Once people traded furs for sugar here.

All of us were excited with the result of the experiment.

"It's a good time for you to take a vacation," the boss said to Jim.



I want to help you get out of this mess.

We didn't mean to hurt you.

I have acrophobia.

I wouldn't expect you to admit it.


This seems good to me.

I, for one, am for the plan.

He's getting up early.

I'll be back at seven o'clock.

You aren't allowed to swim at this beach.

You've got a sharp eye, Ravi.

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!


You may not like this book.

Did you lose anything, miss?

One thing that won't change is how much I love you.

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The battle ended before they got there.


We should provide against fires.


No one can stop me now.

You knew Mark better than I did.

I'll take them home now.

I'm feeling off colour today.

Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.

We should hire them.

Arlan went to the boss.

You may go wherever you like.

Jeff wore the tie which Kim had given him for a birthday present.

I told Paul to never see my sister again.

The cow is at the farm, too.

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Many of the states owed large amounts of money.


Ought I to go?

I am not answerable to you for anything.

Johnnie hasn't played the guitar for years.

Let the good times roll.

He has lost his job.

She couldn't convince him to come back home.

Twelve people were injured in the accident.


Kikki's skill at climbing the corporate ladder is shown not only by his interoffice political maneuvering, but by the way he lays out his course of action with tactical precision.

We wear the same size.

It's a pity Tran isn't able to be with us today.

How can you tolerate that rude fellow?

Love is as strong as death.


What are you two talking about?

How does Jorge plan to do that?

I like to perform magic tricks for kids, but they sometimes fall flat.

Dan warned Linda about walking alone at night.

She loves chili.

That should stir things up a bit!

Bill accepted my statement as true.

You have plenty of time.

Bobby sweats a lot.

The sight of fresh lobster gave me an appetite.

I don't want to participate in the ceremony.

The pastor of the local Lutheran Church is considered a pillar of the community.

I can afford one, but not both.

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Do you really want to wait a year?

Despite his errors everyone respected him.

I wonder whether you really understand.


Susan has something we want, so we need to find something he wants that we can trade with him.

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It looks like Rodent isn't very happy.

A car was blocking the gateway.

I'll stay close.


It's barely noon.

We will follow your demands and make the necessary corrections to those parts that need them.

Don't be so shy.

Beer is brewed from malt.

I know that much.

It got dark, and what was worse, it began to rain.

Shel poured milk on his cereal.


He scratched his balls.

My father slept through the movie.

Hienz is an accomplished swimmer.

There were a great many people present at the assembly.

This door is locked from inside.

You should've let us know you were coming.

I wish everyone would go home.


Jacobson has done it to me again.

India was subject to the British Empire.

He said to me: "Children are like small animals."


He turned a deaf ear to their request.

Have you seen my umbrella? I left it standing here.

The horror crash happened when one of the cars veered onto the wrong side of the road.

Molly won't be able to become a policeman.

We're prepared to give you all the food you need.


Are you telling me Avery doesn't know?

I'm in need of money.

I've eaten too much today.

The monsoon season is coming.

I've already given Hamilton his birthday present.

Water changes into steam.

Stacey hasn't called Brent lately.

What has a foot, but cannot walk?

Vice tried to stay composed.


The woman who wore the white clothes was out to a party.

I was fool enough to do so.

This store has the best selection of hats in town.

She was well-dressed.

We have to get him out of here.

We felt relieved when we saw a light in the distance.

I locked one.


Luck doesn't exist.

How many litres of oil are there in the barrel?

We ran short of food.

Well, you got a point there.

It is supposed to rain today, isn't it?

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I will be back at half past six.


Tell her that I am joking with her.

Don't be a bully.

I'm asking you to reconsider.

That's a beautiful suit.

He did it simply out of curiosity.

The article alludes to an event now forgotten.

Would you mind calling Klaus for me?

I'm quite satisfied now.

He was kicked out of the house.

Shyam is quite resourceful.

I'm no one's girlfriend.


I gave my old coat to her.


My birthday coincides with yours.

He studied day and night in order to possibly become a lawyer.

Who's your favorite song writer?

She is going to Sendai this spring.

Shall we get started?

You need to double-click on the application's icon to open the application.

Louie staggered home.


We watched them play baseball.


You know your rights.


Does one of you know where Isidore went?

Hamilton got the idea.

It was obviously a mistake.

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Swimming is one thing I can do fairly well.

Lenny said he'd walk Mikael home.

My water bottle just got spilled on my computer!

Look! Here they come crossing the water.

He is neither a stock nor a stone.

You're doing just fine.

He said that he takes a walk in the park every morning.


Shut up, or I'll knock you out.

In my opinion, he is just a fool.

Should I bring Rudolf with me?

I've looked everywhere, but I still haven't found it.

Don't mention that she's put on weight.

I'm moving back to Boston after I graduate.

Has Ken left Japan for good?

Don't insult him.

She saw many animals on the way.

She's not available.

My father is the breadwinner.

What's your favorite soccer team?

I haven't found a job yet.

Kikki came all the way from Boston just to see Pierre.

Douglas looked very embarrassed.

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I see no reason why I shouldn't put it into practice.


Ariel clapped his hands.

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It is up to you to support him.


He retired at the age of sixty.


Our holiday plans are still in the air.


Why do you want to be alone all the time?

Ian tried and failed.

The most essential thing in the world to any individual is to understand himself.


Sonja is being facetious.