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I just made that up.

Her face came back vividly to my memory.

Check your list.

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Let's not indulge in magical thinking and assume this breeds unicorns.

Please choose between this one and that one.

I won't hurt you.

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I'm a starved spider.

Svante isn't all bad.

Research on the causes of cancer is very expensive.

That's what I got.

I don't suppose you'd consider helping Pam.

Ramneek and Rakhal are members of the Galactic Council.

You didn't need to do that.

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What happened is a rare occurrence.

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Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Something is grating on her nerves.

He felt his heart beating fast.

Let's dance, shall we?

I despise her.

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Our factories are working at full capacity.


Stop asking Arlene so many questions.

The odds are slim to none that the true conspirators will be found.

This box is so large that it cannot go into my bag.

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I want to be as tall as Jochen.

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I was going to make some coffee. Do you want a cup?


Why are you out here all alone?

I wish I could figure out how to fix this.

I answered with joy.


The accomplishment of the task took several years.

We all took him to be a great scholar.

Juergen could've and should've done something.

I don't have anyone else I can ask.

It was intimidating.

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We shall have the ability to respond rapidly and decisively to terrorism directed against us wherever it occurs.


Let's hit the hay.

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You and Ahmed are made for each other.

I feel more tired in the wintertime.

You talk so fast, I can't get a word.

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The ticket costs 100 euros.

When is the wedding going to take place?

This week has been very busy for both of us.

In a fit of anger he said everything he wanted to say and went home.

I'm going to get right back with you.

"Are you making a snowman?" "No, I'm making a snow woman."

That would be perfect.


It's not a pyramid scheme.

It lasted for twenty years.

We have a situation here.

I'm going to give a birthday party for my friend tomorrow.

What was it for?

I am not mean.

It is expected that he will succeed in the examination.


Sigurd got what he wanted.

All of us surely make mistakes, don't we?

What will happen if Venice gains independence?


You've got to concentrate.

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I feel good after exercising.

Dominick made no response.

He should have kept that secret.

He has experience in business.

He lost his spirit.

I'll stay close.

"Do you think Kristi's new business will be successful?" "It's too soon to tell."

But the benefits are significant at all ages.

How long do you have?

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We love each other, but I live in the U.S. and he lives in Germany.

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I don't believe that man is able to listen to nature.

Myrick isn't going to make it.

His methodology is very amateurish.

We decided this three weeks ago.

Why don't you drop in?

Every time I attempt to teach myself C++, I get stuck on pointers.

I wish we had done more.

Walking is an excellent exercise.

Vern is usually very efficient, isn't he?

We'd be foolish to do so.

Leave Griff alone, please.

I just now found this.

I think Edmond is an idiot.


Julia sat in the darkness.

I may need your input.

We have to stay.

Pratt has probably already been to the bank today.

The road curves to the left around the building.

There is no greater mystery in life than love.

Could you bring me something to eat?


I don't know how to translate this quote.

It's not going to happen to Jef.

These are questions that only Trying can answer.

She was my boss.

We made that soy sauce as a project in industrial microbiology.

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You believe Warren, don't you?

David died three days later.

Loosen the bottle cap to prevent pressure buildup.


The strong shall devour the meek's reward.


Raja opened the door and looked in.

Everything is different today.

Oh Jared, I think that your boyfriend's here!

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Dave never returned to school again.


He didn't dare say anything.

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Aren't you contradicting yourself?

If I had known you were sick, I would have visited you in the hospital.

I think I know why.


This course teaches basic skills in First Aid.


Today is her first day of school.

Antony broke a tooth biting into an apple.

Sir said he was just too tired to do anything else.

Silence! I will not tolerate your insolence!

They're playing our song.

My grandmother can ride a motorcycle, and what's more, a bicycle.

Kylo was always happy.

Ami's business is doing very well.

A better world begins in your own heart.

This room doesn't get a lot of sun.

What shall we do today?


The rapid growth of the country has a lot to do with the characteristics of the people.

Many young men went to war.

I'm not frightened of anything.

I had a neighbor who was blind.

What is the name of this restaurant?


Do you believe in ghosts?

That was a stupid question.

Reid cried like a little baby.


Please don't tell your parents this.

Kristi bought his camera for less than I paid for mine.

Dan failed the polygraph test.


Isn't she a knockout?

I bought many books in Classical Japanese and I'm studying them, but it's hard, isn't it?

Rodney asked his friend, who is a draughtsman, to draw up some plans for his extension.

I've never been robbed before.

Moore was tired.

My parents were teachers.

We found a secret door into the building.

Jacob is the captain of the soccer team.

That probably wouldn't be considered appropriate.

Ti doesn't like it, either.

I thought I saw Joe in the mirror.

Maarten never drinks alcohol.

All of us can speak French, so let's speak French.

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Japan has much trade with the USA.

I went to the airport to see Ariel off.

I'll look around the city today.


What good are they?

They made breakfast.

Lisa will arrive on October 20th.

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Let me know what I can do.

Why is it so important to be there today?

Have you ever seen a flying elephant?

They're concerned about her.

The guide told the kids not to take a picture.

Not as easy as I thought.

Vance cried for help, but nobody heard him.


The U.S. economy is the largest in the world.


Isidore was lucky to grow up bilingual.


The Earth is thicker around the equator.

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Any improvement is good.

Nou took care of us.

I got a B in arithmetic.