Lois didn't go into detail.

Google Translate is not good enough for Ubuntu Translations. Also this is against Ubuntu policy.


Taurus was pretty worked up about an hour ago.


Why did they do it?

When Fred hears loud music, he gets annoyed.

I see no reason.

She cherishes the precious memories of her childhood.

You won't win.

There is a bridge over the pond.

Gunter continued digging.


You had better make a reservation in advance.


What he said is of no importance.

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Where there is life, there is hope.


Timo put some clothes on.

The first apples have already started to fall.

I can't pay you. Are you still willing to help?


Duane broke something again?

Just do what you're supposed to do.

I want to join you for bouldering tomorrow.


They were agog to hear the latest news.

It's important to her.

My boyfriend freaks out a lot of the time, but overall he's a good guy.

I assume you're here to volunteer.

I'd like to see some proof.

He bought his daughter a dress.

I wonder how Sidney will get out of that mess.

I wish I could eat steak more often.

I like the mountain more than the sea.

Merril was feeling peckish, so he rang room service and ordered a hamburger.

I don't like visiting big cities.

Ernie opened the small box and emptied the contents on the table.

Do you want to answer my question, yes or no?

After two hours on the road, Jong made a comfort stop.

He came five minutes after the bell had rung.


This book is worth reading over and over again.

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She's the most beautiful girl in the whole school.

What made you want to become an anesthesiologist?

Everybody knows you're more intelligent than she is.

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Clean hands save lives.

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Did you find him on your car?


How much is this pen?

Who was there last night?

Work is behind schedule.

Jarmo likes reggae.

Those can use our help.

The weather's nice and it's my day off; I want to go somewhere.

The children were waiting for the first snowfall to build a snowman.

Here is beer.

You've never lost.

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He is above doing such a thing.

If you add 3 to 3, you get 6.

What prevented you from coming to the concert?

Rhonda decided to send Anthony to a private school.

I am calling from Germany.

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I thought Earle died last year in Boston.

It quickly healed.

Pierette writes slowly.


Vic didn't know it was already after 2:30.

Hope dies last.

Come here. I need a hug.

I'm so jealous of your bowl-shaped boobs.

He was totally flirting with you at the bar.

Do not fuck!

When he was young, he was the talk of town.


"Says who?" "Says me."


Ritalynne is forbidden to go out.

He says that he has no memory of the evening.

Could you get it for me now?

This ticket is good for two weeks.

Please send an ambulance.

Translations are like lovers- the beautiful ones are never faithful, and the faithful ones are never beautiful.

We have to figure out what happened to Stuart.


The money was stolen along with the bonds.

If you want to become a good writer, you need to practice writing.

Have you ever been in love?


Today I am messing up everything.

They don't need me anymore.

Memorizing the order a deck of playing cards is definitely not easy, but it's not impossible.

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I'm not completely in accord.

We're not blaming her.

Tyrannical governments frequently gaol their political opponents.

I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability.

Mass immigration enabled the United States to make use of their enormous resources and smash the industrial monopoly of European countries at the end of the nineteenth century.

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The manager complimented him on his achievement.

Did you talk to them about this?

Do you know where he is?


It is a wonder that such a man is a policeman.


What is your height and weight?

These trees will never blossom.

Why does everyone hate her?

You're just the man I want to speak to.

My brother likes to wash his car on the weekend.

Cover the cut with a bandaid.

Manny was the first to tell me that.

The ship is arriving in San Francisco this evening.

Spenser's mother often scrutinizes him for every small mistake he makes.


I bid you greetings and may there be peace through fellowship between us.

This is room No. 1025. Room service, please.

Right then, go home.

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I study English an hour every day.

He was ashamed of her ignorance.

What are you looking for in there?

According to researchers from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire, 15.7 million children lived in poverty in America in 2010.

I'll teach you how to drive a car.

There's nothing I want from you.

Malloy's life is insured for three hundred thousand dollars.

I was not prepared for this scene.

The stock market tumbled.

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Is it the right time?

We've got less than three minutes.

He buggered it up.

The story is founded on tradition.

We've been abandoned.


That's what you're trying to do.


That's enough for now.

There were important notes in that notebook.

Pete begged me to take the job.

I've been trying to cheer Paola up.

The job isn't anywhere near done.

Is there a bus that goes to the mall?

I don't think we were followed.

Who did you think we were?

Would you like something easier?


My dear, maybe you are hiding something from me!

You just listen.

I prefer English to music.

My father graduated from Harvard University.

When a man cries, he is strong. When a woman cries, she is being hysterical.


What's your native language?

My mind is torn and undecided.

For one thing, I am poor; for another, I am busy.


Wade brushed Kate's hair.


All the property will go to his daughter.


For fourteen years Tania Miller was the brilliant and engaging concert-maestra of Victoria's symphony orchestra. Music reviewers were unstinting in their praise of her talent.


Where are her sentences?

I know Roberto's secret.

The teacher spoke too fast for us to understand.


They trust me.


His homework having been finished, Wilson went to bed.

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Master, remember the Athenians.

Looking outside, it's beginning to rain.

I know what not to eat.

Where did Steven live before he moved here?

Klaus and Shaw have been friends since they were kids.


The developing world and the developed world can prevent a war from breaking out by helping each other.

If you press this button, the machine will start.

The cushions on the sofa don't match those on the armchairs.


He was told to stand up, and he did so slowly.

Margie was clearly very busy.

We must never do this again.

The day is ours without doubt.

Patty left the conference room.

Come on, tell me!

Do I have to pay in advance?


I hope I succeed.

They were good kids.

Did I wake her up?

He, if anything, is the romantic type.

Antonio laughed good-naturedly.