sorry, but that's really not my problem.

How long were you gone?

Who did your hair?

Of the three boys, the youngest is the most attractive.

I'd feel the same way.


Think about how you did me wrong.


I know you need some more money.

Juries usually have 12 members.

I'll get them now.


Kate has a little money put aside.

I can hear traffic noise all night long where I live.

It's an option.

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Having a few extra batteries handy is never a bad idea.


Do you like tofu?

Are they going to arrest her?

That sounds credible, doesn't it?

We don't want that anymore.

Willie understands he's no longer needed.

It was so cold that no one wanted to go outside.

You don't follow the rules.

Doesn't that car look familiar?

I know this is difficult for you.

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I remember that vividly.

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Let's hope Suwandi makes the right choice.

His attempt to deceive me did not come off.

I need to get this done.

Rakhal wanted to free the captive dogs.

Is there something you're hiding?

Here I am.

Sometimes people can know each other too well.

Marilyn Monroe died when she was 36 years old.

It is the wilderness in the mind, the desert wastes in the heart through which one wanders lost and a stranger. When one is a stranger to oneself then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others.

Did I embarrass you?

When science shall have described all that is knowable in the universe, then God will be complete, if we take the word God as synonymous with the totality of existence.

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He has decided not to go to the meeting.

We debated the problem.

I can't make out what he says.


Go to the shop before it closes.

You're a very beautiful woman.

Stop trying to do Irwin's job.


Nobody having anything more to say, the meeting was closed.

The trip wasn't all good - I got food poisoning and my classmate got Dengue fever.

Are you on vacation?


Kay didn't know if he could do it or not.


I'd like to have this film processed.

Your encouragement will draw her out.

That was the worst party I've ever been to.


The octopus exits only to look for food and for reproductive purposes.

Traditional Japanese houses are held together with wooden joints.

I remembered you immediately.


He should thank me.

He catches colds very easily.

We'll be better prepared next time.


It's necessary for you to go.


You have strange tastes.


You're an animal.

I needed to see you.

There isn't a cloud in the sky; it's not going to rain on us.

You're just being silly.

He failed to do what he said.

He announced the next singer.

I can't keep it in.

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Kenichi Matsuyama's acting is very good.


In the play she doubled the parts of a maid and shop girl.

Why were you in that neighborhood?

Take it to a mechanic, and get it fixed.

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I'm here for a meeting.


Tell them about your holidays!

Drew constantly checks government listings of unclaimed property.

Rainer saw him.

I will carry out my aims.

He made a special effort to solve the problem.

He really was a ladies' man.

The two kissed.

Is there a bus that goes to the mall?

Jared knows he's said too much.


I just want a clear answer.

I have a giant's strength to win your favor; but to lose you, none.

Unfortunately, the whole thing fell apart.


They're not idiots.


I've done more work on my farm in the last three months than you've done in three years.

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The boss strolled around the balcony above the office, observing the workers.

We have to make some changes.

They built the walls of the fortress without using cement at all.


"From the back through the chest in the eye" - so you can describe their procedure, because it is not possible to imagine a more complicated way to write a program.

Can you get me in there?

I wouldn't want to miss the deadline.

I hear you very well.

Caroline didn't feel up to going out.

This camera is cheap.

This diet is full of vitamins.

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That's why I did what I did.


They're brother and sister.

Your ideas sound crazy.

What did Kieran tell Ken to do?

Tell the children to keep away from the water's edge.

Do you know anyone here?


We'd given up on you.


I entered this school two years ago.

Your homework for each class will be to review the day's lesson and to prepare for the next one.

Can you ice skate?


It has my name on it.

You will have guessed its meaning by the end of the chapter.

Why do you want to know that?


I was kidding.


You are American.

He stayed in Nagano throughout the summer.

When did Matthias graduate from high school?

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I don't know if she wants to go with me.

Can you handle the truth?

It'll just take three seconds.

He gave her a big kiss.

Don't you want to win?