The World's Largest Vetted Database of SOF and Infantry-type Personnel 

JOB SEEKERS: Are you a SOF or Infantry type  individual looking for Job Opportunities?

Book your calendar in advance. If you're not registered on RIVTAC's verified database, you're missing out on work.

Are you an Employer who requires SOF and  Intrantry-type personnel?

Dramatically increase your capabilities to conduct more business by putting the world's largest vetted pool of experienced talent at your fingertips. 

The Ultimate Resource for Staffing
Multi-discipline Opportunities

RIVTAC maintains the largest vetted database of SOF and Infantry-type personnel in the world. If you're an employer, it saves you the time and expense to recruit, vet, and staff specialty personnel you need to fill job requirements. If you are a SOF or Infanty-type individual, RIVTAC connects you to client opportunities, eliminating the frustration of the job-finding process.

Execute More... and Bigger Contracts

RIVATC's verified database of subject matter experts dramatically increase an employer's capability to facilitate more CONUS and OCONUS opportunities and requirements.
Short notice, no problem.  The bigger the better!

How It Works in 3 Simple Steps...

1. RIVTAC recruits and actively maintains a verified database of SOF and Infanty-type personnel available to fill job opportunities anywhere on the planet, at a moment's notice.

2. RIVTAC verifies each Member's Profile for accuracy. Every Member's skills and experience are verified via their DD-214, certifications, and supporting documentation.

3. The RIVTAC database is like a virtual Rolodex. Clients can easily post job opportunites and find qualified members for staffing requirements.

All New Capabilities for Job-Seekers and Employers

RIVTAC is intimately aware of the challenges that exist for both employers and job seekers. We solve the #1 problem of how to support and execute large, short-notice, and/or unique requirements.

Employers not using a solution like RIVTAC to staff job opportunities are most certainly missing on many opportunities to those who are.  


RIVTAC can staff any job requirement, regardless of how many uniquely skilled personnel are required.

RIVTAC streamlines the entire recruiting, vetting, and staffing process to rapidly source the right people for any job. 

RIVTAC offers subcontracting services for clients who desire a full-service option.

RIVTAC creates a new synergy in the marketplace by providing employers with the confidence that they can easily staff any requirement, anywhere, and at any time. RIVTAC's verified database of professionals are ready to work, anywhere on the planet. 

877-242-0690: Are you a SOF or Infantry-type individual? RIVTAC's FREE registration means you won't miss out on any more great paying jobs!

(817) 288-6824: Learn more about how to leverage RIVTAC's verified database. Full-service and subcontracting services also available.

Identifies SOF & Infantry-type Personnel

Because it's easy to remember! RIVTAC works aggresively to build and maintain its database of verified profiles, making it easier for employers to rapidly find the right match for job opportunities.

Broader Scope to Help More Veterans Find Great Jobs

RIVTAC is committed to identify and create opportunities for military veterans. We help employers that would prefer to hire a skilled vet through RIVTAC's verified database.

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