There's something I forgot to say.

Rolf has been working very hard.

He showed me his photograph album.

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This is definitely the best method.

I hope everything works out.

They are both good students.

She said she was walking through the woods, looking for wild flowers.

Is it always a sin to tell a lie?

Ricardo began to suspect that Vincenzo was planning a surprise birthday party.

That box is too big to put in the trunk of the car.

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I hear you've got a new girlfriend.

Kathleen sent Edmond a postcard.

Do you really think Guy should resign?

I have some work to do.

It's an Indy movie.

She was clearly in trouble.

The bath is getting cold.

He studied art in Germany.

The man pleaded self-defence.

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Who knows what you'll find up in the attic?


Jean-Pierre's lucky.

Was that supposed to be fun?

Aren't you too a little bit romantic, Amarth?


He often laughs at his own jokes.

I will be back in another two weeks.

Liza wants a book to read.


Why does that name sound familiar?

She spread a beautiful cloth on a table.

I don't love you any more; I'm sad.

He denied that he was the thief.

I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you.

What did I do that for?

Do you believe in UFOs?

I must buy one.

Nobody invited me to the party.

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Leora couldn't paint.

It's midday.

It doesn't seem like you will become a singer, but it never hurts to take a few voice lessons.


We're not fussy.

I think you're causing problems.

Everything is possible.

Devon is chatting with Anatole.

How are we going to get there?

We're drawing.

Please tell me how to do that.

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How is this my fault?

When was the last time Serdar talked to you?

Joubert all but accused Dustin of being a thief.

Norbert was punished for daring to break the unwritten law.

I'd like to be paid the balance in change.


He pretended that he was a lawyer.


Hwa was disappointed at not being invited.

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I must ask Nick for his new address and telephone number when I see him.

The options are clear.

I'm sure that shirt will look good on you.

The poor are getting poorer.

In recent years, there has been a revival of interest in swing dancing.

I doubt whether it is true or not.

I showed him into the room.


In 1642, Abel Tasman became the first European to see Tasmania.

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Jean-Pierre wondered what Boston would be like.


I'm taking care of my grandfather

No matter how close we may be, I can not ask him to do that.

They ran away from school.

Mankind must put an end to war, or otherwise war will put an end to mankind.

They rejected your plan.

Have you looked at this?

How can you be so optimistic?


The knife belongs to the gardener.


This wasn't cheap, was it?

I'll continue being the manager.

Linda fought Dan off and ran away.

A small stream runs by my house.

It's Moore's only chance.

She slapped her friend in the face.

Charleen always dresses in black.


As far as I am concerned, the problem is not a simple one.

It looked like an eggcup suitable for a goose egg.

I hate this teacher.

I bought this printer yesterday.

Remote forest clearings turn out to be great places for raves.

How did you kill Yvonne?

I get emotional.

When it comes to commas, if in doubt leave them out.

I went there to talk to Kiki.


That was uncool.


Best travel is one that has no end.

To our surprise, she revived at once.

My maternal grandfather was a murderer.

Relax, The. We're on vacation.

He and Aldrin explored the Moon's surface for 2.5 hours.

Sedovic has blonde hair and green eyes.

Another day gone by.

I want you to destroy all this.

Floria didn't realize Dwight was tired.

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I just wanted to talk to Josh.

What do you think of these shoes?

Is it the last lesson?

She greets him every morning.

The server was down.

Job security is a priority over wages.

I straighten my hair every morning.

Fortunately, I'm not buying it.

She learned the craft of basket weaving from her grandmother.


I need to meet more Peruvian friends.


I just told you. Are you deaf?

If you don't bother the bees, they're unlikely sting you.

I want some of these books.


Everyone gathered around me.

I put it somewhere but I don't know where.

What did you see there?


This plant is indigenous to Canada.


You only see what you know.

The radioactive cloud stopped at the border.

But you know, there's no telling about that other world.

It's not hopeless.

We're still searching.

Run fast, and you will catch the train.

A reward has been offered for information pertaining to the incident.


Raja made a decision.

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To try to study when you're sleepy is to waste your time.

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Why have you been asking me these questions?

I was on my way to see him.

Did you think I was a cop?

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

I am happy in spite of poverty.

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You should've woken me.

Per should've been in bed.

Shankar will be around.


I'm not mad at you anymore.

I didn't go into the cave with Vishal.

I found the work easy, since I had done that kind of work before.

I'll tell my wife.

Terry's handwriting isn't very good, but it's easy to read.


Do you happen to know his name?

I can't forget Rees.

The news of his sudden death was like thunder on a sunny day.


There were some ink stains on the cover of that book.


You boil water in an oven.

We live in peace.

I would like to exchange American dollars for rupnu.

What time does the play start?

Can you update my software?


At this rate, we'll have to change the schedule.


You'll need to wait at least three hours.


She squeezed a lemon.

If you keep spending money like that, you'll be broke before you know it.

That man is a heavy debtor.

I wasn't responsible.

When did you see her dancing with him?

Helen wasn't worried.

I want you to open your eyes.

This is going to be long.

I have a little surprise for you.


Sergeant has the key.


I've been very busy since the new term started.

Being happy always reminded her of her loss.

I have to conclude this transaction within a week.

He got hurt in the game yesterday.

We don't need any more.