Why did you want me to leave?

It isn't exactly what I said.


The bank is next to the post office.

You know I'm much smarter than you.

I spoke to a child on the street, but he ended up running away.

I have plans with him tonight.

Robert needed water.

Fay doesn't want to go to Boston.

Santa's heart's getting stronger every day.

Lucy accepted to marry a rich young man called Cecil.

He taught history at the school.

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It is needless to say that an experienced person will do better than someone without experience.


"You'd better come in," the man said.

There were twice as many university applicants in 1992 as in 1982.

Misfortune dogged him all his life.

How is the week going for you?

I'm not about to stop.

I ran across his telephone number in an old address book of mine.

All of the astronauts on board Columbia were killed.

Klearchos tried to force the soldiers to go; but they threw stones at him.

He went abroad to study English.

It is how effectively you use the available time that counts.

Our revenue laws have operated in many ways to the unfair advantage of the few, and they have done little to prevent an unjust concentration of wealth and economic power.

Everybody should be proud.

A squirrel is hopping over the mossy logs.

Her condition is taking a turn for the better after the operation.

As I had seen him before.

You might just be right.

Can I talk to you for just a second about Isidore?

He never gets up early in the morning.

Will I ever see you again?

We don't need to talk to them.

I'm not a girl anymore.

The students are busy preparing for the test.

Tell Edward I'm not at home.

What can I change?

Is there a post office anywhere around?


She visited the zoo with him.

Kyu didn't anticipate that happening.

These are for me.


The defendant was about to stand trial when he grabbed the deputy's gun and shot the judge.

Oh, so you think you're a tough guy, huh?

We don't meet very often recently.

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None of us will go to Boston with Radek.


Let's take a look at that.


Master, remember the Athenians.


This is the first time I've ever missed the train.


We could go into town but it's a real hike from here.

He broke with his partners.

He is a member of the board of the company.


Drunk people are so entertaining.

Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit?

How long does it take to go to Madrid?

I didn't tell Hui what time to be here.

Linley and Hilda have been drinking.

Casper learned to skate at when he was thirteen.

Corpora provide a rich resource for investigating language.

As for the child, he is eating the meat.

I got Anne to help.

Try not to disturb us.

Tell them I'm coming.

Varda isn't afraid of me.

It was a tough test.

It's a long journey.

Thad cut school.

You can play a musical instrument, can't you?

How do you know Anne didn't do what he said he did?

Did any evidence even suggest that Merton could have been the person who killed Blake?

The mother becomes irritated and frankly, but gently, tells Beth to leave the room.

I want to live in rural areas.

She lost her handbag.

He studied until two in the morning before the test.

I don't care what Stevan does when he's not at work.


I'm really busy right now.

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Lawyers will urge the parents to take further legal action.

What you have said reminds me of a strange experience I had a few years ago.

Do you want me to fix you up with The?

You blame Everett for everything.

We've done it before.

Productivity has fallen. Accordingly, workers' bonuses will be reduced.

You are in the way.


It'll be a good day.

Kieran couldn't come because he was busy.

Just be careful of the stairs.

I'm afraid she will turn down my request.

Let's find Barton.


It is strange that he is not here. He always comes at this time.

Is Rees babbling?

How she talks!

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She's as busy as Michelle.


I hope I can pass the exam.

Did you play tennis?

Do you have a tie I can borrow?

The prize money enabled me to go on a world cruise.

This is the town where I was born.

Maybe Lyndon should pay more attention in class.

I've remarried.

We have more important things we need to discuss.

You are free to use this dictionary.

This is hard for me to say.

Love is blind, but jealousy can see even nonexistent things.

Are there any Spanish-English dictionaries you recommend for beginners?

I want you to go back over to other side.


There was no one there.

I met them a few months ago.

The lake is deepest at this spot.

Max and Jason enjoy playing music together.

I'm going to tell Duke Onkled what you said about him!


I thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and remain at your disposal for any information if necessary.

What seems to be the problem, Hilda?

How would you describe her?


When was the last time you cooked a meal?

And our council is the local government for our area.

My business is picking up again.

My parents and little brother, who lived in the suburbs of Tokyo, died in the big earthquake.

I'm just tagging along for the ride.

I guess the dog bites.

Not a moment could be lost.

My son is subject to ill health.

It's not the mode for young girls to curl their bangs.

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I'm not sure I trust you.

There were no more than two books on the desk.

Wade won't wait long.

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She's more or less my age.


I'd like the most inexpensive room you have for four nights.

There's your wife.

I've never trusted Rajiv and I doubt I ever will.

I bought the chocolate for Jim.

Good nutrition is also a science and, as such, can be learnt.

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The children are learning the multiplication tables by heart.

Mark the correct answer.

She doesn't like being alone, but I prefer it like that.

Don't be too rough on him.

This is what we need.

I don't want to be your wife.

My father is an early riser.

We're all winners.

Love brings love and sometimes brings pain. That's the truth about love, about life.. Love is not always a fairy tale.. there are some love stories that end in sadness.

Cops are everywhere.

I happen to know a lot more about this than you do.

In the bathroom there's a sink, a bidet, a toilet, and a shower. There used to be a bath.

This classroom is very large.

I don't know what happened to Kee.

Claudio is usually busier than Gideon.


The politician did not bother to apologize for betraying our trust.

Toft came here alone.

Don't try to be a hero.


You could be in real danger.


Germany is called "Deutschland" in German.


Where's the bank?

I need to speak to you.

Roberta is really good at memorizing songs.

Hillel was my great-great-great-grandfather.

He issued his report in September, 2000.


Susanne didn't suffer, did he?

Do you sell sport shoes?

What kind of gift do you want?

Were you conscientious?

In the project "Springboard to Languages," they teach Esperanto in schools in Great Britain as a propaedeutic to prepare for learning other languages.

It's very late now.

I'm pretty sure that Po didn't kiss Tarmi.


Not again! Look at those two kissing. They've really got the hots for each other. I can't watch this any more.

We're distancing ourselves from the rest of the family.

You're cuter than Kristen.

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I was born in 1982.

Douglas called Emil up from the airport.

The doctor demanded I stay in bed for a week.

He was one of the unsung heroes of the revolution.

He missed the deadline.