Nathaniel uses eyedrops for her dry eyes.

Moran usually eats a sandwich for lunch.

A mother's love is unconditional.

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Pandark hits Vortarulo over the head with a 2-by-4.


I thought I told you to cut your hair.

Leave it right where it is.

That's all Claudio wants.


I can't tell you more than that.


Niels drank a second cup of coffee and ate another doughnut.


I heard the school bell ring.


Did you tell anyone about what The did?

Have you thought about what time of year you want to take a cruise?

He could do nothing but give up his plan against his will.

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"Shiitake" is a sort of mushroom.

Astronomers believe Saturn's rings developed from particles that resulted from the break-up of naturally occurring satellites.

The duty must be discharged by every one of you.


Who are you working for?


You enter, with the key word being a requirement.


Clothes make the man.

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Neal seems to be motivated.

The woman downed the gin and lime that was served in one swallow.

How's your new apartment?

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He is way behind on his rent.

You are going to have to pay for it.

I lost sight of my friends.

Dale's parents didn't want him to become a used car salesman.

We interrupt this program for an urgent communication.


Is Roxie with us?


Make your brain work before talking!

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The government believed that a terrorist group was behind the incident.


Inspector Dan Anderson collected forensic evidence from the scene.

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What's in there?

It will not be long before our food runs out.

I don't feel safe walking in that neighborhood at night.

That's just what I was going to say.

You must have been surprised to find me alone with her last night.


I didn't know you were a vegetarian.

Take everything.

Don't touch that. It's evidence.

I finished one.

I just wanted to get her attention.

Jarvis doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

In the speech, he referred to the strength of the company.

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We were the two closest people in the world to her.

The book was published posthumously.

They desecrated God's sanctuary.

These oil fields have only begun to be tapped.

Brenda said he would help me.

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All my friends to whom I sent invitations came to the party.

She is always complaining of her husband's small salary.

I think they'll make a cute couple.


That man is in a panic.

I was on my way to see them.

The police will suspect him of the murder.

You add examples but you don't translate them.

Are you rushing to finish the project?


Red wine does not go well with fish.

Jorge couldn't figure out what Sheila was talking about.

She wanted to have paid a visit to India.

That's a pretty big fish you've just caught.

That suit doesn't fit Jagath very well.

I'm going to watch TV for a couple of hours.

The first electronic computers went into operation in 1945.


He is seeking employment.

Oh, I have a plethora of choice words for that individual!

Tomorrow I am going to return the map that you lent me.

The sun doesn't shine at night.

These jewels are expensive.

Here's what you've been looking for.

Juan put her finger on my lips.


I have appendicitis.


Please tell me the story once more.

They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.

The feeling was mutual.


Have you ever seen the man in this photo?

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I'm no busier than usual.

Pay honor to the brave.

Let me see that file again.

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Rabin talked with Kate all night.


Don't act like you don't know how to dance.

Is it a nice place?

It must be true what they say.

I thought that my father was going to kill me.

We can go anywhere we want.

Devote your whole attention to your duties.

He was a writer who had never lived up to the promise of his first novel.


Did you ever talk to her?


Sjouke scratched his head.

We weren't expecting that he would call to see us.

I haven't been to Paris yet.


We were running to and fro.

Is this too narrow?

She says that she loves flowers.


I wasn't able to access all of the information.

I want to invite you to dinner.

I listened but could not hear any sound.

I consider this temporary.

I have neither seen nor heard of such a thing.

Give me a jingle when you have a chance.

I can't go with you.

I'm pretty impressed with Takeuchi's progress.

I, as well as he, am not convinced.

Love if you want to be loved.

Tim's motorbike is far more expensive than mine is.

You belong on another planet.

Tran accidentally cut himself with his new knife.


No one was able to help her.

They received a dollar each.

What is the density of the New York ?

Sally says he's never had a girlfriend.

I'll be busy all afternoon.

Line up for lunch.

I think Helge is enjoying himself.

Now go on home.

I am terribly hungry.

Look, there's my mom.

I'm glad you changed your mind.

We communicate by means of language.

Margot is obviously a good teacher.

She repeated what she had heard to her mother.

You were mistaken.

We were truthful.

Have you ever done that before?


At daybreak it was still raining.


Sabrina peed on me!

I kind of miss you.

Brian doesn't know who she should ask.

I'm glad you weren't here.

Sandra is quite strong.

That sick person's life is in danger.

Feminists have no sense of humour.

We're going to have to make a run for it.

I don't want to do the work.


Look! It's snowing!


It's convenient living so close to the station.

Are you ready to do this?

As a tadpole grows, the tail disappears and legs begin to form.

I change my mind a lot.

Not all change is bad.

Society is an insane asylum run by the inmates.

Don't tell me.

I speak three languages.

There is nothing on earth that is not affected by the sun.

I had some questions and raised my hand.

Back off!

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We're trying to cut down on expenses.

I do not want to eat.

We've got a few problems of our own.

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Norma wore long underwear.

I was confused about that at first.

This lake is the deepest in Japan.

Just what exactly are you trying to say?

I'm in Boston now.

The old woman fingered each bead of her rosary with deep devotion.

Are you there?


He's drunk.


Marci can't get in touch with Jaime.