Please give this to them.

I'm so glad to hear that.

I have a return ticket to Tokyo.

Do you remember your father's birthday?

The quick bird is the one who will catch the worm!

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What is the distance between New York and London?

Please tell me your phone number.

Do you have a buyer for these?

Maybe Steven could help.

She seemed so much at ease in the saddle.


Team members are provided with equipment and uniforms.

Today, I was done with my homework early.

Let's see if we can solve that mystery.


By 2030 twenty-one percent of its population will be over sixty-five.

She drove a van.

Raymond caught Andries secretly watching soap operas at night.

I want to go back to Spain.

I saw the way Jeff was looking at Laura.


Don't be so dramatic.


You don't really want to remain here, do you?

Something smells good.

Vic didn't understand it.

He wanted a bigger discount.

How strange the weather is!


Please correct me if I make a mistake.


I'll love you forever.


She became the first woman to complete a two-way nonstop crossing of the channel in fifteen years.

Moncalvo is the smallest town in Italia.

If you don't want to talk to me, that's fine.


Dan never intended to leave Linda and her children alone.


You had better watch your mouth.

We mended some broken chairs.

Tor and Janos were speaking in French when John entered the room.

Read it once more.

When Mr. Hilton wanted to sell his house, he advertised it in the newspaper.

Fancy to eat at my place?

That river quickly overflowed due to the downpour.


Is there a TV in the room?

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Do you have a table in front of the fireplace?


What do you say we ditch this bozo and have some fun?


Myron not only denied that she was Darryl's friend, but that she even knew him.


Philippe persuaded me to stay.

I can't help you if I don't know where you are.

She competes in ski races.

I want you to be by my side.

He wanted to be respected by everybody.

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Keep an eye on the baby while I am away.

I saw him looking at me.

My plan is different from yours.


I'm sure that we would be able to do this properly if we discuss it with the professor.

Hand out the maps to us.

Sangho's gym teacher is Kuldip's basketball coach.


And unlike Oshin, they do complain although certainly not at work and generally not in public.


He had a kind word and a pleasant smile for everyone.

Could you tell us what you saw?

The situation hasn't improved at all.

Ken is happy.

Kees is seldom late for appointments.

Ian hates these things.

It is impossible for you to jump two meters high.


This rose has a white bloom.

A lot of our mistakes come from a lack of patience.

Nobody wanted to visit my country.

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Can I talk to you privately for a minute?

I don't recognize anything.

Let's unearth the potatoes.

This is a well shaped pine tree.

Please copy this page.

What are your favorite languages?

It's time for a change.


She's just a friend.

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I'll check my schedule.

Good old Descartes thought so much that ... he was.

Larry lived here three years ago.

Who got murdered?

Emily is singing a song with her beautiful voice.

That is actually what I wanted.

He hit me, not her.

Is there anything you want to try when you grow up?

I don't know who that youngster is.

Look at the woman over there!

Hunter tried to pry open the window with a screwdriver.

Saturday is the last day of the week.

Dawn might be able to do better if we gave him more time.


He knows how to cross a river.

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Jayesh has trouble keeping up with the rest of the class.

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I thought Vernon was on sabbatical.


The couple parted, never to meet again.

The concert was a big disappointment.

I have been in his employ for just twenty years.

It is too expensive for me to buy.

Stop that woman.

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You cannot be careful in the mountains.

I have the right to criticise.

They shouldn't let children swim in that river.

You must go in the knowledge that sooner rather than later the great avenues will re-open through which free men will pass to build a better society.

When inserting the budwood into the root stock make the cambium layer overlap.

The park was built for the benefit of the public.

Felix doesn't know why Bruno isn't here today.

I'm sick and tired of your complaints.

Franklin and Naomi live next door.


Who was it that broke the window yesterday?

This business plan of yours seems almost too optimistic. All I can say is I hope it's more than just wishful thinking.

We climbed up the steep mountain.

Hadn't we better go now?

Presumably, none of the people are more than 25 years old.


I think Nate can speak French. However, I could be wrong.

Don't be fooled by appearances.

I'll meet you at the hospital.

I assume you'll be explaining why all this is necessary.

Shutoku loved the book Turkeer gave him.

Is this your first time eating Japanese food?

I've done that three times.

By law, begging in the street is forbidden.

Put on some clothes.

Life is but a flash of lightning and beauty lasts only a day! Think of the skulls of the dead that all are alike.

The police arrested Fritz.

I want to study abroad next year.

He has enough willpower.


How long is the Seto Bridge?

One-third is less than one-half.

Everyone in the village called her Little Green Riding Hood.

It'll come back to you.

How do you get up to date?

You seem to have mistaken me for my elder brother.

She's a slob.

Everett seems interested in finding out the cause of the problem.

Algeria is the largest country in North Africa.

The ship turned upside down and many passengers were thrown into the sea.

A collection of her verses has just been published.

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My little sister doesn't like the taste of cottage cheese.


We need to find out what Jill wants.

I've been in business thirty years.

I'd like to attend the party.

Anton is three years older than I am.

Kim likes to show off.

Elias is sticking a bill on the wall.

They will return.

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I told you I made a mistake.

After long thinking, she bought the house.

I have to live with it.

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I waited for ten minutes.

They made us work all day.

I could hardly make out half of what she'd said, she was hurrying to share the obtained information. I had to listen twice.

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I think we've found what we were looking for.

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You must keep the promises you make.

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She died a few years ago.


Have you been a good boy?

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This is the opposite side of the box.


I've decided to study kanji.

You can't tell anybody what's going on.

I know how much it means to you.


This bike belongs to my younger brother.


However hard I try, I can never catch up with him.

They attached great importance to cleanliness.

The box is broken.