Just one low annual fee gives you access to up front cash prices for medical services worldwide. You can then compare and select the services that best suits your needs, and not what is best for an insurance company.
24/7 national support provides access to live doctors/nurses, medical information, and access to your medical records right from your phone.
Sami-Aid supports its members in disputes with medical payors and providers, to help make better healthcare choices. When you most need it, we are there.
Our plan covers all your medical needs. In addition to pricing we offer low cost catastrophic insurance, medical record storage, pharmacy plan, savings plan, live physicians access and international care options.

Welcome to Sami-AidTM

Sami-Aid is unlike any other medical plan in the market today. As a fee-for-service medical plan, we work on behalf of our members to bring the most comprehensive, yet lowest cost option for their health care. By providing our members convenient, accessible, and affordable options, we are shifting the power away from the insurance companies to the patients and the doctors.
Sami-Aid programs are not insurance. LEARN MORE >>

Is Sami-AidTM for you?

Click on the calculator for saving
Peter: Uninsured
Peter has no/minimum insurance
coverage, no/min disposable income
The Johnsons, Steve and Jenny: Insured
The Johnsons have lots of insurance
coverage, but less disposable income
Sam Jones: Self-Insured
Sam has an adequate amount of insurance
coverage, but lots of disposable income

You may be wasting money on your current health care plan.

Now you have OPTIONS!

Sami-AidTM revolutionary medical plan benefits the patient and the
doctor, not health insurance companies.

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