Is that what you did to them?

Offending you wasn't my intention.

Would you mind waiting a minute?

If you don't know the meaning of the word, you have to look it up in the dictionary.

I was still living with my parents then.

Those didn't say anything about how the party went.


He had bought a dog.

The first-time precarious fisherman, lazily fished dangerous poisonous fish, but soon stopped to shell peas.

Please serve the guests some coffee, dear.


What is hell like?

Have you ever been to Britain?

There was something lying on the ground.

How much did you guys spend?

The stream is not very swift.

I want to let Tracy know we'll be late.

I want to be ready.

What sort of danger are we in?

This song reminds me of someone I used to know.

That's a dangerous line of work.

I just got the baby to sleep.

Lisa visits Sergio every time that she's in the United States.

Does anyone care or should I just kill myself?

Michelle starts high school this fall.

Stay with me in this room.


I think you've made your point.

I like two men.

I listened to them.


The sniper picked off his victims one by one.

Turn the TV down, please.

You don't do it, do you?

Motivation is the key to success.

Sunlight and water are agents that make plants grow.

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How many more pages do you have left to read?

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He was too angry to speak.

Dustin has accepted our offer.

I have something I have to do.

The sick boy is in a critical condition.

She shot him with a rifle.

Prices have been rising since last year.

Until several years ago, I thought about nothing but work all day and night.

I always thought you should've been a teacher.

I have heard that freemasons have a secret handshake.

They probably hate me, too.

I sat up in the freshness of the morning, trying to remember how I had got there.

He is above finding fault with others.

No matter how long it takes, I will finish the job.

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I'll pick them up in an hour.

Watch the road.

He was raised by his grandparents.


The number of living languages is frequently debated and estimates have varied from five thousand to eight thousand.

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Don't get drunk.

When they woke up they saw a stone lying next to them.

Do you know what time it is?

Jong set me up.

Allan is always trying to boss everyone around.

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I'm sorry Mohammed, I forgot your name!

Do you think you're bigger than Audrey?

Vivek's house is on the other side of the river.

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I think I know what to say.

He was put in a cell.

The lake was adjacent to his house.


We'll have to do a bit of walking to get from here to the bank.

You're a terrific writer.

They have enough money for their bills.


Our world is only a tiny part of the universe.

The freshest of all scents, if it exists, is definitely not laundry soap.

The following is the project's progress.

My son can't count yet.

I am turning the sound of the radio down.

It rarely snows here in the winter.

Come along; I will introduce you to my better half.


Let them answer.


He put a touch of salt on a boiled egg.

Some of them were not friendly.

I know where Dimitry went.

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We're doing what we have to do.

He is not down yet.

The news upset her terribly.

We overwhelmed the many enemies.

Molly didn't object.

You've gone too far!

I got injured in the traffic accident.


I went around Hokkaido by bike this summer.

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The plants manufacture complex chemical compounds.

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Sorry for the late reply.

This country needs a new president.

You must get rid of the habit of biting your nails.

Eventually, he was sentenced to five years in prison for the violent crime.

I knew it would be impossible for me to win.


He handed over all his property to his son.

Am I under suspicion?

Can you deliver it to my house?


What makes a person do that?

He is more crafty than wise.

They exchanged ideas before reaching a decision.


Grab the rope.

There is no need to take his advice if you don't want to.

Santa found them, didn't he?


How many countries are in Africa?

Delivery of goods is done after a month of placing the order.

I'll see you again.

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You do not teach us to speak English.

"G" is an upper-case character.

The accident was caused by an error on the part of the driver.

Russian astronaut Alexei Leonov performed the first spacewalk on March 18, 1965.

Maria's very favorite drink is green tea.

You should have come home before.

I've made things worse.


Let me tell you about Mariou.

Apparently, it's getting difficult to find a good position.

I went to the bank to take out money.

Dan killed his wife and made it appear as the work of an unknown assailant.

Do you jack it off often?


I'd like to stay here with him.

Newton's law of gravity is a mathematical description of the way bodies are observed to attract one another, based on many scientific experiments and observations.

One of the guests told me that they saw you kissing Daryl.

I'll stay with you through both the happy times and the sad times.

I like mahjong.


You are to come with me.

It's easy to understand why Rajiv doesn't like it here.

The high-ranking official kept his calm.

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Are you seeing anybody?

The syntax of Python scripts is very simple.

I can't believe Pierce is still single.

I think I'm a pretty normal guy.

No matter which used car you decide to buy, be sure it has only had one previous owner.

I never imagined that you would say that.

Don't pay any attention to Jochen.


The fact that he did not accept any money shows that he is an honest man.

She has a faculty for doing two things at once.

How long will it take me to walk to the station?

Dana is foolish.

He has never been heard of since.


Shanghai is among the largest cities in the world.

Hank said he was Canadian.

This pen is the best.

The noise was ceaseless.

Only Tharen knows.

I'd like to hear that from Bud.

Sherman did what he could in the short amount of time he had.

He'll take an afternoon nap.

It seems safe enough.

She brought him to our place.

There were a lot of great bands at the festival.

Linda accused Dan of stalking her.

Someone asked me to give this to you.

I want to introduce you to some people.

Our plan will work out well.

I went to a haunted house.

Don't do that!

I love going to the movies.

Wait at the entrance to this building.

You, too, know Mr. Kimura, don't you?

She fought for the emancipation of women.

None but little children would believe it.

I should've told Edmund everything.

We'd be better off not having one of those.

I have got a question.


That's what I believe.


Take the books away from the table, please.

I've got my own problems.

He decided to sell the car.

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What's your favorite fast-food restaurant?


Do you really think I'm ready?

We've come too far to give up now.

I was late because the traffic was heavy.