Standout Features

Our solution offers a little extra to be at the top

Because of the following standout features ODTAP became so successful in such a short time, although there is a lot more you can explore about this solution an understand why it is the best

customer are in control
Choose your tab
Customers can choose the service category and it's sub category as well
The next step is to choose the service location, date and time at which the service needs to be performed
The final step is to choose the most appropriate service provider from the ones available or let the platform choose the best service provider automatically Isn't that easy??
Customers will be able to track the service provider's location on the map and see him moving towards the service location in real time with the ETA, minimal provider info and call, messaging options
The service providers can also see themselves moving towards the service location in real time along with the service location highlighted on the map with a marker and the shortest route plotted on the map
Smooth location tracking improves the user experience and makes the app more interactive
Once the service is performed the customer can easily pay the service provider right through the app within no time. Customers will also have the option to rate the service provider and post a text review
Service provider will receive a notification as soon as the customer pays the invoice, provider will also be able to rate the customer out of five stars and provide text feedback
This tracking feature allows the service providers to reach the service location on time and the customers are aware how soon their service provider will arrive

User Roles

ODTAP is an enterprise mobile solution which only offers the best modules and features like no other in order to ensure the rapid growth of your business in On Demand Industry without any issues. The user friendly interfaces of the customer and the service provider apps allow both the user roles to interact with their respective apps easily. Quality features are offered in both customer and service provider apps to simplify the process. Main features of customer and service provider apps are mentioned below

personal information service provider
Job request
Schedule Calender
Android App For Provider
job reminder
on demand app payment
job scheduling

Our Happy Customer


As an entrepreneur, you have to face a lot of challenges to rise above the competition. However, using the awesome solution ODTAP made for my business, I breezed through the challenges effortlessly, and was able to reach new heights of success, all thanks to ODTAP…

Kurt Speli Executive Director - Make-O-Ver

I never imagined I would be able to get a good quality on-demand solution for my laundry business at such an amazing price. It meets customer needs while providing a smooth workflow with great design that is extremely user friendly. I have seen a remarkable growth in my business after deploying this solution, and highly recommend ODTAP as they have a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Emil Cusk CEO - CleaNQuick

Being a startup, I was not sure how would people react to my idea, but ODTAP provided a reliable solution and the team behind it proved to be very responsible. They helped me in achieving the level of comfort needed to meet customer satisfaction. I am totally thrilled with the excellent results that I got using ODTAP’s delivered solution.

Jonathan Jr Founder/Pet Companion