I heard Perry speak French yesterday for the first time.

Next Sunday we are going to have a party for Mr Oka.

Women are sensitive.

Can you play that chord on the keyboard?

The mortality rate per 1000 live births are set out in figure 13.1.

That's not why.

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When does Daryl go to the market?

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Funeral services will take place in the cathedral.

That's not within my remit.

We ask you to account for your delay.


Did you tell Norman how good the movie was?

I would like to follow up on our conversation about global warming.

A dance will be held in the school auditorium this Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.

This seems like something out of a movie, doesn't it?

Archie can answer.

He was deeply shocked.

Go / Walk as far as that house and then stop / stand there !

Do you have plans tonight?

Does anyone have any other questions?


The company provides workers uniforms, but it's expected they will wash them regularly.

You're a menace.

I have to go to the library with Johnathan.


I'd rather that we get a divorce.

The Devil made me do it.

There is insufficient light to take pictures.

Donna cleared out his driveway with his snow blower.

They enforced obedience upon us.

Thank you for reminding me.

Selfishness is an essential part of his character.

"What's wrong with you, Maria?" "I don't know."

They feed on honey and bread.

Our problem now is how to persuade Ira to quit.

Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.


He looked about.

The cold weather lasted for three weeks.

Nicolette had to do everything himself.

Could that change?

He is a man who loves ritual.

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I saw Lievaart spike Sergio's drink.

The band of Indians were ready to go on the warpath at the slightest provocation.

Don't bully me.

How many times a week do you do fun things with you children?

Dan was homeless and lived in his van.


In early times all books were copied by hand.

This recipe is my grandmother's.

Could you come and get me?

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You have some books.

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I won't ask why you want it.

You may use my pen at any time.

I can't put up with his rudeness.

I didn't know that Bert was Canadian.

His words were heartfelt.

If you stop every time a dog barks, your road will never end.

He is my heart.

Blow out all the candles on the birthday cake at once.

Novo became a singer.

They ignored Hiroyuki.

Barbara is breathing normally.

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I think you deserve some credit.


Right now, I simply want to be alone.


I'd be more scared of the woman in the bath!


Shawn is a lucky to still be alive.

We have to buy the tickets right now.

Marvin got a transplant.

We don't know much about him.

The boy liked throwing eggs at people from the window of his flat.

The audience walked out of the theater, looking bored.

It must be the flu.

Marion is groggy.

When you are away, I feel lost.

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His house is just across from the post office.


Is it all right to take pictures in this building?

The mistakes are mine.

Space doesn't look too worried.


"Why were you spying on them?" "I wasn't spying."


This is a basketball ball.

Celia is nice, isn't he?

I hope we'll find lots of it.

Elaine fell asleep reading a book.

Ralf is hungry, isn't he?


Max is all fingers and thumbs.

I'd like to go to the zoo.

Hi, come on in.

I want to see Harold before I leave.

Now I'm getting angry.

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You didn't say anything wrong.

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What kind of flowers did you give Kayvan?

That isn't good enough for them.

Is that what happened with Francis?


I can't really help you at all.

Will there be a simultaneous translation into other languages?

I'm a reliable and responsible person at work.


Bob left early.

We can't let Carsten wander around the mall.

We need to talk to them.


Can I borrow your mobile phone?

Every girl dreams of owning a pony.

Alexander ordered the tomb of Cyrus to be opened.


She is honest in deeds and in words.

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Howard won't go away if you don't want him to.

Where can I buy lumber and nails?

The old guard was nearly voted out of the Upper House.

I wired him a message of congratulation on his graduation.

That charity is named after a person who donated about two billion yen.


You're feeling very sleepy, aren't you?

Are you happy with your life?

I washed my T-shirt.


The Japan Meteorological Agency has revised the magnitude of the eastern Japan quake from 8.8 to 9.0, the largest recorded in world history.

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Horse riding is an expensive hobby.

I also gave him a little something as a Christmas present the other day.

Colin tried to rescue Konrad.

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In summer, the temperatures are liable to jump up to about 45 degrees!

Vivek bought me this jacket.

I hope Louise is going to do what he's supposed to do.


You should've heard me. I shouted as loud as I could.

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I am watching television.

Which of you will try first?

I sent an email to him.

I take it we're stuck here for the next few hours.

Roman doesn't like girls who wear high heels.

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Trying has changed more than I thought.

You can certainly call him a pushover, but not a coward.

It's not cold.


Your friend's very late, isn't he?

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You aren't allowed to go into that room.

I think I can get them to help.

The file must be ready for tomorrow.

Why does Ellen look so upset?

It was a complete disaster.

How can you contribute to our organisation?

He knows how to clean his rifle.


I'm very happy Barbara and Joel are safe.

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Sooner or later, his luck will run out.

We're worried about her.

I think Stefan is hiding something from me.

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The match didn't take place.

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Kate seems to want this as badly as Felix does.

Call me if you find them.

Laurence is quite determined to finish the report by 2:30, isn't he?


Stop badgering me.

I know you don't remember me.

Do you want to know a secret?

She's very insecure about her looks.

We can't help you.

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They're going to shoot you.

Let's all drink wine at work!

No matter what happens, keep the door locked and don't come outside.

Penny saved is a penny got.

I am a man who can't stand being alone.

Every little bit helps.

She is wiser than I am.

I heard John speak to Mr Brown.

Don't stand next to me.

Luis doesn't have to do it here.

When do you drink coffee?

I think I recognize that man.

That sounds logical.

If it hurt that much, he wouldn't be playing outside.

He presented her with a doll.