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Do you feel you are stuck doing the same training expecting a different result? Or maybe your training is working and you're looking for that edge? The time is now to maximize your genetic potential and take your training to the next level.

About ME

8 years ago I weighed 172 pounds, 130 today. I was overweight and my doctor told me I need to make a change or I would begin to have health problems. I decided to try running and fell in love with it. I began doing 5k races and went from a 28 minute to sub 21. Eventually I injured my knee in a half marathon and took up cycling. I found Strava, made some cycling friends, and went for segments. Throughout my journey I was attracted to the science and numbers so I bought a power meter. I read books and articles to optimize my training. I realized most people would rather ride their bike and could care less about their FTP or power meter. Nowadays because of Zwift there is more interest but not to the extent I feel for the numbers. Over the years I have made significant increases in my cycling performance. I’m just an average cyclist but I know how to make the most out of my training. I will use all my knowledge, positivity,  discipline,  willpower, to train and motivate you to reach your greatest potential.


Stephen has not only helped me increase my FTP by 40 watts, he has also helped me reach goals I thought were not possible.
John watts
Cat3 Racer

Coaching Packages



Per month

  • Athlete evaluation session
  • Power Curve and Training analysis
  • Fitness testing to determine power training and zone
  • Custom training plan
  • 20 texts, emails, or voxer



Per month

  • Athlete evaluation session
  • Power curve and training analysis​
  • Fitness testing to determine power training and zone
  • Custom training plan
  • 50 texts, emails, or voxer
  • 2 video or phone calls

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