Have you ever been in Turkey?

I can come at three.


Come meet some of your new classmates.

Brendan made it look easy.

She failed to appear.

We should never forget that the Titanic was built by professionals and Noah's Ark was built by laymen...

I really want you guys to get along.

Hello, Lisa!

I got up at about six.

I'll see her before that.

Hopefully he'll wait for me.

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I heard Jong was killed.


I skipped French class today.

You've earned a good rest.

There's room for debate.


Jianyun never said anything about Plastic being here.

I've never seen you so tense.

Marcel is very good.

I'm not washing your car.

Burn the eyes that look at you and the hearts that are waiting for you!


I've never seen anything quite like this.


Did you ever kiss her?

In my opinion, Swamy's the guy we need to hire.

At any rate, we have to finish this chapter before we can start on the next.

How much is it in dollars?

The door is heavy. You need to use a lot of force to open it.

I have my doubts.

He is proud of having graduated from Tokyo University.

Can you tell a sheep from a goat?

Do not laugh at a dwarf, or you will turn into a dwarf yourself.

The footsteps moved closer.

Show me the magazine.

Acts of violence will not be tolerated and will be responded to with appropriate disciplinary action.

I recommend the public transport should be improved.

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I did what most people do in that situation.

They're hiding.

Now let's celebrate.


She does not have much money.

Valentin helped me with the move.

It matters little what you do.


Whoever comes first will get the best seats.

Should I ask Art?

I am fascinated by clouds and clocks on old photographs - perhaps because they can be understood as symbols of the transience and continuous passage of time.

Kick misery out the door and it will return through the window.

Torsten found Carsten irresistible.

I'm willing to take care of your children, if you want me to.

I believe there is something out there watching us. Unfortunately, it's the government.

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I only need one onion for this recipe.

We surrounded her.

I could see nothing but fog.

The populists won.

He began to look for work.

The cat came near being run over by a truck.

Tor felt vulnerable.


He hesitated to take part in the reunion.


Frederic was stabbed to death.


I bought a book yesterday.

I missed seeing the film. Did you see it?

I fell in love with Emily.

Kirsten told me he bought a house in Boston.

Don't fall apart now.

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Even times odd is even, odd times odd is odd.


Have you heard the news?

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You're so kind-hearted.

Do not accept gifts.

Which of your parents do you think you take after?

It's warmer in the house. Let's go inside.

Naresh wanted me to come over for breakfast, so I did.


What kind of sandwich is it?


Ray looked the other way.

A library is the best resource for books.

Ann has a little money with her.


The traffic accident prevented me from catching the train.


Mathematics is basic to all sciences.

Time is short, we must act NOW.

She received the maximum sentence of ten years.

His grandfather passed away peacefully.

Please just don't hurt me anymore.

I'll do my best to have it ready on time.

Piercarlo went over and sat down next to Leonard.

He whispered to me that he was hungry.

We got married a few years ago.


Their house lay amid a small stand of trees.


What's in the envelope?

The government of the United States put down the biggest terrorist.

If you're cheeky once more, I won't read you a story tonight.

Conrad stopped knocking on the door as soon as he realized Jesus wasn't home.

Say you love me.

I overslept and was late for school.

Birds are singing here and there in the park.

Carl grabbed Dennis by the hair.

We can't fight here.


"One way or round trip?" "One way, please."

He is given to music.

You pig!


This is a matter of great importance.

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The biggest problem in Morton and Jenine's marriage is Matthias's mother's interference.

Don't rock the boat.

I needed some help.

Luke doesn't ever do anything to help.

I have some cravings.


Cathryn was suspected of murder.

Take wisdom from the mouths of crazy people.

Roy loves art more than anything else in the world.

Krzysztof has a meeting every Monday afternoon.

Kamiya said he wanted me to stop.


Health is not valued till sickness comes.

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This textbook is too hard for me.

That's the question, isn't it?

We still have each other.

That's real love!

Dan left Linda when life became unbearable with her.

You don't want to tell me why, do you?

I can't explain what happened.

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I don't understand the questions that the teacher sets.


We love chili.

She trusted a co-worker.

What've I ever done to her?

I can't believe Mitch told you.

As strange as it may sound, what Carole said is what really happened.


Sekar had no more water.


What you eat, or what kind of life you live, are decided by you alone.

Let's rest a little bit.

Do you envy your neighbors?

She yelled at the children to be quiet.

Believe me, the purpose of that is not understandable.

Give me chapter and verse.

She is aged seventeen.

You should come over.

Jamie may be late.

Be sure to pick up some milk.

My parents are divorced.


Be a man.

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He knows neither me, nor you.


You should tell me yourself.

Jean and Kate are twins.

Anna was very frank.


The parents succeeded in calming him down.


According to all probability, no language is totally free of loan words.


They don't understand me when I speak French.

What do you think Ramon would have said?

Please give me another chance.

Is this cage meant to protect against sharks?

The games must go on.

People think that it's easy.

I defenestrate you!


Sarah never told Stan about what he did that weekend.

I got up early to catch the first train.

I think Carlo has been wrongfully accused.

I think you'll need a loan.

They forced me to take the medicine.


Frank massaged my shoulders.

You're a good soldier.

Do you mind if I join your trip to the country?

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I never can tell when Olson is upset.


Patrick didn't study at all last summer.

Put those books back on the shelf.

Paradise on earth is where I am.